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Congratulations to the British people on BREXIT, may the rest of Europe follow and the EU fall

Congratulations to the British people on BREXIT, may the rest of Europe follow and the EU fall

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Congratulations to the British people on BREXIT, may the rest of Europe follow and the incompetent EU leadership and politically correct establishment fall. We dramatically need a political revolution in Europe that shifts out the feeble, current leadership, – both in politics and also in the media. Boris Johnson for Prime Minister!

Many of us Europeans have long wished for BREXIT and the end of the grossly incompetent EU elites with its seemingly millions of well paid, arrogant bureaucrats and Brussels politicians who constantly work for the Marxist-Socialist goal of eradicating borders and national identity. By the way, the same ideology now coincides with the wishes of the liberal movement, which deem them both ideologies of the past. They have fought for this for decades, and their failed ideologies have led Europe to its current state of cultural and economical decay. What they wished for, didn’t work: “A multicultural, international, non-religious, borderless unity where all ethnic groups live together in a god-less society where utopia finally is reached as traditional culture is no more.” This was the Marxist dream. 

The EU elite are not even able to solve the massive illegal human trafficking that ships millions into Europe yearly, but rather end up giving Turkey a leading role on the continent. The inefficiency and inability to handle the situation and protect Europe is appalling, – also the financial issues. It calls for a new generation of leaders with a different ideology than the current Marxist-Socialist EU structures.

One of the main issues with the current EU system, is that there seems to be very little respect for the European people. The perspectives of ordinary folks are simply ridiculed in the elitist Socialist media, which often displays a gross lack of respect for democracy itself.  We simply are tired of the current political European elite and its constant willingness to, in an almost totalitarian manner, keep pushing their outdated ideology that completely lacks realism. The comments of former London Mayor, Boris Johnson on row over Hitler were truly correct, as we need to get rid of the Socialist structures in Europe which we did not after the German National Socialism lost its impact after WWII. It’s high time we lose the last connection to this dark times in European history, by ending the Socialist reign. (Pic: BlogPoliticsUK)

If the EU leaders at least solved the problems within the different nations, maybe we would feel differently. But the overpaid politicians in Brussels pose endless amounts of regulations on nations that end up robbing us of our national identity, cultural heritage and pride in the core European values. The very instant you speak favourably about European historical greatness, our civilization and its values, you are deemed to be “racist,” “intolerant,” “bigot,” “discriminatory,” “islamophobic” or other slandering names. But Europe needs to be proud of its heritage and uphold its historical roots are we to survive as a culture the current state of upheaval.

 Irrationally enough, when countries such as Hungary and Austria try to push back the illegal mass immigration of people from Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Kosovo, Albania and some from Syria, they are called all sorts of foul names by the Brussel elite, – who are grossly unable to solve the issue themselves. The arrogant EU elites do not even protect member states, why do we keep them?

Of course the same elite now warn us all about Brexit, knowing that if the EU falls apart they will have to get ordinary jobs instead of the lucrative lifestyle they now lead in Brussels and elsewhere. The socialist, internationalist EU leadership simply are unable to bring solutions to the problems facing Europe, hopelessly stuck as they are in the ideologies of the past, precisely the kind of thinking that has brought Europe to its knees.

There is dire need for a whole new political elite who are able to stop the current trends, thus our fervent hope in BREXIT and EU EXIT at the same time.   




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  1. Hei!
    Jeg er også glad for brexiten, men EU er IKKE sosialistisk. Det er en ren faktafeil.

    • Hanne Nabintu Herland

      Det er nok ikke en faktafeil, nei. Nasjonal Sosialismen i Tyskland er heller ikke en faktafeil, den var sosialistisk, ikke kapitalistisk. Det var sosialismen mot kommunismen på den tiden, det har vi glemt I dag, og er noe som vi i historien har vært dyktige til å skjule. EU har vært under kraftig påvirkning i årtier fra de rådende ideologiene I Europa som har vært svært preget av 68-erne og opprøret mot tradisjonelle, europeiske verdier. Sosialismen har nettopp det overnasjonale ved seg, – samt marxismen, og etter WWII har Europas intellektuelle eliter fulgt de ny-marxistiske trender. Slå opp Frankfurter skolen, så finner du det der og kan lese deg opp.

  2. Thanks for the congratulations, I have a feeling though that there’ll be a second referendum very soon and we’ll vote to stay, the media is far too powerful.

  3. Bra skrevet..

  4. guenther Michler

    right and not right………..one does not get all in life.
    For too many the catastrophy of Europe is too far away
    We had 70 years peace and more prosperity
    and the values of Europe (also young in history!) are in danger and must be defended
    If any exit helps, must be doubted………all not so easy

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