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NEW SHOW: Western Secular Extremism: Liberals define secularism as atheism, says Dr. Mohammed Usman Rana, Herland Report

Herland Report TV (HTV): “Increasingly, we are seeing Liberals define secularism as atheism and neutrality as godlessness,” says Dr. Mohammed Usman Rana, medical doctor, author and famous commentator in the media, in this new Herland Report show. His sharp analysis on Western secular extremism and advocacy for free speech and respect for religious plurality has made him an important Scandinavian ... Read More »

Intervju Trond Ali Linstad: Jesus er et stort forbilde som vi bør følge – Herland Report

Det var en stor glede å samtale med muslimsk lege, Trond Ali Linstad på Herland Report TV. Linstad er daglig leder Urtehagen Stiftelse på Grønland i Oslo og serverer mange aktuelle betraktninger i programmet rundt kristendom, kristne som ikke følger Jesus’ eksempel, muslimer som ikke følger islams prinsipper og om ekstremismen som vrenger på budskapet og ødelegger den sanne tro. ... Read More »

Atheism is the New Religion, purely based on Faith in the unseen and not empirically tested – Hanne Nabintu Herland

A remarkable disdain for traditional religion now engulfs the globalist elites in the West, causing all kinds of demonisation in the mainstream media against Christianity, traditional values, the nation state and the old values that once made the West such a great civilization. It becomes quite ironic that atheism, the new elite fashion, can easily be defined as a new ... Read More »

NEW SHOW: The Fall of Western Journalism – Woodley Auguste, Herland Report

The Herland Report TV (HTV): “what we see in the mainstream media is that they fuel the divisiveness in America. They create a certain level of vitriol that takes place. It permeates throughout society where whatever marginalized group becomes castigated and viewed as they are the purveyors of the problems”, says American PR guru and founder of a U.S. based ... Read More »

The hatred of the White, Hetero Male: Interview with one of America’s leading economists, Dr. Paul C. Roberts – Herland Report

We had the privilege of a sit down with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, one of the leading political economists in the USA, awarded by the Treasury Department’s for “his outstanding contributions to the formulation of United States economic policy.”  He is also the chairman of the Institute for Political Economy, a former Wall Street editor and an author of many books. ... Read More »

Intervju med Stian Falch om boken “Mann”: Likhet dreper gnisten i parforholdet, Herland Report

Boken MANN vil interessere mange. Parterapeut og familie coach Stian Falch har skrevet levende og nært om hva som skjer i moderne parforhold så preget av likhet at gnisten ofte forsvinner. Han sier at: «Det er nettopp spenningen mellom det maskuline og det feminine som er avgjørende for sterke, respektfulle og trygge parforhold. Det er når spenningen forsvinner og apatien ... Read More »

NEW TV show: Foreign Aid is a form of drug dependency, addiction; countries now shut it down #Gaza #WestBank, Dr. Gerald Steinberg, Herland Report TV

The US has confirmed it will stop all aid to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, in a step linked to new anti-terrorism legislation, reports the BBC. Last year, Washington cut hundreds of millions of dollars of aid to the Palestinians supported by USAID, also ending all US funding for the UNRWA, previously giving annually more than any other ... Read More »

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