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Ukraina sto bak nedskytingen av malaysisk Boeing over Ukraine i 2014? Dr. Bjørn Ditlef Nistad, Herland Report

Den 17. september holdt det russiske forsvarsministerium en pressekonferanse der det ble fremlagt opplysninger som russiske myndigheter hevder at viser at Ukraina stod bak nedskytingen av det malaysiske Boeing 777-passasjerflyet over Øst-Ukraina 17. juli 2014 der 298 mennesker omkom, skriver Dr. Bjørn Ditlef Nistad.   Millions watch Herland Report TV. Subscribe: Opplysningene og argumentene som ble fremlagt for å begrunne denne påstanden, var følgende: ... Read More »

Senator Richard Black in Syria, warning of upcoming false flag chemical attack. Watch LEAKED “chemical attack” video – Herland Report

 Republican State Senator Richard Black of Virginia has met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and claimed to have knowledge of an alleged Western plot to stage a chemical weapons attack there as a pretext for military action, Newsweek reports. Black, an Army veteran, traveled to Syria on Wednesday to express his support for the government’s war against insurgents and jihadis who rose up ... Read More »

NEW Herland Report TV Show: The Great Libya before 2011 and the humanitarian tragedy that followed – Mme. Linda Ulstein Ait Arezki

Herland Report TV (HTV): In an upcoming series on Libya, we focus on pre 2011 when Libya was Africa’s richest country, the NATO war in 2011 and the present militia rule. Among others, Dr. Ola Tunander is a guest and in the show, internationally leading human rights activists participate and in this program, the President and Founder of the Norwegian ... Read More »

The battle for Tripoli underway, aim is to clean out the Militia war lord Terror Regime in Western backed areas, Herland Report

Reports from Libya confirm that the battle for Tripoli is underway with heavy fighting, as the joint forces of the Libyan tribes are engaging in warfare against the militia leaders who currently lead the terror regime that controls the civilians in Libya.  In an unprecedented statement, the Libyan tribes have all united forces and joined the 7th battalion to out ... Read More »

Protestfestivalens kamp mot likegyldighet og apati: Vi må bry oss og si ifra der vi ser urettferdighet, Svein Inge Olsen, Herland Report

Enkelte mennesker skiller seg ut, bryter ut av gruppen og gjør noe aktivt for at samfunnet skal bli et bedre sted å være. Protestfestivalen i Kristiansands grunnlegger og leder, Svein Inge Olsen, er en av dem. Les samtalen med den banebrytende mannen her. Festivalen har pågått i over 20 år og er et årlig event som finner sted i september ... Read More »

Tilliten til mediene stuper, folk er lei de samme artiklene i alle aviser? Pål Steigan, Herland Report

Klassekampens redaktør, Mari Skurdal, har med rette uttrykt bekymring for den synkende tilliten til de etablerte avisene. I lederartikkelen «Tynn tillit» 6. september 2018 peker hun på at bare 47 prosent av nordmennene og 41 prosent av svenskene stoler på mediene, skriver Pål Steigan. Artikkelen er først publisert hos Steigan.no.  Og hun viser til avtroppende Aftenposten-redaktør Harald Stanghelle som virkelig ... Read More »

The United States Is a Dead Man Walking. Somebody is trying to destroy America – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Herland Report

While driving yesterday, I turned on the car radio to see if the Russian/Syrian liberation of Idlib, Syria, from the Washington-supported terrorist had begun.  What I got was two white females deploring white racism on NPR.  They were so guilty that they had indirectly benefitted from white racism.  I thought I was going to drown in the guilt of one ... Read More »

On repeat, upcoming false flag operation in Syria? #IDLIB creating “Assad chemical attacks” to open for US airstrikes to defend Idlib mercenaries

On Saturday, August 22nd, AugustRussia warned the US administration that the Russian authorities know all the details of the provocation that is being prepared in the province of Idlib. Republished September 14th, 2018. Terrorists are going to simulate a chemical attack allegedly committed by Damascus, and “in response”. The British, Americans and Frenchmen will strike at Syrian targets. This is ... Read More »

Herland Report endorsed by leading US political economist: “Important European perspective, impressive and courageous truth-telling. Outstanding work.”

The Herland Report Scandinavian news site and TV channel on YouTube has millions of readers/viewers yearly, featuring leading free thinkers, intellectuals, authors and activists on foreign policy, Western cultural decay, religion, values and the need for international justice and respect for national sovereignty.  It is our pleasure to notice that leading voices in the United States, such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, ... Read More »

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