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The FBI’s role in the blatant cover-up of Hillary Clinton’s crimes as secretary of state, William F. Marshall, Herland Report

The political and investigative similarities between the TWA 800 and Hillary Clinton server cases, as well as the anti-Trump investigation, are eerie and deeply disturbing. Let us talk about the FBI’s involvement in the greatest political crime in America’s history through its pivotal role to undermine Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and in the blatant cover-up of Hillary Clinton’s crimes as ... Read More »

“Det Feministiske Manifest”: Den demoniserende og idiotiske kjønnsforskningen – Edgar Paasche, Herland Report

“Det feministiske manifest. Sannheten om vår tids mest demoniserende ideologi” er en sylskarp kritikk av den demoniske retningen som feminismen har utviklet seg de siste tyve årene.  Forfatteren Edgar Paasche beskriver blant annet hvordan kjønnsforskere manipulerer forskningsdata slik at de ikke stemmer overens med virkeligheten men er i tråd med politiske særinteresser. Temaet hvorfor det fortsatt produseres løgner om et ... Read More »

Herland Report TV med Lill May Vestly: Rasende oppgjør med den destruktive, kvinnefiendtlige feminismen som skaper lavt selvbilde

Herland Report TV (HTV): Etter 40 år med såkalt kvinnefrigjøring får ikke kvinnen være verken kvinne eller mor, – før fikk hun ikke jobbe ute, nå får hun ikke være hjemme. Kvinnen har endt opp som kjønnsnøytral konkurrent i knallhard kjønnskamp, med skilsmissestatistikk på 35%, verdensrekord i sykemelding og Nav som ny forsørger, sier Lill May Vestly. Se programmet her ... Read More »

Famous Columbia professor Jeffrey Sachs on Syria: We sent in the CIA in covert operations to overthrow Assad, Herland Report

Professor at Columbia, Jeffrey Sachs admits that the CIA instigated the insurgency in Syria, adressing the issue on national television in America, at the MSNBC studio, shocking the panelists. (Photo: President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad. BBC) Dr. Sachs, who is one of the most renouned US professors, said about Syria: “We have to step back and not put this in ... Read More »

Atheism is the New Religion, purely based on Faith in the unseen and not empirically tested – Hanne Nabintu Herland

A remarkable disdain for traditional religion now engulfs the globalist elites in the West, causing all kinds of demonisation in the mainstream media against Christianity, traditional values, the nation state and the old values that once made the West such a great civilization. It becomes quite ironic that atheism, the new elite fashion, can easily be defined as a new ... Read More »

Ukraina: Petro Porosjenko anklages for statsforræderi til skade for landets suverenitet, BjørnD. Nistad, Herland Report

Sist tirsdag erklærte Julija Timosjenko, kandidat ved presidentvalget i Ukraina 31. mars, at opposisjonen hadde til hensikt å stille president Petro Porosjenko for riksrett og avsette ham. ”Det journalistene har gravd frem, rammes av paragraf 111 i Straffeloven. Dette er statsforræderi, bevisst gjennomført av en ukrainsk borger til skade for suvereniteten, den territorielle integriteten, forsvarsevnen og den statlige og økonomiske sikkerheten til landet,” ... Read More »

The Left works no longer for the Working Class, but fights for the Globalists now, Gilad Atzmon

It seems that there is not much left of the Left and what remains has nothing to do with ‘Left.’ Contemporary ‘Left’ politics is detached from its natural constituency, working people. The so called ‘Left’ is basically a symbolic identifier for ‘Guardian readers’ a critical expression attributed to middle class people who, for some reason, claim to know what is ... Read More »

Recalling the days before politicization of social media: Sneaky, controlling Facebook slides further down, Hanne Herland

The mainstream media have reflected this kind of illiberal and intolerant bigotry for years. Yet, for a brief moment some hoped for social media freedom in the West. When facing mainstream censorship, one could, at least online, discuss perspectives of truth that are taboo and omitted from the politicized Western public discourse. Especially the past year, however, we have seen ... Read More »

NEW TV show: The truth about Trump and Media Lies – Dr. Paul C. Roberts (6/7) Herland Report

Herland Report TV (HTV): “When Donald Trump got elected, instantly identity politics began attacking him. The argument was that his election was illegitimate because he was elected by white heterosexual males, because they shouldn’t even be allowed to vote and much less to elect a president, says Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. This is the sixth program, presenting the leading American ... Read More »

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