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Khaled K. Al-Hamedi: Prosecuting NATO for War Crimes in Libya – horrendous atrocities against civilians, Herland Report

Khalid al-Khuwaildi al-Humaidi, President of the International Organization for Peace, Care and Relief (IOPCR ), sued NATO for its “crimes” against Libyan civilians. He, alone, lost 13 members of his family because of the bombing, including two of his sons, his pregnant wife, his niece, aunt and a cousin. Members of the same family, including his mother, father, sisters and ... Read More »

Total Scandal: The Norwegian Aid Industry only funds Al Nusra and rebel held areas in Syria – Eva Thomassen, Herland Report

Norwegian NGOs are smuggling millions of our tax money into Syria and that they are working with terrorist groups. The areas into which they are funnelling our money are controlled by terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and are considered so dangerous that they do not dare to send in their own personnel, writes Eva Thomassen. The Norwegian government boasts of ... Read More »

Bistandsmidler til opprørskontrollerte områder i Syria: Hvor går pengene egentlig? Krigsreporter Eva Thomassen, Herland Report

Eva Thomassen nektes tilsvarsretten i VG, i kjølvannet av Faktisk.no (som eies av de ledende mediene) i VG “faktasjekket” en setning i et lengre Thomassen argument. Hennes svar, som VG altså nekter å trykke, fremgår nedenfor med tilleggskommentarer. 27.10 blir jeg i VG gjenstand for et massivt personangrep fra Faktisk.no som påstår at jeg lyver når jeg sier at ingen ... Read More »

Political analyst Marwa Osman gives insight on Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammad bin Salman to be King? Herland Report

The Lebanese Prime Minister has “resigned” on Saudi tv. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has rounded up a dozen other princes in the House of Saud in a startling move that threatens to upset the kingdom. Reports saying that King Salman will step aside for the crown prince abound. Marwa Osman, a political analyst and commentator in Beirut speaks ... Read More »

Khalifa Haftar’s ambiguous relationship with Salafists may harm him in the long term – Atlantic Council

USA citizen, Khalifa Haftar’s ambiguous relationship with Salafist organizations may help him tactically on the ground in the short term, but harm him in the medium and long term. These types of relationships could increase the anxiety of Haftar’s allies within Libya, such as with the tribes of eastern Libya, who fear extremism and any challenge to the tribe’s authority and ... Read More »

De voksende protestene mot USD: Iran, Russland og Azerbadjan handel med nasjonal valuta? Bjørn Nistad

Iran, Russland og Aserbajdsjan har blitt enige om å danne en tollkorridor og å undersøke muligheten for å gå over til å handle med hverandre ved hjelp av sine nasjonale valutaer, slik sammenfatter den russiske regjeringsavisen Rossijskaja Gazeta møtet mellom Vladimir Putin, Irans president Hassan Rouhani og Aserbajdsjans president Ilham Alijev i Teheran 1. november, skriver Bjørn D. Nistad. Les ... Read More »

Norwegian Former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Carl S. Wibye on Saudi Extremist Wahhabism – The Herland Report

Norway’s former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Carl Schiøtz Wibye, analyses the Saudi Arabian Wahhabism as a sect, a sunni-extremist deviation within Islam that today is causing problems. He explains how oil money has been fuelled into exporting radical ideology, that in many aspects breaks off from traditional Islam. He states that these Wahhabi-extremist trends first permeated the Middle East in ... Read More »

Reported atrocities by Libyan National Army, Khalifa Haftar – The Guardian

What is ahead for the fate of Tripoli in the days ahead remains to be seen, but many Libyans seem to disagree with Western leaders who are embracing General Khalifa Haftar, who has ordered his soldiers to commit war crimes. This is according to The Guardian, and evidence that has been analysed by senior legal experts. Both Amnesty International and ... Read More »

Libia: Saif al Islam Gheddafi e le verità nel suo memorandum – Italian newspaper L’Indro, The Herland Report

Domani in esclusiva per l’Italia le accuse del figlio del rais contro Occidente alleato a Golfo e Organizzazioni internazionalizzazione.  Il 23 ottobre Saif al Islam Gheddafi, figlio dell’ex rais della Libia, Muhammar Gheddafi, ha fatto diffondere un memorandum dal titolo: ‘Memorandum on Libya: fabbrications against the State, leadership and army’. Si tratta di un rapporto di circa 11 pagine che ... Read More »

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