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Marxist ANC’ Racist Violence Against White South Africans Repeatedly Ignored – Helen Raleigh, The Federalist

The more radical wing of South Africa’s ruling party has long pressured its leaders to redistribute wealth from the white minority to the black majority in any way they can. They’ve begun that process, violently. White farmers in South Africa face an existential threat, yet the governments of most Western democracies, including the U.S., remain largely silent. This appalling situation ... Read More »

Racism in South Africa: Now a new era of Black, not White Apartheid – Hanne Nabintu Herland

FOX’ Tucker Carlson recently addressed one of the minority-issues that are not exactly popular to speak about: Racism against whites in South Africa. In accordance with the narrative infused into Western thinking since the 1960’s and reinforced with the identity movement, the only racism that is worth fighting is “whites against blacks”. To criticize a “black” man for racism, simply ... Read More »

Happy New Year with Great Britain and the ground breaking philosopher, Edmund Burke, Hanne Nabintu Herland, Herland Report

Happy New Year to all with BBC and our great British friends singing the patriotic “Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves!” The splendid nation of Great Britain have through history demonstrated that they are grounded in reality and know precisely how to rule the world. In reminisce of times past and hopeful that fairness and justice will rule the future, ... Read More »

The new Libya: The return of a Gadhafi? Hanne Nabintu Herland, WND

Just as the Syria war did not end with ISIS capturing Damascus, the events in Libya equally have taken an unexpected turn as Dr. Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, the son of Col. Moammar Gadhafi, is a political candidate in the presidential election. (Photo: Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, Libya News) His candidacy is supported by large segments within the Libyan people and viewed ... Read More »

Christianity is now an African Religion, the West is turning to Hedonism – President of African-Israel Initiative, Erik Selle

Herland Report TV (HTV): “There is a strong anti-Christian sentiment within the European media establishment and the elites. Russia chooses the opposite path by strengthening Christian Orthodoxy as the cultural fundament,” states the president of the Africa-Israel Initiative, Erik Selle, who has work in 17 African countries. He was born and raised in India and Nepal, and has extensive international ... Read More »

TV serien Fryktløse Nordmenn, ep.4: Kristningen av Norge førte til stabilitet og statsdannelse, Pater Pollestad, Herland Report

Pater Kjell Arild Pollestad snakker i dette fjerde programmet i web-TV serien “Fryktløse Nordmenn” om tiden da Norge ble kristnet. Han viser hvorledes kristningsprosessen førte til stabilitet, høynet respekt for kvinnen og at landet ble samlet etter europeisk mønster, til en nasjon. Fryktløse Nordmenn er TV serien som tar opp vikingtid, norrøn tro, kristningen av Norge og vår storhetstid, samt ... Read More »

Kraftfull norrøn religion i vikingtid: Lars Magnar Enoksen forteller om Tor, Odin og gudene, i TV serien “Fryktløse Nordmenn”, Herland Report

Forfatter Lars Magnar Enoksen snakker i denne episoden av den populære TV serien Fryktløse Nordmenn om norrøn tro, et fritt samfunn, sterke kvinner, glimabryting og den norrøne troen på åndelig kraft, Tor, Odin, Valhalla og Ragnarok. Serien ble sett av flere hundre tusen nordmenn. Enoksen er skandinavisk hovedinstruktør av den urnordiske kampidretten “Glimabryting” en levende tradisjon han har lært av ... Read More »

Medieskandale: Det britiske forsvaret planter informasjon i media, ingen reagerer #ØysteinBogen – Pål Steigan, Herland Report

Storbritannia er det blitt avslørt at ikke bare utenriksdepartementet, men også hæren og forsvarsdepartementet har finansiert Institute for Statecraft som står bak en meget skitten kampanje mot Labour-leder Jeremy Corbyn. Her på steigan.no har vi avslørt at minst fem personer som jobber i tilknytning til Forsvaret er medlemmer av det hemmelige nettverket som Institute for Statecraft har organisert, skriver Pål Steigan. Takket være lekkasjene i Storbritannia kjenner vi ... Read More »

US pullout from Syria: Trump refuses to keep paying for the globalist imperial dream, Thierry Meyssan, Herland Report

The US withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan, as well as the resignation of General Mattis, attest to the upheaval that is shaking the current world order. The United States are no longer the leaders, either on the economic or the military stage. They refuse to keep fighting for the sole interests of the transnational financiers. The alliances that they used ... Read More »

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