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NEW: Christianity in focus at Herland Report TV SPIRITUAL LIFESTYLE

In a series of new Herland Report TV programs, we focus on the Christian faith. This will be part of the launch of our “Spiritual Lifestyle” segment in the YouTube channel that already reaches millions yearly. Exclusive shorts with Dr. Chuck Crismier, an American veteran attorney, author of several books, pastor and a national radio host mark the launch. Today, ... Read More »

The Abortion Holocaust in the West links increased immigration to killing of the unborn – Hanne Nabintu Herland, WND

Ireland recently felt the full force of the Liberal Progressives, as the country was voting whether to keep its strict anti-abortion laws or not. After massive pressure to legalize abortions, Catholic Ireland finally followed the rest of Europe, writes historian and founder of The Herland Report, Hanne Nabintu Herland in her regular column at the American leading conservative outlet, World ... Read More »

Herland Report endorsed by leading US political economist: “Important European perspective, impressive and courageous truth-telling. Outstanding work.”

The Herland Report Scandinavian news site and TV channel on YouTube has millions of readers/viewers yearly, featuring leading free thinkers, intellectuals, authors and activists on foreign policy, Western cultural decay, religion, values and the need for international justice and respect for national sovereignty.  It is our pleasure to notice that leading voices in the United States, such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, ... Read More »

Putin med upopulære avgjørelser innenriks: Leker han med ilden? Dr. Bjørn Ditlef Nistad, Herland Report

Den 22. januar ankom Japans statsminister, Shinzo Abe, Moskva der han i flere timer drøftet de japansk-russiske forbindelsene med Vladimir Putin. Blant temaene som ble tatt opp under samtalene mellom de to statslederne, var spørsmålet om statusen til Kurilene, øygruppen Japan gjør krav på etter at den ved avslutningen av annen verdenskrig kom under sovjetisk kontroll, skriver Dr. Bjørn Ditlef Nistad. Kuril-spørsmålet ... Read More »

Feelings replaced Faith in America: The psychologist is the “Priest” now – Dr. Chuck Crismier, Herland Report

In a series of programs we focus on Christian faith in America, that will launch The Herland Report “Spiritual Lifestyle” segment to our YouTube channel that already reaches millions yearly. Today, the Christian faith is remarkably demonized in the West, as hedonism and anarchy seems to be the Western ideal. Yet, history shows that our founding values based on equal ... Read More »

Anmeldelse av TV2 medieomtalte “Det nye Babylon”: Herland siterer alt som norsk akademia ikke vil ta opp – FInn Jarle Sæle, Herland Report

Nå har vi en ny bok å lese som tar opp alle de ideologiske problemene med presis analyse, «Babylon. Hvordan Vesten mistet sin storhet».  Herland er vår beste guide i ideologisk krigføring, skriver redaktør Finn Jarle Sæle i denne anmeldelsen av boken  Det nye Babylon, omtalt på TV2 og i en rekke medier.   Millions watch Herland Report TV. Subscribe: ... Read More »

Statement from the political team of Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi: New war in Tripoli as talks of election break down – Herland Report

The UN brokered cease fire deal four months ago that halted the battles in Tripoli is breaking down, as clashes erupt in Tripoli, according to reports leaving dozens dead and wounded. The military build up is a worrying sign of the deterioration of the Libyan peace process, the elections again postponed. This is the reaction of the political team of ... Read More »

To stop wars is condemned by mainstream media now: Trump’s withdrawal from Syria, Stephen F. Cohen, Herland Report

Trump’s decision on Syria, coupled with his order to reduce US forces in Afghanistan by half, has been “condemned,” as The New York Times approvingly reported, “across the ideological spectrum,” by “the left and right.”  President Trump was wrong in asserting that the United States destroyed the Islamic State’s territorial statehood in a large part of Syria—Russia and its allies accomplished that—but he is right in proposing to ... Read More »

Russiagate is pure bullshit – aims at building up conflict to World War – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Herland Report

Humanity has on numerous occasions narrowly missed nuclear Armageddon. Each time it was averted by military officers, both American and Soviet, who understood that the relations between the US and the Soviet Union were not that strained, writes Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, one of America’s leading political analysts and a regular contributor to The Herland Report. Today this situation has ... Read More »

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