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Christian indifference: Key to sliding morals in Europe

Society has moved in an increasingly egoistic direction without any protests of note largely because anyone that mentions morals is immediately labeled a moralist. It is not difficult to understand how society has come to this. (Photo: Trygve Indrelid) The view that religion should be excluded from social institutions originated from the numerous examples of church leaders that misused the ... Read More »

Sverigedemokratene skaper revolusjon i Sverige, se filmen

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Kristian Siem hudfletter det offentlige der man slipper å ta ansvar, i motsetning til privat næringsliv

Investoren Kristian Siem mener det i offentlig sektor tillates feil og tabber som iblant koster liv og store millionbeløp uten at det får konsekvenser for de skyldige. «.. det som er et stort problem i Norge. Det har utviklet seg et tosporet system hvor enkeltborgere og nærings­livet utsettes for stadig sterkere kontroll, sanksjoner og inngrep. Selv unnskyldelige formalfeil straffes man ... Read More »

США — падающая звезда (“Dagbladet “, Норвегия)

За последние десятилетия США превратились из демократии, где реальная власть принадлежит народу, в олигархию, где финансовые элиты, стоящие как за правой, так и за левой частями политического спектра, скоординировано правят страной. LINK TO RUSSIAN TRANSLATION. “Тот факт, что Ноам Хомский (Noam Chomsky), считающийся наиболее выдающимся интеллектуалом Америки и самым цитируемым ученым в мире, пишет о том, что США превратились в ... Read More »

Hanne Nabintu Herland: Norway – naive supporter of terror organizations

Over the course of the last years Norway has developed an international reputation as a staunch supporter of several organizations despised by the international community. This is a result of adhering to the supposition that the best way to counteract terrorism is to enter into a ”dialog”. However there is every reason to question our mild-mannered conversations and generous monetary ... Read More »

Hanne Nabintu Herland: Respect European Values

During the course of his determined efforts to establish a foundation for communicative rationality, the renowned German philosopher Jurgen Habermas reviewed methods demonstrating that normative questions, or questions concerning how people should behave, can be resolved rationally.  Habermas, together with several modern moral philosophers, has viewed with increasing trepidation the tendency towards weakening solidarity in liberal society. Narrow focus on ... Read More »

Hanne Nabintu Herland: The flaws of European Hedonism

One of France’s leading philosophers, anti-marxist  Andre Glucksmann, characterizes the current conflict of values in Europe as a struggle between nihilism and conservatism. Nihilism advocates a moral without limits, where any and all actions are permissible. Evil does not exist. The shame of conscience is perceived as a socially constructed effect of traditional dogmas, to which the preferable response is ... Read More »

Den sekulære ekstremismen: Nabintu Herland kommenterer Usman Rana

Mohammed Usman Rana påpeker med rette at dersom pluralismen skal ivaretas, må degraderingen av troende mennesker opphøre. Mohammad Usman Rana vant Aftenpostens kronikk konkurranse med en glitrende analyse av den sekulære ekstremismen som preger norsk offentlig debatt. Han påpeker at dersom pluralismen skal ivaretas, må degraderingen av troende mennesker opphøre. Han mener at utfordringen for det nye Norge blir å finne ... Read More »

Hanne Nabintu Herland: Norwegian Princess Martha Louise: – a New Age inspired occultist

Our fear to speak out on controversial subjects is at times so great that we fail to express critical warnings. This weakness is particularly apparent in the reaction to the noticeably New Age inspired occultism that Norway’s highly profiled Princess Martha Louise personifies.  The Princess’ veneration of angels breaks clearly with Christianity’s understanding of the role of angels as messengers ... Read More »

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