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Baffling European hypocrisy: We criticize Trump, yet long ago built our own walls – Hanne Herland, WND

The European hypocrisy when criticizing president Donald Trump’s efforts to stop illegal immigration along the US’ southern border, simply is baffling, writes historian Hanne Herland in one of America’s largest conservative news outlets, World Net Daily. The European mainstream media are tripping over themselves in copying New York Times and Washington Post attitudes of demonizing the “racist” Trump efforts to ... Read More »

The Abortion Holocaust in the West links increased immigration to killing of the unborn – Hanne Nabintu Herland, WND

Ireland recently felt the full force of the Liberal Progressives, as the country was voting whether to keep its strict anti-abortion laws or not. After massive pressure to legalize abortions, Catholic Ireland finally followed the rest of Europe, writes historian and founder of The Herland Report, Hanne Nabintu Herland in her regular column at the American leading conservative outlet, World ... Read More »

Herland Report endorsed by leading US political economist: “Important European perspective, impressive and courageous truth-telling. Outstanding work.”

The Herland Report Scandinavian news site and TV channel on YouTube has millions of readers/viewers yearly, featuring leading free thinkers, intellectuals, authors and activists on foreign policy, Western cultural decay, religion, values and the need for international justice and respect for national sovereignty.  It is our pleasure to notice that leading voices in the United States, such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, ... Read More »

Happy New Year with Great Britain and the ground breaking philosopher, Edmund Burke, Hanne Nabintu Herland, Herland Report

Happy New Year to all with BBC and our great British friends singing the patriotic “Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves!” The splendid nation of Great Britain have through history demonstrated that they are grounded in reality and know precisely how to rule the world. In reminisce of times past and hopeful that fairness and justice will rule the future, ... Read More »

The new Libya: The return of a Gadhafi? Hanne Nabintu Herland, WND

Just as the Syria war did not end with ISIS capturing Damascus, the events in Libya equally have taken an unexpected turn as Dr. Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, the son of Col. Moammar Gadhafi, is a political candidate in the presidential election. (Photo: Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, Libya News) His candidacy is supported by large segments within the Libyan people and viewed ... Read More »

Vikingtidekspert Georg Olafr Reydarsson i TV serien Fryktløse Nordmenn, se bilder fra settet

Georg Olafr Reydarsson, som er høvding i Viking Valley Gudvangen i Sogn der en hel vikingby nå bygges opp, forteller levende i første program av TV serien “Fryktløse Nordmenn” på YouTube “Herland Report TV” om hvordan vikingtiden begynte. Reydarsson snakker også om ekspansjonsfasen i Europa der fryktløse vikinger og handelsfolk reiste til Amerika og langt inn i Midtøsten. Her fra opptakene ... Read More »

Hva er sant, hva er løgn om Hanne Nabintu Herland? Brita Møystad Engseth intervjuer – Herland Report

Herland Report TV (HTV): “Jeg vil grave litt dypere i hvem du er, Hanne. Mange har jo mye forutinntatte meninger om deg. Hvordan du ser ut, snakker og hvordan du prater. Så jeg tenkte jeg skulle benytte anledningen til å finne ut mer om deg,” sier programleder for Herland Report, filmkritiker og NRK kjendis, Brita Møystad Engseth. Brita Møystad Engseth ... Read More »

Merry Christmas: Christianity’s radical view on human life – Hanne Herland in column with Ann Coulter, Larry Elder – Herland Report

Let us take a look at the groundbreaking nature of the Christian principles. Christianity and the revolutionary message of Jesus Christ has had a massive impact on the Western civilization. As we live in an age of atheist intolerance, where the elitist mainstream media constantly focus negatively on Christians, we need to remember how groundbreaking the Christian faith really is. ... Read More »

Årets Julegave, signert: “Det nye Babylon”, omtalt på TV2 og i media – Hanne Nabintu Herland, Herland Report

Eksklusivt tilbud og siste mulighet: KJØP SIGNERT UTGAVE med personlig hilsen til deg og dine HER! Hanne Nabintu Herlands nye boksuksess har gått som varmt hvetebrød før jul.  Boken “Det nye Babylon. Hvordan Vesten mistet sin storhet” er omtalt på TV2 og i en rekke medier. Andre opplag er ute nå, bestill den signert og få den før jul. “Det ... Read More »

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