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Can Russia Learn From Brazil’s Fate, where duly elected Dilma Rousseff was removed by Washington allies? Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – Herland Report

William Engdahl has explained how Washington used the corrupt Brazilian elite, which answers to Washington, to remove the duly elected President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, for representing the Brazilian people rather than the interests of Washington, writes Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Michael Hudson. Unable to see through the propaganda of unproven charges, Brazilians acquiesced in the removal of their ... Read More »

The Persecution of Julian Assange Proves That Western Free Speech No Longer Exist – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

The Western world never ceases to speak of its “democratic values.” In Western political theory, the way democracy works is by free speech and a free press. By speaking out, citizens and media keep the government accountable. This liberal tradition means that there are no words or terms that cannot be used because some designated “victim group” can claim to ... Read More »

Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: All those who challenge the ruling ideology, are called Facists – Herland Report

We had the privilege of a sit down with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, discussing why free speech is being shut down in America. Dr. Roberts is one of the leading political economists in the USA, awarded by the Treasury Department’s for “his outstanding contributions to the formulation of United States economic policy.”  He is also the chairman of the Institute for ... Read More »

The Absence of Diplomacy Is Isolating Washington from the rest of the world – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on Herland Report

The dissolution of the Soviet Union removed the constraint on Washington’s unilateralism.  The neoconservatives, who had just risen to power, seized the opportunity and replaced diplomacy with threat and coercion.  One infamous example is from the George W. Bush regime when the Deputy Secretary of State, Richard Armitage told Pakistan to do as you are told or you will be ... Read More »

Følg Norges frekkeste nett-TV, Herland Report som når millioner, fri fra politisk korrekhet i samtale med ledende tenkere

The Herland Report nyhetssiden og Herland Report TV (HTV) når millioner årlig med radikale samtaler med ledende vestlige intellektuelle og fritenkere, kjemisk fritt fra politisk korrekthet. I våre studio er alt lov – vi tror på ytringsfrihet og legger vekt på bredde, ulike oppfatninger og stor takhøyde. Temaene knyttes ofte til utenrikspolitikk, kultur, religion, Midtøsten og et Europa i forfall ... Read More »

Ledende medier var hovedleverandør av Fake News i 2011. Man bidrar til krig, rasisme, hat mellom grupper – Herland Report

La meg komme med følgende påstand: Ledende norske medier var viktigste leverandører til Fake News i 2011.  Man hyllet “den arabiske våren” som notorisk ledet til at sekulære, islam-liberale ledere ble fjernet og radikale islamister og sunni-ekstremister tok makten i land etter land i Midtøsten. Mediene var propagandakanaler til støtte for radikale ekstremisters verdensbilde. Man ble islamistenes største hjelpere. Den ... Read More »

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: My St. Petersburg Economic Forum Conference Speech, in Russia – Herland Report  

This is the lecture I would have given if I had been able to accept the invitation to address the St. Petersburg Economic Conference in Russia this weekend, writes Dr.Paul Craig Roberts, one of the leading American political economists and a regular contributor at The Herland Report. Read exclusive articles and watch interviews here, and here, and here. If the neoconservatives ... Read More »

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