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The dream of free and fair elections in Libya, geopolitical leaders again involved in denying Libyans free choice? Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Herland Report

There is a dream for many in so-called third world countries, that the Western form of democracy will lead to “free and fair elections,” also in the traditionally more authoritarian ruler region. They hope that the Western system will bring development and civil liberties to their population. The upcoming elections in Libya are no exemption, as Libyans hope for “freedom ... Read More »

Norge som verdensledende våpenhandler og krigsnasjon – Hanne Nabintu Herland, Herland Report

Full tekst av Klassekampens 25.6.2016 utvidede kronikk: “Vår egen krigsmaskin.” Innlegget er en kortversjon av åpningsforedraget på Den Norske Filosofifestival, Kragerø i juni, 2016 der bade Eva Joly, Hylland-Eriksen, Trond Berg Eriksen, Terje Tvedt, Inga Bostad og en rekke andre deltok. Jeg vil i dette foredraget betrakte Norge fra en utenrikspolitisk vinkel som er svært vanlig i internasjonale farvann, men som ... Read More »

How the West turned the Middle East into The Arab Winter – Hanne Nabintu Herland op-edge 2012, Herland Report

Throughout history, democratic leaders have occasionally shown an extraordinary talent in destabilizing the world. This was the case in Germany leading up to World War II. It also seems to apply to the current American foreign policy in the Middle East. The invention of the Arab spring har turned into a horrifying Arab winter. The Western attempt to portray the ... Read More »

France24 – Zindan leader who captured Saif al-Islam Gaddafi: 2/3 of Libyans favor return of Gaddafi, the rest are nostalgic about Libya before the war

France24: Brigade leader Ajmi el Atri of Zindan says about Saif al-Islam Gaddafi whom he captured 6 years ago and later became an ally to: “According to Libyan law, Saif a-Islam is free, he is somewhere on Libyan territory. I think that two thirds of the Libyan people favour the former regime, the other third is nostalgic for the way we ... Read More »

International Tunis Outreach to the Libyan Tawhargha tribe: The Islamist persecution of Black Libyans worse than ever, Herland Report

Since 2011, the situation in Libya has deteriorated into a warlord-system in which militia leaders who more or less are part of the Western backed governmental structures, rule local areas in Libya with brute force. One of the tribes that have been especially affected by the Western backed militia rule in which Islamist groups have remained strong, are the Tawhargha ... Read More »

Vi er ikke uskyldige i Midtøsten, vi støttet Al Qaida til makten i Libya – Dagbladet kronikk 2015 Hanne Nabintu Herland

Denne Dagbladet kronikken er fra 2015, en periode da jeg skrev kronikker i svært mange av Norges aviser om det som foregår i Midtøsten. Noen av disse vil bli republisert i tiden fremover. Dagbladet kronikk: At Frankrike er i krig, er intet nytt. Landet har lenge vært engasjert i Midtøstens geopolitiske borgerkriger, på trygg avstand fra fransk jord. Det nye ... Read More »

WATCH Herland Report TV: Western Idealism has Failed Completely – Norwegian Resett chief editor Helge Luraas

The 1960’s ideology has always just been a utopia, now people realize it is a failed project and react against the establishment. The successful author and chief editor of the Norwegian newspaper Resett, Helge Luraas, has been a public figure in Scandinavia for many years. Watch the show below. In this interview he speaks about the failures of Western idealism ... Read More »

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