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Interviews with Dr. Ron Paul for The Herland Report – The America Tour

We are touring the USA, seeking to understand what went so terribly wrong with American culture. The past years have seen a nation go from being a melting pot where everyone fit in, a country unified through a national identity that did not differ – not to the same extent as today – between creed and race. Yet, now this ... Read More »

WATCH VIDEO: International book release “The Culture War. How the West lost its greatness” – Hanne Nabintu Herland

Bestselling author Hanne Nabintu Herland speaks about her newly released book, “The Culture War. How the West lost its greatness.”  “The Culture War. How the West lost its greatness” is out in the USA and around 60 nations world wide, already being translated into Spanish and other languages. The book outlines in a revolutionary way how the West lost its ... Read More »

Hillary Clinton surrounded by scandals and investigations: Pay for Play at Clinton Foundation

The US Justice Department is investigating Clinton Foundation over ‘pay to play’ allegations, which means Hillary Clinton could be implicated in at least four different ongoing probes. “The U.S. Attorney’s office and FBI have actually been looking into the Clinton Foundation for months. Additionally, the Department of Justice is exploring the Clinton email probe, the Uranium One investigation, and the ... Read More »