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Norway: The state has total control over media, universities, NGOs – Erik Selle, Herland Report TV

Norway: The state has total control over media, universities, NGOs – Erik Selle, Herland Report TV

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The Herland Report TV (HTV): “In Norway, we have a very strong government. We have a very big government for a very small country. The government is financing its own institutions, the media and the NGOs.”

“Even if you go the universities and if you want to research stuff that is not politically correct, you will not get funds for it,” states the president of the Africa-Israel Initiative, Erik Selle in this new program with him. Watch it here.

He has various businesses in 17 African countries, was born and raised in India and Nepal, and has an extensive international network, as well as heading one of the conservative parties in Norway.

Mr. Erik Selle points out: “We have established a total information package control if you want, that resembles countries we don’t want to be identified with, where the same voices are financed from the same source; the government, in the media to the universities and in the NGOs.”


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Selle states: “So, anytime you need some expert voice, you can always go to the academia or the NGOs and find somebody that is paid by the state and subscribes to the political correctness of our time. This way, most people are checked mate as the “expert” has spoken. They don’t know how to stand out.”

“One thing is the politicians, the other is all the journalists. 90 % of them come from the same background. Then you have the NGO expert suddenly saying the same thing, and some guy or girl from the university saying the same thing. So, how are people going to think for themselves?”

Watch the show here.

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