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The problem with Europe is the EURO – could cause decades of broken European dreams – Joseph Stiglitz

Europe, the source of the Enlightenment, the birthplace of modern science, is in crisis. This part of the world, which hosted the Industrial Revolution that led to unprecedented changes in standards of living in the past two centuries, has been experiencing a long period of near-stagnation.  GDP per capita (adjusted for inflation) for the eurozone was estimated to be barely higher ... Read More »

“Re-colonialism” in Libya: Future of Libya discussed by foreign powers, without Libyans present

The future of Libya is being decided in foreign capital cities, writes The New Arab, “while diplomats falsely claim that the process must be ‘Libyan-led’. European diplomats have been working behind the scenes to influence the future of the Libyan government, despite statements that the process should be led and managed entirely by Libyans. Clandestine meetings have been held in ... Read More »

Regjeringen Solberg støtter verdens rikeste som George Soros med hundrevis av millioner i Polen: Opptakten til nye fargerevolusjoner? Pål Steigan

Herland Rapporten kommenterer: Man kan undre hvor lenge denne typen skjult politisk korrupsjon skal pågå uten at det norske folk reagerer. De norske elitene fungerer som nyttige idioter for verdens rikeste eliter, slik som hedgefund spekulanten George Soros. Mange smisker som kjent for Norge som kan betegnes som Europas Qatar – stinn av penger og svært villig til å dele ut milliarder ... Read More »

Swedish Doctors for Human Rights: White Helmets Video, Macabre Manipulation of Dead Children and Staged Chemical Attack to Justify a “No-Fly Zone” in Syria

The Indicter writes: An examination of a White Helmets video, conducted by Swedish medical doctors, specialists in various fields, including paediatrics, have revealed that the life-saving procedures seen in the film are incorrect – in fact life-threatening – or simply fake, including simulated emergency resuscitation techniques being used on already lifeless children. The Alleged Sarmin Attack There has been a ... Read More »

Daily Wire: Trump fans big time pissed off at Syria strikes – Milo Yiannapolous, Ann Coulter, Partisan Girl, Alex Jones, Paul Watson

Daily Wire: “One of the most bizarre aspects of President Donald Trump’s airstrikes against Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad was watching Trump’s most hardcore supporters suddenly turning on him. After labeling anyone who dares to breathe a critical word of Trump as a neocon globalist cuck, it was truly amazing to observe their horror unfold at the realization that Trump was apparently the exact neocon globalist ... Read More »