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Libia: Saif al Islam Gheddafi e le verità nel suo memorandum – Italian newspaper L’Indro, The Herland Report

Domani in esclusiva per l’Italia le accuse del figlio del rais contro Occidente alleato a Golfo e Organizzazioni internazionalizzazione.  Il 23 ottobre Saif al Islam Gheddafi, figlio dell’ex rais della Libia, Muhammar Gheddafi, ha fatto diffondere un memorandum dal titolo: ‘Memorandum on Libya: fabbrications against the State, leadership and army’. Si tratta di un rapporto di circa 11 pagine che ... Read More »

The Gaddafi’s are back, including the son of the deposed Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi – MEEye

The Gaddafists appear to be back, including one of the most prominent, Saif al-Islam, the favourite son of the deposed Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, states Middle East Eye. Further: “In a recent televised interview, Ghassan Salame, head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, said that the political reconstruction process “may include” Saif al-Islam. This is in spite of ... Read More »

Faktafeil fra politiske Faktisk, men glitrende at VG tar opp Eva Thomassens arbeid: Norsk samarbeid med Al Qaida affilierte

Faktisk – som eies av de ledende medier og tjener deres politiske interesser gjennom støtte til den kronisk ensidige fremstillingen av konflikten i Syria, serverer faktafeil etter faktafeil i VG analysen av sosiolog og krigsreporter Eva Thomassens arbeid. Man delegitimerer dermed hele Faktisk prosjektets seriøsitet, skriver religionshistoriker, forfatter og grunnlegger av The Herland Report, Hanne Nabintu Herland. Det er pinlig. ... Read More »

IS, Al-Qaida og salafister er brødre – Trond Ali Linstad

IS og Al-Qaida – som egentlig er tvillinger – taper i Irak og Syria. Hva skjer med deres ideologiske tenkning, hvilke mål stiller de seg nå? Tro ikke at de er «døde». Fokus her hjemme er kun på dette: Vil de sende flere selvmords-aktivister til Europa; skal vi oppleve flere terrorbomber? Men det er kun én side. Den andre siden ... Read More »

Western-Made Arms Ending in Terrorists’ Hands, Israeli-made weapons inside Daesh hideouts?

Daesh and al-Nusra Front have received “rockets, machine guns, anti-air weapons and even tanks in exchange for oil stolen from wells in Syria and Iraq,” the Syrian Defense Ministry claims. On Monday, the Ministry released footage of the arms confiscated from different terrorist organizations, including Daesh (ISIS) and rebranded al-Nusra Front, along with the report, where it said that most ... Read More »

The ICC case against Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi should be dropped, should not be charged twice – The Herland Report

Before the uprising, Saif Al-Islam was the architect of the new Libya. He presented his new vision of Libya free of political prisons, committed to human rights charter, distribution of wealth, prosperity and democracy. He embarked on political and economic reforms in Libya whereby the radical Islamic prisoners gained their freedom, rehabilitated and engaged in the Libyan society. Once the ... Read More »

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi supported by majority in Libya to return to power and create peace – Hanne Nabintu Herland interview with L’Indro

The whole Western ideology of US supremacy and “Western democracy to rule the whole world” is now on its death bed, as recently stated by UK Prime Minister Theresa May when meeting with Donald Trump. Interview by Giulia Di Marcantonio, L’Indro, 21.2.2017. Republished interview with the Italian newspaper L’Indro, the English version: In your opinion, the right solution for the Libya ... Read More »

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