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Vital spiritual message from Billy Graham

Billy Graham, our modern times’ probably most well-known preacher and spiritual leader, Billy Graham, speaks powerfully on the need for forgiveness, honesty and justice as God the Almighty has called us to be good to one another and follow in the humble footsteps of Jesus. Watch this beautiful film about his life, his impact and what he states as his ... Read More »

Life after Death – Billy Graham on the concept of Heaven

This documentary adresses the prospects of a life after death, and the nature of such an endeavour. Billy Graham, probably the most famous spiritual leader in modern American history, who has been a stern critic of the recent anti-religious developments in the US, speaks sharply about life after death in this Billy Graham Production. Read More »

God is the Father of All People in the World – Billy Graham

Billy Graham, our modern times’ most well-known spiritual leader in the West, speaks about the judgement of God, about the necessity to repent and do good to one another. This, he states, is the gravest danger facing America today, that there will be no repentance. Sermon from 1971. Read More »

The complete change of tone in NATO – Jens Stoltenberg’s sad demise as US puppet

NATO pulls out of Syria and now suspends spying flights. according to VoltaireNet. The sad demise of NATO as US puppet continues, although this time at least along more constructive lines. The content of the NATO press conferences have changed dramatically after President Trump. Under Obama, General Secretary of NATO, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg chronically spoke of the need to “escalate ... Read More »

TV success Libya24 interview, 1 million reached in Facebook alone, 12000 likes on “The Herland Report”, watch Libya24 here

ENGLISH: The Libya24 interview on my analysis on the possible solution to the Libya crisis has now been shown on TV in Libya a number of times, reportedly from Libya24 with enthusiastic reviews and response. Only on “The Herland Report” Facebook, the interview has reached 1 million, with 12000 likes on the interviews and the Foreign Policy Journal article “Could ... Read More »