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The problem with Europe is the Euro – could cause decades of broken European dreams – Joseph Stiglitz, Herland Report

Europe, the source of the Enlightenment, the birthplace of modern science, is in crisis. This part of the world, which hosted the Industrial Revolution that led to unprecedented changes in standards of living in the past two centuries, has been experiencing a long period of near-stagnation, writes the world known economist, Joseph Stiglitz in The Guardian.  The euro has failed ... Read More »

NYTT Herland Report TV program med Dr. Trond Ali Linstad: Hva er egentlig islam? Hvorfor demoniseres både kristne og muslimer?

Nytt Herland Report TV program med Dr. Trond Ali Linstad, om demoniseringen av kristne og muslimer i Norge. Hvorfor er vi så intolerant sekulære at vi legger opp til et samfunnssystem som nærmest demoniserer både kristne og muslimer? Dette spør vi muslimsk lege og daglig leder for Urtehagen Stiftelse, Trond Ali Linstad, i samtale rundt det europeiske problem: Vi evaluerer ... Read More »

American tech giants are breaking away from Western values and choosing censorship rather than free speech: Banning Ron Paul, Alex Jones

RT CrossTalk host Peter Lavelle and The Duran’s Alex Christoforou discuss the movement towards Orwellian censorship and control that appears to be picking up speed across social media platforms that, during the early days of social, sold users on a false “promise” to offer open and free communication. Nigel Farage weighed-in on the tech giant censorship collusion against Infowars and ... Read More »

Is America beyond savable? Totalitarian shut down of free speech #AlexJones #RonPaul, by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Herland Report

As many readers of Dr. Paul Craig Robers’ website have noticed, the United States has lost its character and become a dysfunctional society.  In place of a largely homogeneous population once united in veneration of the Constitution, there exists today massive diversity which Identity Politics has used to disunite the population into seperate interest groups. No clause or article of the ... Read More »

Herland Report: The Memorandum by Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi published all over the world, read Arabic مذكرة حصرية عن ليبيا لسيف الإسلام القذافي

The Memorandum on Libya: Fabrications against the State, Leadership and Army – by Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, is now being republished all over the world and in many languages. Some links here. And here. And here. In the Memorandum on Libya, al-Islam Gaddafi explains how the Islamist linked fractions, supported by the West, with leading figures such as Abdulhakim Belhadj, ... Read More »

Herland Report in Italian L’Indro: Spietato controllo delle milizie, sofferenza di massa: benvenuti nella Libia post-guerra NATO

The Herland Report recently published an interview with  human rights activist, Mme. Linda Ulstein about the horrifying militia rule in Libya. Warlords fight for power and use extortions, kidnappings, rape, massacres and murder to terrorize the civilian population, while the West watches on in silence. Read the interview here. The practice of private prisons where thousands are incarcerated without trial, ... Read More »

Den dramatiske historien til JoAnne Moriarty, som bodde i Libya da krigen brøt ut i 2011, Herland Report

Libyakrigen 2011 ødela Libya. NATO bisto Al Qaida fraksjoner og Qatar offensiv for å nøytralisere Afrikas rikeste og mest velfungerende stat. Siden har det vært borgerkrig der og staten er totalt ødelagt. Alle vet nå at den urett som ble begått har vestlige land ikke tenkt å rette opp. Ingen av de norske politiske lederne, som Arbeiderpartiets leder Jonas Gahr Støre eller ... Read More »

The media’s shocking lies about the Libyan War: Gaddafi, Sarkozy’s vendetta and exile-Libyans’ major role in destroying Libya – Herland Report

The UK published its report in 2016, and its examination revealed extensive misinformation and fake news reported by leading media outlets.  The committee that will evaluate Norway’s involvement in the Libyan War has examined the information available about the Libyan War and will soon deliver its conclusions. The media presented a string of decisive lies about Gaddafi and the situation on those momentous days ... Read More »

Read my Foreign Policy Journal article: Could Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam Solve the Libya Crisis? Hanne Nabintu Herland

In light of the current talks between President Trump and Italy’s Prime Minister, Conte on how to solve the Libyan crisis, we republish this article on the possibility of President Trump to forge a true peace in Libya, based on the respect for the national sovereignty of the great Libyan tribes and the will of the Libyan people: Foreign Policy ... Read More »

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