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Watch TV program: War is BIG BUSINESS for the USA – Tommy Hansen, founder of free21.org

Watch TV program: War is BIG BUSINESS for the USA – Tommy Hansen, founder of free21.org

Tommy Hansen is a Danish, Berlin based journalist, founder of free21.org, a news site that hosts close to 200 journalists’ work in Europe.
He speaks about how the US wars are a multi billion dollar business, a neo-con paradise of waging war on other nations and becoming wealthy in its aftermath.
The war industry is fuelling the economies in the West in an unprecedented way. We live in a system in which the ultimate enemy is peace in the world. Follow free21.org and download the PDF paper formats.

About The Author

Said about the news site free21.org, founded by the Berlin based, Danish journalist Tommy Hansen. 
“Internetmedia such as Free21.org rises to cover the empty space in the aftermath of maninstream media failings.”                                                                    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Institute for Political Economy
“Independent journalism in these historical times of an age of war. Free21.org provides background information for free thinking individuals who wants more peace in the world.”                                                                                              Dr. Daniele Ganser Leiter des Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research (SIPER)
“Free21.org is a highly welcomed news site in a time where the mainstream media has totally failed us. Our hope, therefore, now is with the alternative media outlets. In Denmark, journalist Tommy Hansen has become a beacon of light with his uncompromising reporting. Free21.org joins in the ranks of news sites deserving all humanist’s support.”                                                                 Professor emeritus Niels Harrit Københavns Universitet


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