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The media’s shocking lies about the Libyan War: Gaddafi, Sarkozy’s vendetta and exile-Libyans’ major role in destroying Libya – Herland Report

The UK published its report in 2016, and its examination revealed extensive misinformation and fake news reported by leading media outlets.  The committee that will evaluate Norway’s involvement in the Libyan War has examined the information available about the Libyan War and will soon deliver its conclusions. The media presented a string of decisive lies about Gaddafi and the situation on those momentous days ... Read More »

Could Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam Solve the Libya Crisis? Hanne Nabintu Herland, Foreign Policy Journal

Foreign Policy Journal: Libya remains a dysfunctional state largely due to failed American policy. The 2011 Obama/Clinton support to Al Qaida affiliated groups in order to oust Muammar Gaddafi heavily backfired, with ISIS now profiting from the massive wave of immigration, which also destabilizes Europe. First published February, 2017 in Foreign Policy Journal. President Trump has a unique chance to fix ... Read More »

President Trump and Italy join hands to fix Libya: JoAnne Moriarty, Herland Report

On July 21. 2018, President of the USA, Donald Trump and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte held a press conference and in that press conference, President Trump stated that the US recognized Italy’s leadership in the Mediterranean. The two also confirmed that a joint U.S.-Italy “steering committee” has been established to stabilize Libya, writes JoAnne Moriarty at LibyaWarTheTruth. Trump: “Today, ... Read More »

Shocking on Who Funds Transgender Ideology: Rich, White Business Men make Millions on the TransMarket- Herland Report

Exceedingly rich, white men (and women) who invest in biomedical companies are funding myriad transgender organizations whose agenda will make them gobs of money, writes artist, environmental activist, writer, and engaged citizen, Jennifer Bilek at The Federalist.  As an environmental activist who was deplatformed from a speaking venue by transactivists, in 2013 I developed curiosity about the power of this group to force ... Read More »

ANC is destroying South Africa, Western Media is silent: White Farmers land to be seized without compensation, Daily Wire

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Tuesday that the African National Congress will move forward in amending their constitution to permit the seizure of white farmers’ lands without compensation. The stolen land will be “redistributed” to poor blacks in the name of righting the inequities of apartheid some 25 years ago, writes The Daily Wire, where the article was ... Read More »

Islam versus Western culture: A 1500 year battle? Raymond Ibrahim’s new book Sword and Scimitar, Herland Report

Raymond IbrahIm’s Sword and Scimitar is a history of landmark battles between Islam and the West. Ibrahim offers eight representative engagements across time and space from France to the Middle East, and over a millennium from 636 to 1683. The study is first and foremost riveting military history. It offers blowby-blow concise accounts of the eight battles, and interprets them in ... Read More »

Mediestillhet om Syria der ISIS knuses og White Helmets hjelpes ut av sine vestlige allierte, Pål Steigan

Den syriske hæren fortsetter sin offensiv i sørvest. De områdene som ble kontrollert av al-Nusra og deres allierte er frigjort og den lille enklaven som kontrolleres av Den islamske staten (IS) er også i ferd med å bli frigjort, skriver Pål Steigan, grunnlegger av den populære nyhetsportalen steigan.no. Artikkelen er først publisert på steigan.no. IS står overfor en full kollaps der. ... Read More »

Er Putin villig til å innlemme Donbass i Russland? #Helsinki2018 Bjørn Ditlef Nistad, Herland Report

På toppmøtet mellom Donald Trump og Vladimir Putin i Helsinki 16. juli var Ukraina naturlig nok et av temaene, skriver doktor i russisk historie og leder for Russisk Informasjonssenter i Norge, Bjørn Ditlef Nistad. Det har blitt kjent at Putin under samtalene med Trump skal ha foreslått en internasjonalt overvåket folkeavstemning om statusen til de opprørskontrollerte områdene i Øst-Ukraina. Trump skal ... Read More »

CIA and FBI Plot To Overthrow The President Of The United States, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Herland Report

Herland Report: The United States is not what it used to be. The massive criticism against President Donald Trump for speaking with the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, is as ludicrous as it is irrational: Since when was communication between world leaders “treason”? Isn’t it precisely when crisis occur, that the West traditionally has called for diplomatic talks? If ever the ... Read More »

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