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NEW TEASER: Heartlessness in Christian America – DeVon Johnson, Herland Report

NEW TEASER: Heartlessness in Christian America – DeVon Johnson, Herland Report

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EXCLUSIVE SHORT by The Herland Report TV: “Who is balancing the class system, who will help bring justice? That’s the whole mission of the church”, says reverend Devon Johnson, who as traveled America speaking on college campuses and is one of the spiritual leaders in America, reaching the young minds of modern America.

Johnson says: “That’s the whole mission of the church, to start paving the way for heaven to be here! You want to give people this experience that Jesus did, and because we don’t do that it leaves our nation in shambles.”

“It is crazy to me that we literally let people starve in the streets. We had one of the coldest days in Houston’s history out here and there are literally homeless people who have died in alley ways because they had no place to go.”

“And we are in the “Bible belt”. We probably have more churches in the state of Texas than anywhere else in the nation. How does that happen when you have churches on every corner, and there are people who are dying in alley ways?”


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