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UK turning into a prison state where you go to jail for speaking out against pedophilia? Tommy Robinson – Herland Report

Since Friday, the case of British anti-militant Islam and anti-islamization of Europe activist, Tommy Robinson has spread across the globe, with the hashtag #FreeTommy gaining traction among his followers from Australia to the U.S. A change.org petition calling for his release had received nearly 500,000 signatures by Tuesday afternoon, with hundreds demonstrating in London, writes the Guardian. The anger stems from ... Read More »

America is reverting to Tribalism, ethnic group against ethnic group – Woodley Auguste to Herland Report TV

An EXCLUSIVE SHORT from The Herland Report TV (HTV): What’s taking place is that we are reverting to tribalism. It is vastly more important to talk about “my tribe” versus the whole nation, says the founder of a U.S. based public relations and marketing consultancy, Woodley Auguste in this short segment, featuring programs on the problems of racism and tribalism ... Read More »

The love of God meets needs, we are to meet the needs of those who are Wounded – KirbyJon Caldwell to Herland Report TV

An EXCLUSIVE SHORT by The Herland Report TV (HTV): “Racism, classism, materialism, imperialism – Jesus opposes all those -isms,” says reverend Kirbyjon Caldwell, one of the leading spiritual leaders in America and Senior Pastor of Windsor Village Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. Caldwell has been featured extensively in the American and international media, at the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, ... Read More »

Growing British racism against the Jewish Minority: Jeremy Corbyn – UK Labour MP, Ruth Smeeth, Herland Report

Racism, the practice of judging individuals and groups solely based on ethnic origin, is a long standing cultural problem in Europe. In Left wing politics it is apparent in the denigrating view of non-Western immigrants who are chronically viewed as victims that “must be helped into the welfare system,” insinuating that they are not able to help themselves. In the ... Read More »

MILO to The Herland Report: America is now completely divided. A destroyed culture? Teaser to upcoming shows

The Herland Report features Milo Yiannopoulos in a series of upcoming interviews on our TV Channel. We address the deterioration of American values under the globalist US elites and many other subjects. Subscribe to The Herland Report and don’t miss the upcoming shows with Milo, Ron Paul, Paul Craig Roberts and many others. Millions watch Herland Report TV. Subscribe: Milo ... Read More »

Liberal entertainment shoves “racial awareness” down everyone’s throat, as if good and bad corresponds with being white or black – Gavin McInnes, Herland Report

Gavin McInnes of TheRebel.media is sick of the liberal entertainment industry trying to “blow his mind” by shoving “racial awareness” into every movie, as if good and bad corresponds with being white or black. Follow the Gavin McInnes show and get some alternative angles on the seemingly endless Hollywood presentations of stereotypes along the infantile lines of “white males are evil” ... Read More »

Truth’s Table on Lecrae turning his back on “White Evangelicalism” – Herland Report

The recent controversy surrounding rapper Lecrae and his new album “All things work together” has immersed into quite an analysis on the weakness of White Evangelical sub-cultures. As it turns out, much of the inbred and “popular” Christianity is not as Christian as many profess, coming closer to a kind of religious hypocrisy that produces reactions such as Lecray’s, as ... Read More »

Minebelagte Syria og Norges samarbeid med Al Qaida reiret Idlib – Eva Thomassen, Herland Report

Filmen ”Last Men in Aleppo” er vist over hele den vestlige verden, fått priser, fått folk til å gråte, klappe og gi enda flere penger til disse 3000 ”redningsheltene” i White Helmets. I Norge er filmen vist en rekke ganger på NRK og ved flere filmfestivaler, skriver Eva Thomassen, først publisert på Steigan.no. Subscribe to Herland Report TV Vaskeseddelen som ... Read More »

Before America was a nation. Now there is only hatred against white heterosexual men – Paul Craig Roberts, Herland Report

Over the course of my lifetime America has become an infantile country. When I was born America was a nation. Today it is a diversity country in which various segments divided by race, gender, and sexual preference, preach hate toward other segments. Currently white heterosexual males are losing in the hate game, but once hate is unleashed it can turn on ... Read More »

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