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NEW TV show: The truth about Trump and Media Lies – Dr. Paul C. Roberts (6/7) Herland Report

Herland Report TV (HTV): “When Donald Trump got elected, instantly identity politics began attacking him. The argument was that his election was illegitimate because he was elected by white heterosexual males, because they shouldn’t even be allowed to vote and much less to elect a president, says Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. This is the sixth program, presenting the leading American ... Read More »

Interview with Erik Selle: Norway is not as “free and open” as many think, high degree of political control – Herland Report

Norway has a very large government structure, yet we are a very small country. The government is financing its own institutions, the media and the NGOs. It is quite remarkable. Even if you go a universities and want to research topics that are not politically correct, you will not get funds for it. We have established a “total information package ... Read More »

The First Amendment is dead. Truth and Free Speech Taken Away From Us #JulianAssange- Dr. Paul C. Roberts, Herland Report

Free speech and the ability to speak truth are being shut down. It is happening with the complicity of the print and TV media, the liberal/progressive/left, the US Department of Justice (sic), the law schools and bar associations, Congress, and the federal judiciary. (Feature photo: ACLU) The attack on Julian Assange is the arrow aimed at the heart of the ... Read More »

Demokratiet er i ferd med å forvitre i USA og Europa kommer etter – Svein Inge Olsen, Herland Report

Er demokratiet døende? Under årets Protestfestival stilte vi forfatter Hanne Nabintu Herland dette spørsmålet. Utgangspunktet var Steven Levitskys påstand om at demokratiet er i ferd med å forvitre i USA, og at Europa kommer etter. Han hadde nettopp skrevet boka «How Democracies Dies» sammen med sin kollega og skrevet om at vi har mistet evnen til toleranse overfor meningsmotstandere og ... Read More »

Tilliten til mediene stuper, folk er lei de samme artiklene i alle aviser? Pål Steigan, Herland Report

Klassekampens redaktør, Mari Skurdal, har med rette uttrykt bekymring for den synkende tilliten til de etablerte avisene. I lederartikkelen «Tynn tillit» 6. september 2018 peker hun på at bare 47 prosent av nordmennene og 41 prosent av svenskene stoler på mediene, skriver Pål Steigan. Artikkelen er først publisert hos Steigan.no.  Og hun viser til avtroppende Aftenposten-redaktør Harald Stanghelle som virkelig ... Read More »

CNN, all lies, all the time, year after year – Mychal Massie, WND

A FoxNews headline read: “CNN fires back at Trump, stands by controversial story: ‘CNN does not lie.’” (Brian Flood, Aug. 30) Oh really? So, CNN does not lie, writes Mychal Massie, who is founder and chairman of the Racial Policy Center, a conservative think tank that advocates for a colorblind society. First published at WND. We know that the definition of ... Read More »

Trump-Putin Summit 2018: US neo-con media deeply disturbed at the possibility of peace between US and Russia – Herland Report

Seldom has the US neo-con power grid showed its intent more clearly than in the aftermath of the Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki 2018. The seemingly good communication between superpower leaders, a focus on peace not war, respect between nations and a good relationship between world leaders apparently was the worst that could have happened. Politicians and Western media leaders have ... Read More »

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