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Herland om reisen blant arabiske kristne minoriteter i Midtøsten, ENGLISH Subtitles

Etter å ha vært på reise i Midtøsten, forteller jeg om mine erfaringer med arabiske kristne og andre grupper i denne vanskelige regionen som nå gjennomsyres av borgerkriger, jihadister, ISIS og forfølgelser mot minoriteter. THE HERLAND REPORT WEB TV- features leading intellectuals, activists, artists and writers on foreign policy, cultural decay, lifestyle and international justice. English and Scandinavian. TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL  EXCLUSIVE ... Read More »

Hanne Nabintu Herland: Norway – naive supporter of terror organizations

Over the course of the last years Norway has developed an international reputation as a staunch supporter of several organizations despised by the international community. This is a result of adhering to the supposition that the best way to counteract terrorism is to enter into a ”dialog”. However there is every reason to question our mild-mannered conversations and generous monetary ... Read More »