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US helped ISIS escape Raqqa, reported in June by steigan.no, now months later in mainstream VG

US helped ISIS escape Raqqa, reported in June by steigan.no, now months later in mainstream VG

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The US helped ISIS terrorists escape Raqqa already back in June. The alternative Norwegian news site Steigan.no reported on this in June when it happened – the yet another startelling collaboration between the US and ISIS as thousands of ISIS fighters were protected by the US as they left Raqqa, allegedly heading towards Deir ez Zoor.

Mainstream Norwegian Verdens Gang (VG), on the other hand, only reports on it now, several months after it first happened – reminding us of why we seldom read Norwegian mainstream newspapers. Norwegian foreign affairs articles are simply too often translated material from the BBC, neo-con puppet The New York Times or Washington Post etc. You might as well read it in the language of origin, instead of “on repeat” in Norwegian.

Quite frankly, you will hardly find a word reported in the censored, mainstream Norwegian media outlets, that is not 100 % in accordance with the US neo-con, message of endless wars.

The Case: Back in June, the US-ISIS collaboration was reported by many at the time with photos and videos. Now, a BBC investigative report comes to the same conclusion, as has been pointed out for months by other media outlets. Once BBC touches the matter, the rest of the Scandinavian mainstream media dares to do the same and are quick to translate the English articles into, as seen here Norwegian in VG.

Why are the mainstream Norwegian outlets so mightily slow in picking up important elements that should have been reported on long ago? Whose interests are they serving, presenting the US/ISIS collaboration only months after it lost its military importance?

We strongly suggest for mainstream VG to follow Steigan.no and get some fresh news when they first appear. You do not need to wait months for the BBC to write about it, and then translate the English article and post it at VG. We have outlets in Norway – Steigan.no – that do a much better job.

The lack of independent journalism and inquisitive, critical views are appalling in Norwegian media outlets. It is as though the mainstream  outlets are awaiting the US articles, only then it is “safe” to report on it in Norway – a perfect way of controlling which information is presented to the Norwegian public.

In case after case, the Norwegian public would have been left in the pits of utter ignorant darkness, was it not for alternative sites such as the brilliant Norwegian steigan.no. Luckily we have digital media now, and don’t need to wait months to hear about what really went down in Raqqa.

Steigan.no, which often is months ahead of the mainstream, presenting important news facts when it happens. Mainstream VG and others are awaiting the “ok to publish” the same news items, once they politically-correct appear in UK or US media? Regarding the BBC, conveniently enough, they report on this now, months after it lost its importance.

Listen to Ron Paul on the now all to well documented fact, in a segment from The Liberty Report. He states that the BBC reported, approximately 4000 ISIS mainly foreign fighters were allowed to leave Raqqa with their families and tons of weapons. The war on ISIS is pretty much ended, Assad has won the war, Ron Paul states, still the US continues bombing. The question becomes, what really are the US goals in Syria?




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