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Marine Le Pen: We are neither Right nor Left. We work for the nation, at a time when the Left – Right abandon the idea of the nation

Marine Le Pen to BBC on the “twin ills of Europe”, the failure of traditional Left – Right wing politics, and of the ultra-liberalism in EU: “We have 30 years of bad management by the Left and Right wing parties. But I also believe, it is due to being subject to the diktat of the EU.” “We (The Front National) are neither ... Read More »

TV suksess i Libya, 1 Million sett, 12000 LIKES på “The Herland Report” Facebook, se LIBYA24 intervjuet her

Libya24 intervjuet nå vist på TV i Libya en rekke ganger, med betydelig respons. 12000 likes og en million mennesker nådd bare på “The Herland Report” Facebook, libyere, syrere, amerikanere og andre følger debatten rundt min Libya analyse i Foreign Policy Journal.  Libya analysen har gått verden rundt de siste to ukene, og er publisert nå i India, Vietnam, Asia ... Read More »

Simon Sinek on Failed Parent Strategy bring Lazy Entitled Generation

Simon Sinek on Failed Parenthood, “The entitlement Generation” born after 1984, who expect parents to “serve” them, always being told how valuable they are without having achieved anything at all. They were told that they were special all the time, and that they can have anything they want. They are used to instant gratification. They get “participation medals”, even if ... Read More »

Libertarian Ron Paul sceptical on Trump, yet states he is changing the international order

Exclusive interview with Dr. Ron Paul on how Trump is changing the international order. Still, there is reason to be cautious as many a president has promised much at the beginning of his presidency, Paul states. He worries about Trump connection to Goldman Sacks, some of his appointees attitudes towards continuing NATO support, Trump’s  “let’s eradicate ISIS” slogans may easily fuel new terrorism ... Read More »

Finally something worth viewing from Hollywood: Brilliant Edward Snowden from Oliver Stone

For once something worth watching from US propaganda machine Hollywood, which in the past years have increasingly lost its independence from the US political establishment, constantly creating films and TV series – Homeland, for instance – that actively takes the role of demonizing nations “we do not like” and slander peoples “we do not approve of”, such as Pakistanis, Afghanis, ... Read More »

Silencing America: Obama runs an unprecedented worldwide campaign of terrorism and media is silent

John Pilger writes for CounterPunch: “Returning to the United States in an election year, I am struck by the silence.”   “Take Obama. As he prepares to leave office, the fawning has begun all over again. He is “cool”. One of the more violent presidents, Obama gave full reign to the Pentagon war-making apparatus of his discredited predecessor. He prosecuted more ... Read More »

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