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On endless repeat from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, now Venezuela: “The regime is killing its own people in genocide”, Herland Report

On endless repeat from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, now Venezuela: “The regime is killing its own people in genocide”, Herland Report

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On endless repeat we hear the same message of “implementing democracy” and “saving the nation from the brutal dictator”, from Iraq to Afghanistan, from Libya to Syria. Now Venezuela: “Genocide by state leader”, “Maduro is killing his own people”, “if US does not win, Venezuela will become another Syria”, as stated by remarkably ignorant Senators such as Rick Scott in a recent FOX interview. 

The US sadly demonstrates the outdated approach to world events by repeating endlessly the slogans of the 1990s. The problem is that the rest of the world are now aware of the “killing dictators and bringing democracy” hoax.

In the streets of the Middle East, the villages in Africa, among Chinese farmers, South American salsa dancers – most are fully up to speed on the injustice done by the globalist cartels and the false accusations that are intended at swaying the Western public for war.

The millions that are on the receiving end of American bombs and have gone from being supporters of the American way of life to detesting the nation’s war mongering and hypocrisy.

As FOX’ anchor, Tucker Carlson points out, “Venezuela is among the most impoverished and dangerous places on earth”, with political leaders that have misused the nation’s wealth for generations, creating poverty and desperation among its populace.

It has been an observable fact for those visiting the country for years. Yet, it is a sovereign nation state. Venezuelans should decide in Venezuela.

Everyone now knows that the Gene Sharp methods of “creating a revolution” is increasingly becoming outdated as a method to start violent proxy wars. We all know that wherever these principles are implemented, horrifying civil wars break out. Gene Sharp has not exactly produced non-violent revolutions, rather the very opposite – which many argue was the real intent: To weaken growing nations.

Everyone knows this by now, except, it seems, Senators and members of Congress in the US. We have been through Serbia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Somalia, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria. You cannot keep speaking as though we still are in 1990s with Wolfowitz, Cheney and Rumsfeld in the government.

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If you enter somebody’s country with the wish for “regime change”, create and fund civil uprisings, bring in weapons, hire mercinaries and start shooting, there are bound to be repercussions. For every action there is a reaction, and the US is now feeling the world reaction against its war machine.

As it now is repeated with Venezuela – while the whole world listens. Senator Scott should reflect on how these sentences now sound in Middle Easterners, Asians and Africans ears, as America is steadily losing the respect that the USA once had on other continents.

The Senator should rather raise his voice to work to rebuild American public schools – now down-graded and rated on the same level as Brasil, fix the inner-city problems, get a proper health care system for US citizens and work to reinstate a proper respect for the Constitution.

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The US is failing on so many levels and deteriorating into a nation of drug abuse, homelessness, lies and deceit.It will not be easy for the US in the years ahead to keep “creating revolutions” in South America as it used to be, because other nations are rising.

Judicial Watch director of Investigations, Chris Farrell called the Russia Gate hoax a coup d’état attempt against the president of the United States in a recent TV program with The Herland Report TV. Let Americans concentrate on cleaning up their own back yard.

It is high time to end the narrative of “state leader killing his own people”, “the US must move in with the military” in order to “save the people” and “give them democracy”. The US has not won a single war for as long as this particular neo-conservative narrative has been around.

In the interview with Fox, Senator Scott states that he was on the border of Venezuela, that was typically probably as far into Venezuela he got. Which is part of the problem too. Americans sit in cozy chairs in America watching American shows, not realizing that the realities in the world are not quite like it is depicted on US screens. There is a whole lot of assumptions, also among critical intellectuals who aspire a broader perspective, as to what is the reality in other places in the world. You don’t exactly get educated by reading USA Today. Americans just don’t travel and lack the information only acquired by travelling and actually learning by speaking to the people who live in the particular region. Humility and an open mind is key.

We strongly suggest that Senator Rick Scott takes a long trip away from the comfort zones of Virginia, and gets a serious reality check travelling Africa, Asia, Russia and South America as an American – and feel the heat burning on these continents with discontent of the American policies of hypocritically claiming to “saving other states from genocide”.

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In country after country, genocide has arrived precisely when the US comes it with its demolition forces. Look at Libya. And quite frankly, many hate “Western democracy” now, which they equivalate with bombs and civil wars, as the neo-con movement has altered its meaning completely.

As it turned out, the allegations of Muammar Gaddafi “killing his own people”, “genocide in Libya” were pure lies. The U.K. 2016 House of Commons report acknowledges the extensive misinformation and fake news reported by leading media outlets that led to the NATO assault. It shows that the very premise for the intervention in Libya’s domestic affairs was a lie, based on accusations of “Gadhafi murdering his own people” and “genocide.” The report also stated that the war was propelled by exiled Libyans with al-Qaida ties. President Obama called the Libya war the worst mistake of his presidency. The only man still claiming he would willingly do it again – even after the above revelations – is the current secretary general of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg. In a recent NRK interview, the NATO leader repeated the 2011 statements that NATO was right in preventing the Gadhafi “genocide against his people” – as if the U.K. Commons Report, WikiLeaks, the Judicial Watch revelations etc. did not exist.

In Libya, it turned out that Gaddafi did not kill his own people, Kuwait – was not killing babies and pulling them out of incubators, Iraq – turned out had no weapons of mass destruction, Afghanistan – turned out Bin Laden was not in the ToraBora, Syria – Bashar al Assad won the war and has the support of the large majority of his people, including the Christians in that country. To sum it up, you should be careful when entering other people’s territory.

To sum up the outdated narrative of injustice and lack of respect for the sovereignty of the nation state that may explain why the US is losing the battle for world leadership, let us hear it in Senator Rick Scott’s own words:

This is our fight. Freedom and Democracy in Latin America IS OUR FIGHT. And I remind these critics that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. We cannot let evil triumph in Venezuela. It would be a failure of leadership with disastrous consequences.

There is only one option left to get aid to the people of Venezuela. It is something that no one is willing to talk about. It is becoming clear that we will have to consider the use of American military assets to deliver aid. Maduro and his thugs have left us no choice.”





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