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#Palermo Demonstrations in Libya: Let conferences in Libya, not in the West, decide the fate of Libya #Saif al Islam Gaddafi, Herland Report

Protests are held in Libyan cities, such as Tobruk, Benghazi, Aghdabia, Al-Jebel al-Akhdar criticizing the Palermo Conference, stating that Libyan matters should be decided on Libyan soil, reports from the ground confirm. Watch the photos from demonstrations below. If democracy is to have any validity, it is the Libyan people who should be free to choose their candidates and national ... Read More »

Herland Report in Italian L’Indro: Spietato controllo delle milizie, sofferenza di massa: benvenuti nella Libia post-guerra NATO

The Herland Report recently published an interview with  human rights activist, Mme. Linda Ulstein about the horrifying militia rule in Libya. Warlords fight for power and use extortions, kidnappings, rape, massacres and murder to terrorize the civilian population, while the West watches on in silence. Read the interview here. The practice of private prisons where thousands are incarcerated without trial, ... Read More »

Horrifying militia rule in Libya, massive suffering, due to NATO war 2011 – Mrs Linda Ulstein to Herland Report

The security situation in Libya is catastrophic. It is a massive international scandal, yet the West closes its eyes. The main reason for this to happen to Libyans, is the US and NATO supported military coup in 2011, states human rights activist for the prisoners in Libya, the Algerian Mrs. Linda Ulstein in an exclusive interview with The Herland Report. ... Read More »

Herland Report: The Memorandum by Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi published all over the world, read Arabic مذكرة حصرية عن ليبيا لسيف الإسلام القذافي

The Memorandum on Libya: Fabrications against the State, Leadership and Army – by Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, is now being republished all over the world and in many languages. Some links here. And here. And here. In the Memorandum on Libya, al-Islam Gaddafi explains how the Islamist linked fractions, supported by the West, with leading figures such as Abdulhakim Belhadj, ... Read More »

Read my Foreign Policy Journal article: Could Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam Solve the Libya Crisis? Hanne Nabintu Herland

In light of the current talks between President Trump and Italy’s Prime Minister, Conte on how to solve the Libyan crisis, we republish this article on the possibility of President Trump to forge a true peace in Libya, based on the respect for the national sovereignty of the great Libyan tribes and the will of the Libyan people: Foreign Policy ... Read More »

Spokesperson for Libyan Tribes, JoAnne Moriarty: The Libyan tribes must decide the fate of Libya, not foreigners, Herland Report

The fate of the Libyan people should be determined by Libyans, not foreign powers. Ever since 2011, foreign powers such as the US and EU still keep tight control over Libya, even though the take over in 2011 until now has produced complete meltdown of the Libyan state, states official spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes internationally, JoAnne Moriarty. She and her ... Read More »

I dag vet vi at Libyakrigen skjedde basert på ren løgn som mediene formidlet – Dr. Ola Tunander, Herland Report

  I februar og mars 2011 hevdet massemediene at Libyas leder Muammar Gaddafi drepte sivile, og at et folkemord allerede hadde begynt. Det ble hevdet at Gaddafis kampfly bombet hans egen befolkning, og at hans afrikanske leiesoldater hadde “uinnskrenket fullmakt til plyndring og drap av sivile”. I dag vet vi at alt dette var løgn. Hvorfor var det ingen debatt om ... Read More »

Libyakrigen 2011. Bruken av retorikk og bedrag for å ødelegge en stat – Dr. Ola Tunander

Libya krigen 2011 ble et vannskille i norsk offentlig bevissthet. Med Libya krigen mistet media hegemoniet, og siden har informasjonen strømmet ut via internett til en stadig større andel av befolkningen som nå ser hva som foregår. Propagandastrømmen ble for sterk, medieløgnene for mange og for åpenbare. Den nåværende befolkningsrevolusjonen mot ensrettetheten i mediene og folkebevisstheten over i hvilken grad ... Read More »

EXCLUSIVE Memorandum on Libya: Fabrications against the State, Leadership and Army – by Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Herland Report

This Memorandum was first published April 19, 2017 exclusive to The Herland Report. It was then republished all over the world and in many languages. The attack on Libya was based on a number of lies presented in the Western media about Gaddafi, and these lies have been well documented. The British Report from the House of Commons was presented in ... Read More »

EKSKLUSIVT memorandum om Libya, ved Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi: Falske påstander lå til grunn for Libya krigen 2011, Herland Report

Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, sønn av Libyas avdøde leder, Muammar Gaddafi skriver i dette memorandumet, eksklusivt gitt til The Herland Report, fra våre libyske brødre som lever midt i borgerkrigen som har rast i Libya siden NATO angrep Libya i 2011. Memorandumet ble publisert på Herland Report i 2017 på engelsk og gikk verden rundt. I Norge var det ingen ... Read More »

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