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Case study: Journalist Amal A. Wahab’s propaganda and indisputable support of terrorists in Syria – Eva Thomassen, Herland Report

The Norwegian journalist, Amal A. Wahab serves as a classic example of the kind of propaganda-support for terrorist groups in Syria that keeps the West from getting a nuanced look at the international geopolitical power play in the region. We shall examine her work in this article as yet another parrot journalist who serves the US elites’ interests in the ... Read More »

Amal A. Wahabs åpenlyse propaganda og uimotsagte støtte til terrorister i Syria – Eva Thomassen, Herland Report

Journalist i Klassekampen, Amal A. Wahab er et klassisk eksempel på den type propagandajournalistikk som gjør at den vestlige befolkningen ikke får et nyansert bilde av Syria krigen. Den skandaløse vestlige støtten til terroristgrupper preger aktivt vestlig strategi med USA i spissen, til tross for den omfattende dokumentasjonen som viser at det er terrorgrupper som støttes. Og journalisters rolle er ... Read More »

Herland Report TV TEASER: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Russiagate is conspiracy between the Military Security Complex, Hillary Clinton

Watch a TEASER to The Herland Report TV (HTV) has a number of upcoming interviews with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who is the chairman of The Institute for Political Economy, former editor of Wall Street Journal and a well-known author of many books. He is awarded the Treasury Department’s Meritorious Service Award for “his outstanding contributions to the formulation of United ... Read More »

Norwegian Former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Carl S. Wibye on Saudi Extremist Wahhabism – The Herland Report

Norway’s former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Carl Schiøtz Wibye, analyses the Saudi Arabian Wahhabism as a sect, a sunni-extremist deviation within Islam that today is causing problems. He explains how oil money has been fuelled into exporting radical ideology, that in many aspects breaks off from traditional Islam. He states that these Wahhabi-extremist trends first permeated the Middle East in ... Read More »

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