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Hanne Nabintu Herland: Brave New World and totalitarian trends in democracies

Vigilance against attitudes that infringe on freedom is always important. Such attitudes move society in the direction of a tyranny of opinion. (Photo: Steffen Aaland) I will begin by reflecting briefly over the definition of a totalitarian society, so that we can determine if the retiring professor of Church History, Bernt Oftestad, is correct in his conclusion. Oftestad believes that ... Read More »

Hanne Nabintu Herland: Norway – naive supporter of terror organizations

Over the course of the last years Norway has developed an international reputation as a staunch supporter of several organizations despised by the international community. This is a result of adhering to the supposition that the best way to counteract terrorism is to enter into a ”dialog”. However there is every reason to question our mild-mannered conversations and generous monetary ... Read More »

The people’s rebellion against politicized churches and politically correct bishops

The passivity of politicized Bishops of the Northern European Churches give the impression that they are relatively indifferent to the on going process of secularization in countries like Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, and Great Britain. You hardly ever hear anything but the politically-correct from them. This is most unfortunate, because the opposition that could have come from vital, spiritual leaders ... Read More »