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Norwegian Former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Carl S. Wibye on Saudi Extremist Wahhabism – The Herland Report

Norway’s former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Carl Schiøtz Wibye, analyses the Saudi Arabian Wahhabism as a sect, a sunni-extremist deviation within Islam that today is causing problems. He explains how oil money has been fuelled into exporting radical ideology, that in many aspects breaks off from traditional Islam. He states that these Wahhabi-extremist trends first permeated the Middle East in ... Read More »

IS, Al-Qaida og salafister er brødre – Trond Ali Linstad

IS og Al-Qaida – som egentlig er tvillinger – taper i Irak og Syria. Hva skjer med deres ideologiske tenkning, hvilke mål stiller de seg nå? Tro ikke at de er «døde». Fokus her hjemme er kun på dette: Vil de sende flere selvmords-aktivister til Europa; skal vi oppleve flere terrorbomber? Men det er kun én side. Den andre siden ... Read More »

Western-Made Arms Ending in Terrorists’ Hands, Israeli-made weapons inside Daesh hideouts?

Daesh and al-Nusra Front have received “rockets, machine guns, anti-air weapons and even tanks in exchange for oil stolen from wells in Syria and Iraq,” the Syrian Defense Ministry claims. On Monday, the Ministry released footage of the arms confiscated from different terrorist organizations, including Daesh (ISIS) and rebranded al-Nusra Front, along with the report, where it said that most ... Read More »

EXCLUSIVE Memorandum on Libya: Fabrications against the State, Leadership and Army – by Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi

In the Name of Allah (God) the Most Gracious and Compassionate. This memorandum aimed to pinpoint some of facts that the Libyan people were subjected to during the past six years where the most horrendous crimes were committed against its people, writes Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of the late Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi. These crimes were committed under the ... Read More »

Former president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai: Why did extremism explode when the US invaded?

Billions of US dollars have been used to fight extremism, yet Islamic extremism is rampant more than ever before in Afghanistan. Why?, asks former President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, strongly condemning the April detonation of America’s most powerful non-nuclear bomb on Afghan territory, allegedly killing 36 ISIS members. Karzai states that the US came to bring peace to Afghanistan, yet ... Read More »

What was wrong with Hillary Clinton? Hear the spot on analysis of Liz Wheeler, OAN News

Yet another book is out by Hillary Clinton – “What happened” – hear the remarkably spot on analysis of Liz Wheeler, OAN News. THE HERLAND REPORT WEB TV- features leading intellectuals, activists, artists and writers on foreign policy, cultural decay, lifestyle and international justice. English and Scandinavian. TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL  EXCLUSIVE MEMORANDUM ON LIBYA: Fabrications against the State, Leadership and ... Read More »

Crimes of the US led coalition in Syria cannot be silenced, massive attacks on civilians and infrastructure

Damascus, SANA – The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry addressed on Thursday new letters to the chiefs of the UN and the international Security Council over the constantly repeated attacks of the US-led coalition against Syrian territory and civilians, reports SANA. The recent crime of the coalition’s repeated attacks on civilians and infrastructure in Syria for the past several months took ... Read More »

Steady US and NSA control on African Continent: The Secret Surveillance Network for Ethiopia

“In the aftermath of 9/11, according to classified U.S. documents published Wednesday by The Intercept, the National Security Agency forged a relationship with the Ethiopian government that has expanded exponentially over the years, writes The Intercept. What began as one small facility soon grew into a network of clandestine eavesdropping outposts designed to listen in on the communications of Ethiopians and their neighbors ... Read More »