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New Syria-Israel war over massive oil reservoirs in Golan? A short analysis of Genie Oil and Gas, Herland Report

The big question is how the massive oil and gas findings in the Golan Heights will impact the military strategy in the conflict between Syria and Israel. Watch this video, in which Dan Dicks from Press For Truth analyses the Genie Oil and Gas Company. Its advisory board consists of Jacob Rothschild, Michael Steinhardt, Rupert Murdoch, Dick Cheney, Marry Landrieu ... Read More »

Russia, favored ally in the Middle East after Hillary Clinton’s support to radical Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood: Egypt now turning to Putin – Herland Report

The silent Middle Eastern revolution that not many talk about: Nation after nation turning away from the US, in favor of Russia. After Hillary Clinton’s Islamist and Muslim Brotherhood crusade on the secular governments in Egypt, Libya, Syria and other nations, a silent revolution has been happening, in slow motion. As the lesson being that those who oppose the US’ ... Read More »

Raqqah residents tired of US-Kurdish militia, asking for Syrian Government to take control – Herland Report

Residents of the northern Syrian city of Raqqah, the former stronghold of the Daesh Takfiri (ISIS) terrorist group, have called on the government to return to the war-wracked city and provide civil services for the residents, reports PressTV. Raqqa was taken over by US supported Kurdish militants last year, after Daesh left the city. Since then, remarkably little has been ... Read More »

The Siege of Vienna, 1683: Will Islam overtake Europe after all? – Raymond Ibrahim, Herland Report

Earlier this month, when Polish lawmaker Dominik Tarczyński was asked how many “refugees” Poland has taken in, he flatly responded: “Zero.”  When the British interviewer, whose nation has taken in millions of Muslim migrants, scoffed, “And you’re proud of that?” Tarczyński  responded: “We will not receive even one Muslim, because this is what we promised… this is why our government was elected; this ... Read More »

Ny, viktig bok: Hva sier Koranen egentlig? For den som vil vite hva Islam lærer om ulike tema – Trond Ali Linstad

I gamle dager var det Sovjet Unionen som var den store, stygge ulven i Vesten. Da Berlinmuren falt, og Sovjetsamveldet falt sammen, trengte vestlige strateger en ny, ytre fiende. Midtøsten ble et fokuspunkt, oljerikt og velsignet med betydelige naturressurser – Islam ble lansert som den neste, store fienden. Unødig å si er det betydelige kulturforskjeller mellom vestlig tenkning og islamsk ... Read More »

Trump-Putin Summit 2018: Russia and the U.S. are on board to limit Iran’s military presence in Syria – Zev Shafets, Bloomberg

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is enjoying a triumphal moment. He didn’t attend the Helsinki summit between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, of course, but he certainly felt he was represented there writes Zev Shafets at Bloomberg. “I think we really came to a lot of good conclusions, a really good conclusion for Israel,” Trump told interviewer Sean Hannity immediately ... Read More »

Samuel Huntington, the clash of civilizations and the willful 2011 assault on Libya – Herland Report

Following the 1993 publishing of the book “Clash of Civilizations?” by the political scientist Samuel Huntington, it has only become more evident how prescient his thesis was at this time when looking at the US’ foreign policy in the Middle East. Huntington hypothesized that in the decades following the end of the Cold War; political conflicts would be rooted in ... Read More »

Spokesperson for Libyan Tribes, JoAnne Moriarty: The Libyan tribes must decide the fate of Libya, not foreigners, Herland Report

The fate of the Libyan people should be determined by Libyans, not foreign powers. Ever since 2011, foreign powers such as the US and EU still keep tight control over Libya, even though the take over in 2011 until now has produced complete meltdown of the Libyan state, states official spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes internationally, JoAnne Moriarty. She and her ... Read More »

Facebook støtter Midtøsten-intoleranse? Eva Thomassen konto slettet etter påtrykk fra kurdermiljø? Herland Report

Midtøsten kulturer er ikke akkurat kjent for å praktisere ytringsfriheten. Enda verre har det blitt etter 1980-tallet, da den ekstremistiske sunni-islamske Wahhabismen infiltrerte en rekke land som Irak, Syria, Tyrkia og andre. Saudi Arabia er som kjent USAs nærmeste allierte i regionen. Se gjerne Norges tidliger ambassadør til Saudi Arabia, Carl S. Wibye om dette på Herland Report TV. Det foregår ... Read More »

Former president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai: Why did extremism and heroin production explode when the US invaded? Herland Report

Billions of US dollars have been used to fight extremism, yet Islamic extremism is rampant more than ever before in Afghanistan. Why?, asks former President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, in this interview where he strongly condemns the detonation of America’s most powerful non-nuclear bomb on Afghan territory some time back. Karzai states that the US came to bring peace to ... Read More »

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