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US women’s march – The ugly face of hatred, lack of tolerance and disrespect for democratic rule

US women’s march – The ugly face of hatred, lack of tolerance and disrespect for democratic rule

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Funny it is, just when all of us heard so much from the mainstream and Hollywood about being tolerant and respecting democracy, – and all its negative comments on us who do not originate from America, it turns out that Hollywood itself does not even respect the democratic process in its own country. All Alec Baldwin can talk about at these rallies is (link) his need to pee, and how he wants to spread his pee on the Russian embassy. Sounds like a complete kinder garden. Madonna wants to blow up the White House (watch below) Leading journalists do not want to interview Melania Trump, because “she does not speak properly English” and apparently is not Caucasian enough as she is “from Europe” and thus unwanted? Female actors cannot stop publicly talking about their genitalia, cussing and shouting all kinds of foul words straight in the face of children. Even Donald Trump’s son is mocked as “the next high school shooter”. If this is freedom, I sure don’t want to be a part of it.

Poor Hollywood – truly lost in its own mind control. One would think that these crude-talking, manner lacking, offensive bunch of rude Americans at least respected their own democracy. The American people have voted and wanted president Donald Trump, – even in an age of such massive propaganda in mainstream media. He has got to be one of those in history most misinterpreted and spoken ill of. The amount of blatant hatred is amazing to watch, coming straight out of the US which professes to be both Christian and civilized. It is truly “the mob in Rome”.

Industries like Hollywood, who speak endlessly in films about “American values” and “freedom” and the need for “democracy”,  does not even respect its own democratic process, and gladly joins in the American oligarch Soros’ funded revolt (George Soros allegedly is the main sponsor for the Women’s March movement) against a democratically elected president. What a shameful display of lack of complete lack of respect for the people’s choice.

I so regret buying Madonna music in the past, and will for certain never do it again. Or watch a Baldwin movie, for that matter. Topping it is George Clooney, now hailing Al Qaida affiliated White Helmets. If he only had done it two years ago, he could have been excused for not knowing any better. But now, when the news of their affiliation is everywhere – he fronts it out in the open: The blatant US support for terror groups. I am completely and utterly disgusted. Even the thought of watching a Hollywood movie, now turns me off.






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  1. It’s only about 4 weeks ago that Ben Affleck tweeted an appeal to raise money for the White Helmets . The man who directed Argo,, who starred in Argo- a film about rescuing Americans captured by Islam doesn’t appear to know that they are all Nasra and Al AQAEDA afgiliated; a terrorist group masquerading g as a charity….

    • Hanne Nabintu Herland

      Ben Affleck clearly shows his support to the Al Qaida segments, of which White Helmets is a part, which the US has trained and supported for a long time, both in Libya and in Syria. We wish him good luck, maybe he could join them fighting. Considering John Kerry, who recently stated in a leaked conversation by The Last Refuge, in which he is speaking with the Syrian opposition, that the US is arming Daesh, and that Obama wants ISIS to get stronger in Syria. I guess Ben Affleck has the support of his Washington friends. This whole mess is unbelievable. Politicians in the US should go to jail for contributing on such a serious level to the Mid East mess.

  2. Your whole argument against the democratically elected president sort of misses the point. Here we have an elected president who *didn’t* win the vote (as a result of the rather interesting electoral college system), who has proven throughout his campaign that he is utterly unfit for office, and within the first week as president issues a number of executive orders which most likely violates the constitution, and you’re lambasting WOMEN for protesting against it. You clearly don’t understand anything about what you’re writing.

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