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The Herland Report, Scandinavia, has millions of readers, featuring a number of leading intellectuals, activists, authors and professors on foreign policy, religious issues, Western cultural decay and the need for international justice. In April 2017 alone almost one million articles were read from this site.

“The Herland Report” – “Herland Rapporten” Youtube WEB TV regularly features leading intellectuals, activists and authors in captivating radical talks and direct messages.

The Herland Report editorial policy resides above the traditional Left vs Right paradigm which we believe has lost its relevance and ability to describe the current driving forces in Western politics.

We regularly feature a variety of opinion and analysis from a number of commentators – from Communists to Liberal Left, to Conservative Right and advocates for the renewal of the nation state, as well as from Libertarians. Not all views represent that of The Herland Report chief editor, but we do believe in plurality, diversity and free discussing in non-censored debates. The articles we publish are to be used as pieces of information that should be considered when seeking to acquire a full overview regarding a specific subject.  We do not take responsibility for mistakes, omissions or other flaws in articles published by our variety of authors.

The mainstream media with its focus on ideology has increasingly become a smoke screen which disguises the real power struggle and the driving forces that determine the development in the West.

We attempt to address the implication this has on the general population and bring other views on what goes on in the world and follow alternative voices. We attempt to describe what goes on behind the biased stories portrayed by the mainstream media outlets, and address the de-democratization prosess in the West, beginning with the US which by many now is no longer rated as a democracy.

We strive to deliver content that addresses specific trends, look at the power structures behind the media’s often misleading message, exposing corruption and challenge the current political establishment on a range of issues. The aim is to focus on the Middle East, current European issues, the rise of the anti-EU movement and the Western need to return to the historical values that once made Europe a great civilization.


 The Herland Report is founded and hosted by Hanne Nabintu Herland, a Scandinavian historian of comparative religions and bestselling author, known from the media for sharp analysis and fearless speech.

Herland has written extensively in leading Scandinavian newspapers on a variety of issues such as the need to respect national sovereignty and regional rights to self-determine its values, the importance of upholding historical, traditional European values in Europe, as well as addressed the current cultural upheaval and moral decadence in the West. She is also a sharp critic of the Western engagement in the recent wars in Libya and Syria, and has written extensively in leading Scandinavian newspapers on the failure of the Arab Spring and the US engagement in the Middle East.

She was born and raised in Africa, moved to Europe when she was 18, has lived in South America and currently in the Middle East, and travelled extensively in Asia.She is known for an unusual bluntness which she credits to her upbringing outside of Europe, and often says “what many think” which often breaks with the politically correct. Herland wants a higher respect for differences, individual freedom, a reduced power of the custodial state and centralized government, and a higher degree of respect for national sovereignty and international solidarity.

Norwegian: Hanne Nabintu Herland er en profilert religionshistoriker og bestselgende forfatter som er født og oppvokst i Afrika. Hun er kjent fra TV og avisspaltene som en skarpskodd analytiker, reflektert kritiker og uredd meningsbærer. Hun sier ofte det mange tenker som bryter med det politisk korrekte. Herland ønsker høynet respekt for forskjellighet, individuell frihet og internasjonal rettferdighet. Ta gjerne kontakt via post@hannenabintuherland.no eller skjemaet nedenfor.

Get in touch at post@hannenabintuherland.no  (note: .no, not .com) or use the form below.

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- features leading intellectuals, activists, artists and writers on foreign policy, cultural decay, lifestyle and international justice. English and Scandinavian.



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