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Newsletter Week 41, 2019

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Hanne Nabintu Herland with Milo Yiannopoulos: "The aggressive Left uses demonization as method to silence opposition against their agenda. It is pure Authoritarian Repression," he says.

Herland Report TV (HTV): "Milo states that what happened to America is that the aggressive activist Left has used the First Amendment to advocate for Tyranny. This is never what the Founders intended." Milo appears at The Herland Report in provokingly honest conversations about the deterioration of freedom in the West, our eroding democracies where the interests of the 1 % is served, the lack of respect for the diversity of opinion. He is an unusual intellectual, a New York Times best selling author with provoking technique of fearless speech that enrages many.

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Donald Trump for Nobel Prize 2019, says Norwegian Hanne Herland WND

Herland Report: Simply by pulling forces out of Syria, the work to end the North Korean crisis, the efforts to end the Kashmir crisis, president Donald Trump is a far more worthy Nobel Peace Prize winner than US war president, Barack Obama ever was. He received the Nobel in the midst of escalating the war in Afghanistan, days after taking …
Hanne Herland Report Donald Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

The Plague of Western Adventurism in Syria, all about Geo Politics #Erdogan - Steve Brown

Bashar al Assad Syria Donald Trump
The Russian and Turkish leadership attended a summit in Ankara on September 16th, 2019, where the two leaders agreed to cooperate in Syria. Besides such cooperation, Mr Erdogan and Mr Putin also committed to the future of the Turkstream pipeline. Trump has made his move to allow Turkey to subdue the PKK/YPG in northeastern Syria. And at the MAKs air …

Is Capitalism Killing Us? Poison, pollution, #Monsanto - Paul Craig Roberts

A public health organization, the Environmental Working Group, recently reported that its tests found glyphosate in all but 2 of 45 children’s breakfast foods including granola, oats and snack bars made by Quaker, Kellogg and General Mills.  In Brazil tests have discovered that 83% of mothers’ breast milk contains glyphosate. An industry-funded scientist has no independence, he concludes what he …
Monsanto Herland Report

With US pulling out of Syria, when will Kurds realize the US only serves US interests?

Why do the Kurds keep hoping again and again that the US will provide and secure the implementation of Kurdistan as a nation state? When are they going to realize that the US serves US interests, not the Kurds? After all, the US has abandoned them several times before. Now the US is apparently leaving Syria, again. This time it …

Interview with PR guru, Woodley Auguste: The fall of Western Journalism

What happened to America, the nation that used to be such a beacon of light? We met up with the American PR guru and seasoned professional who has worked with celebrities and political leaders in the US over the years, Woodley Auguste. The aim was to hear his take on the clampdown on freedom and the current level of divisiveness in …
Woodley Auguste Hanne Herland Report

Russian Defense Minister: Declining West Cannot Be Trusted

Poverty in America, Huffington Herland Report
Herland Report: The current level of divisiveness in the declining West is sad to watch. The stupidities of the American political and media theatre on impeachments and ongoing allegations of treason and who-lied-to-who is a complete mess. It demonstrates to the world that we have lost order, respect and cultural dignity. Today, greed and lust, selfishness and cultural decay are …

Muslimske Trond Ali Linstad truet på livet av islamister, uten politireaksjon

I Oslo trues den kjente, norske muslimen Trond Ali Linstad åpenlyst av islamister, med straff som kan være døden, uten at norske myndigheter reagerer. Linstad skriver om det i Aftenposten, melder fra til PST, politi. Likevel skjer intet. Nylig ble fire politimenn i Frankrike knivstukket og drept av en salafist. Man kjenner til at intoleransen innad i salafistmiljøer gjør at …
Trond Ali Linstad

TV intervju: Medisinering av friske barn, tjener milliarder ADHD #Ritalin

Øyvind Moe RItalin ADHD Herland Report
Herland Report TV programleder, Hanne Nabintu Herland hadde gleden av å samtale med Øyvind Moe om eksploderende ADHD diagnoser og farene ved Ritalin bruk.  "Medisinerer vi friske barn ukritisk i dag?" sier sivilingeniør Øyvind Moe som særlig har engasjert seg i feltet.  "Thalidomid er nok den største legemiddelskandalen vi har hatt i nyere tid. Det er snart 60 år siden …

Milliardfortjeneste på medisinering av friske barn - Metylfenidat, ADHD

Skandale er under oppseiling; medisinering av friske barn med sentralstimulerende medisiner som i andre sammenhenger blir kategorisert som narkotika, skriver Øyvind Moe, sivilingeniør NTH for Herland Report.  Det er klare tegn som tyder på at en andel av disse barna får hjerneskade som langtidsvirkning ved bruk av disse medikamentene. Og bakenfor det hele: Følg pengestrømmen. Da får du som regel …
Legemiddelindustrien milliardfortjeneste Øyvind Moe Herland Report

Raphael Israeli: Dangerous parallel societies in Europe

Raphael Israeli islamikaze Herland Report
 Herland Report TV: We sat down with Dr. Raphael Israeli, the man who invented the term "Islamikaze",Professor of Middle Eastern, Islamic and Chinese history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, fellow at Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace and the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. He is one of the front experts on the self-sacrifice method in Islam, the …

Grusom etnisk rensing av svarte libyere #Libyakrigen - Ola Tunander

Libya krigen 2011 ble et vannskille i norsk offentlig bevissthet. Med Libya krigen mistet media hegemoniet, og siden har informasjonen strømmet ut via internett, skriver research professor emeritus ved PRIO, Dr. Ola Tunander på Herland Report. De skandaløse medieløgnene har blitt et historisk materiale. I Norge later vi som ingenting og håper at Libya krigen skal bli glemt selv om …
Black Libyans atrocities Libya war 2011

Artikkelserie: Vi er frekke, intolerante, onde og kaller det ytringsfrihet #kulturradikale

Hanne Herland Report 2019
Den opprinnelige betydningen av ordet «toleranse» innebærer respekt for den andres rett til å være uenig med deg, samtidig som du selv holder fast ved din egen oppfatning. Toleranse betyr ikke at den ene parten må gi etter for den andre, eller at partene må bli enige til slutt. Slik var det historiske toleransebegrepet i Europa. Vi har fullstendig mistet …

The Diminishing, Manipulated American Economy, Paul C. Roberts

Since June 2009 Americans have lived in the false reality of a recovered economy.  Various fake news and manipulated statistics have been used to create this false impression.  However, indicators that really count have not supported the false picture and were ignored.  For example, it is normal in a recovering or expanding economy for the labor force participation rate to rise as …
US dollar

The correlation between Social Disorder and Christian Decline: Hanne Herland, World Net Daily

The correlation between Social Disorder and Christian Decline: Hanne Herland, World Net Daily
There are a number of perplexing developments few wish to discuss: The correlation between Christian decline and the rise of Western anarchy, writes historian Hanne Nabintu Herland in World Net Daily. Beneath the glossy wrapping of materialism, hedonism and technological advancement, there is an alarming rate of social disorder and growing social unrest. There is a rampant denigration of religion, …

Billionaires control politics funding activism? GeorgeSoros

The public child abuse in using Greta Thunberg to push the Fossil Free campaign to end investments in oil and gas world-wide, has drawn attention to the billionaires behind the all out media focus on the child. Who is funding the defenseless 16 year old, who comes from a difficult background, sending her around the world to push the billion …
George Soros politial activism Politico Herland Report

Abonner på The Herland Report TV og se samtaler med vår tids ledende fritenkere gratis - HTV

Abonner på The Herland Report TV og se samtaler med vår tids ledende fritenkere gratis - HTV
Herland Report TV (HTV) når millioner årlig og lanserer hver uke nye eksplosive programmer der ledende, nytenkende intellektuelle, forfattere, aktivister og andre samtaler om viktige tema, uten politisk korrekthet. Abonner slik at du er den første til å få dem! Her er noen av våre gjester fremover: Dr. Reginald Davis, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Dr. Ron Paul, Brita Møystad Engseth, …

Cover-up of President John F. Kennedy Assassination Is Wearing Thin

Here is a several years old documentary of 35 minutes summarizing the powerful evidence that the Warran Commission Report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is a cover-up. All available evidence points to the CIA and the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, with the cooperation of the Secret Service, as the murderers of President Kennedy.  Fifty-six years after the …
John F. Kennedy assasination cover-up Herland Report

Norwegian Nobel Committee should award Donald Trump Peace Prize - Daniel Drezner

Donald Trump BBC Herland Report
The Norwegian Nobel Committee has become notorious the past years for almost solely giving the Peace Prize to US mainstream media favourites, disregarding the requirements stated in the will of the inventor of dynamite, Alfred Nobel. In Sweden, Alfred Nobel's family are rattling the sables in discontentment of the rampant politization of the prize in the hands of the Norwegians, …

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#Greta Thunberg is decoy, Fossil Free-groups funded by billionaires who also fund Big Oil. Somebody's manipulating Oil

George Soros Reuters Herland Report
The public child abuse in using Greta Thunberg to push the Fossil Free campaign to end investments in oil and gas world-wide, has far wealthier sponsors than local Swedish businessmen such as Ingmar Renzhog and Bo Thorén. The billion dollar climate-change industry is hyped up for a reason.  Soros investments in oil and gas far overshadow his investment in #FossilFree …
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