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NEW exclusive: Christians are Dhimmis in the Middle East, a third class citizen group within the Muslim world – Dr. Petra Heldt, Herland Report

EXCLUSIVE SHORT Herland Report (HTV): “The Christians are third class citizens in the Muslim World,” says Professor at the Hebrew University and founder of The Ecumenical Theological Research Fraternity in Jerusalem, Dr. Petra Heldt. She has worked among Middle East Christians, Jews, Druze and others for 30 years, with deep insight into the multicultural fabric in the region, and was ... Read More »

EXCLUSIVE: Norwegian TV star, Kari Jaquesson speaks about trip to Syria, meeting with persecuted Christians – The Herland Report

We celebrate Easter and the greatness of the revolutionary Jesus, by publishing an interview with Norwegian TV star, Kari Jaquesson. She left the safe country of Norway and went to war torn Syria to meet with the minorities and Christian groups to better understand what is really going on. “I’m on my way to Syria. For the first time in ... Read More »

The Russian defense of Christianity in the Anti-Christian West – Hanne Nabintu Herland WND column, Herland Report

Let’s forget about politics for a few minutes and look at the growing role of Russia as defender of the Christian faith in the West. The growing tendency to persecute Christians in the West worries many, writes Hanne Herland in her weekly column at the American World Net Daily news site. Millions watch Herland Report TV. Subscribe: In an interview ... Read More »

A tribute to the Coptic Christians in Egypt, our brothers and sisters in the Christian Faith, Herland Report

In a time like ours when different minorities in the Middle East, such as the Coptic Christians of Egypt, are experiencing an unprecedented degree of persecution from Islamists in the region, songs like these remind us of the multicultural fabric of nations such as Egypt. It is an ethnic mosaic which is a beautiful testament to the diversity and plurality ... Read More »

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