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  • Shocking: Rich White Business Men control the Transgender market and make millions – Herland Report
  • Over 70 % in US/UK say the Media lies #FakeNews, Herland Report
  • Why did the West support the Marxist ANC takeover in South Africa? Herland Report
  • Cave of Apelles by Nerdrum School: Joakim Ericsson on life in Gaming
  • Dr. Ron Paul Liberty Report to Herland Report: The American Federal Reserve System will Fail
  • PODCAST with Ron Paul: Brutal wars happen due to lack of respect for national sovereignty
  • This is why I dislike Liberals: They promote welfare for minorities because they think they’re inferior – Rachel Alexander, WND
  • Love of God meets needs, we are to meet the needs of those who are Wounded – Reverend KirbyJon Caldwell, Herland Report TV
  • Pride uken har blitt grovhedonistisk dildoparade, men hvor er paradene for andre minoriteter? Er det bare homofile som skal feires? Herland Report
  • Gay Pride: Hemningsløs seksualisert hedonisme, umoral og forfall promoteres til alle homofile som ønsket livsform, Trond Ali Linstad, Herland Report
  • Russia’s turn from Leninism to Christian Orthodoxy under Putin: choosing opposite path than the hedonist West – Herland Report
  • Feelings replaced Faith in America: The psychologist is the “Priest” now – Dr. Chuck Crismier, Herland Report
  • Everybody is looking for love and acceptance, let’s use Social Media to make the world a better place, Ray Bady, Herland Report
  • Insektene dør, biene forsvinner, men få forsker på #Mobilindustrien og farene ved stråling, Einar Flydal, Herland Report
  • Orwellian censorship in social media: Internet free speech being shut down, Hanne Nabintu Herland, WND, Herland Report
  • Anti-EU partier som støtter nasjonal selvråderett hetses bredt i media. Er selvråderett og folkestyre “fienden” nå? Hanne Nabintu Herland, Herland Report
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