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Christmas Day is the world’s largest celebration of a baby born in a stable – Hanne Nabintu Herland

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the world´s largest celebrations of something as simple as a baby boy born in a Bethlehem stable. Recently, this extraordinary child, Jesus Christ, was voted the most significant person in world history. Napoleon and Shakespeare came in second and third place, respectively, in a survey described by Professor Steven Skiena and Charles Ward in ... Read More »

Hanne Nabintu Herland: Religious faith on the march

Islam represents 1.3 billion believers and Christianity 2.3 billion. This constitutes substantial statistical proof for the fact that also modern man has a basic need to believe in God.  This must be a thought-provoking setback for the few atheists that actually exist in the world. An overwhelming international trend destroys the myth that there is a conflict between rationalism and ... Read More »

The people’s rebellion against politicized churches and politically correct bishops

The passivity of politicized Bishops of the Northern European Churches give the impression that they are relatively indifferent to the on going process of secularization in countries like Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, and Great Britain. You hardly ever hear anything but the politically-correct from them. This is most unfortunate, because the opposition that could have come from vital, spiritual leaders ... Read More »