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The Palestinians’ Worst Enemy Is Their Own Leaders: Corruption and repressive systems – Herland Report

Once in a very rare while, Western journalists address the massive problem in the Middle East pertaining to corruption and repression of free speech in the Arab world. This week, Human Rights Watch released a report on Gaza leaders and the report shows widespread abuse.  The two-year investigation included interviews with nearly 150 people, many of them ex-detainees. It accused ... Read More »

The African Union blamed Norway for South Sudan Civil War 2013: Foreign Aid used Politically to Further Norway’s ambitions abroad

Norway’s role in the politization of NGOs and using foreign aid as a means to control African countries has received much criticism over the years. Remarkably little of this harsh criticism is reflected in the mainstream Norwegian media. The Norwegian involvement in South Sudan, both in setting up the state and consequently the following civil war is an excellent case ... Read More »

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