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“The Arab spring” became the utter failure that led to the very opposite of freedom – Dr. Gerald Steinberg, Herland Report

An EXCLUSIVE SHORT from The Herland Report TV: “It is a huge mistake to think that whatever your Western country went through a hundred years ago, is the same process that is taking place in Egypt, Syria or Iraq,” says Dr. Gerald Steinberg, political scientist and professor at Bar-Ilan University in this program. Watch it here. Dr. Steinberg is the ... Read More »

The Palestinians’ Worst Enemy Is Their Own Leaders: Corruption and repressive systems – Herland Report

Once in a very rare while, Western journalists address the massive problem in the Middle East pertaining to corruption and repression of free speech in the Arab world. This week, Human Rights Watch released a report on Gaza leaders and the report shows widespread abuse.  The two-year investigation included interviews with nearly 150 people, many of them ex-detainees. It accused ... Read More »

Forfalskning av Koranen, pågått i langvarige prosesser som vi må ta oppgjøret med, Dr. Trond Ali Linstad

Spørsmålet om «abrogasjon» eller at en «overprøver» tekster i Koranen er et svært viktig tema i islam. Det fordi dette åpner for forskjellige tilnærminger til Koranen. Abrogasjon betyr at man «avskaffer, opphever eller motvirker» Koran-tekster og legger til eller erstatter dem med angivelige utsagn eller handlinger fra Profet Muhammed («hadith»). Eller gjør andre endringer ut fra eget skjønn, skriver Dr. ... Read More »

The big Joke: Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Calls for Inclusion, Except for its Critics – Herland Report

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) leaders have a peculiar way of expressing their oft-preached virtues of inclusion, pluralism, and participation, as shown by a recent videoed October 10 CAIR panel on “Anti-Muslim Bias in Politics.” CAIR Government Affairs Director Robert McCaw specifically asked this Middle East Forum reporter to leave this “private event” –broadcast online – in an act of censorship that indicates why repressive Islamists ... Read More »

Pakistan: Death or Life for Christian “blasphemer”? Raymond Ibrahim, Herland Report

On October 9, Pakistan’s Supreme Court heard the final appeal of a Christian woman who has been on death row for nearly a decade on the accusation that she insulted Islam’s prophet Muhammad. The woman’s fate is now sealed: “They [judges] have come to a decision, but it has been reserved,” reported Mehwish Bhatti, an officer with the British-Pakistani Christian Association, from ... Read More »

While the media serves their globalist masters, President Trump has accomplished more than almost any administration – Herland Report

With the American media bent on destroying their own President, the charade of endless hearings before Congress and a whole nation focusing on “Russia” instead of addressing the social issues that threaten to cripple the state, President Donald Trump addresses the UN, outlining his policy that is so much fought against by the globalist elites who own the US media. ... Read More »

NEW exclusive: Christians are Dhimmis in the Middle East, a third class citizen group within the Muslim world – Dr. Petra Heldt, Herland Report

EXCLUSIVE SHORT Herland Report (HTV): “The Christians are third class citizens in the Muslim World,” says Professor at the Hebrew University and founder of The Ecumenical Theological Research Fraternity in Jerusalem, Dr. Petra Heldt. She has worked among Middle East Christians, Jews, Druze and others for 30 years, with deep insight into the multicultural fabric in the region, and was ... Read More »

Western atrocities in the Middle East create massive hatred towards the West: Libya, Syria – Tommy Hansen, Herland Report TV (HTV)

Herland Report TV (HTV): Tommy Hansen is a Danish, Berlin based journalist, founder of free21.org, a news site that features over 150 journalists’ work in Europe. In the Herland Report conversation, he speaks passionately about the deep rooted moral problem of Western culture as the implementation of democracy now is done by bombing countries. Afterwards, as that particular nation disintegrates ... Read More »

NEW Herland Report TV Show: The Great Libya before 2011 and the humanitarian tragedy that followed – Mme. Linda Ulstein Ait Arezki

Herland Report TV (HTV): In an upcoming series on Libya, we focus on pre 2011 when Libya was Africa’s richest country, the NATO war in 2011 and the present militia rule. Among others, Dr. Ola Tunander is a guest and in the show, internationally leading human rights activists participate and in this program, the President and Founder of the Norwegian ... Read More »

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