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Newsletter Week 43, 2019

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A Paradox that the West criticizes the Soviet Union, yet practices the exact same Censorship and Shutdown of Free Speech: Hanne Herland to RT.

Herland Report TV host, Hanne Herland interview with Russia Today is highlighted by Raymond Ibrahim in an analysis on The Middle East. It is a perplexing paradox that while Orthodox Christians are purged from the Middle East in what many call an ongoing genocide, the West remains silent. SUBSCRIBE:https://www.youtube.com/user/HanneNabintuHerland?sub_confirmation=1%MCEPASTEBIN%It is equally perplexing to watch how Media Censorship in the West now is at its all time high, as the clamp down on those who are not atheist, extreme liberal or supporters of Hillary Clinton - are treated in much the same way as dissidents in the old Soviet Union. RTs Oksana Boyko puts the question to Herland, take a listen to the conversation about the destructive development in Western culture as tolerance, respect for minorities such as Christians, Jews and others are at its all time low. Watch here or click on the feature photo.

Hanne Herland #RT interview: The West destroyed Libya, empowered Islamism - Raymond Ibrahim

Blundering Western policy in the Middle East and elsewhere has only empowered Islamism and, thus, led to a massive increase in the persecution of Christians, The Commentator Reports. The article, by Raymond Ibrahim: "We don't know what we are doing abroad, any more than at home. The full impact of Western intervention in Libya was recently highlighted during a televised …
Hanne Herland #RT interview: The West destroyed Libya, empowered Islamism - Raymond Ibrahim

Israel reacts to US Syria pullout: "Israel will defend itself, by itself, against any threat"

Netanyahu the independent.jpg
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a speech at the Yom Kippur memorial only days after the US announced its pulling out of Syria. Allegedly, the pullout came without warning to the Israelis. Israel will defend itself, by itself, against any threat. Prime Minister Netanyahu put it this way: "Israel will defend itself, by itself. We do not aspire to be …

Syria Now... Libya Next? Erdogan Plays Both Sides, Steve Brown

As the dust settles in Syria subsequent to the US exit from the debacle that it so created in 2011, the festering sore that is Libya must once again come to the fore. Recall that Hillary Clinton and Mahmoud Jibril made the case for regime change in Libya and although the US seemingly abandoned oil-rich Libya after the Benghazi attacks, …
erdogan reuters turkey.jpg

Vi trenger systemskifte bort fra partidiktaturet mot Direktedemokrati

Lars Rønbeck Herland Report TV
Parlamentarismen innebærer at befolkningen frasier seg retten til å styre sin egen nasjon og sikre at folkeviljen gjennomføres. Man overgir disse rettighetene til et partisystem der folket velger på politiske partier som skal styre på vegne av dem. Men disse partiene - politikerne - får en betydelig makt til å gjøre det de selv vil. Parlamentarismen, som vi har hatt …

Stalinist Show Trial of Julian Assange Underway In England, Paul Craig Roberts

We Are Witnessing the Death of the Western World. I never thought that the English would abandon their concept of law as a shield of the people’s civil liberty.  But they have.  The English justice system serves as an appendage of the American Police State.  Neither the US nor the UK can any longer lay claim to being democracies goverened …
Julian Assange, Holberg Prize

Mutilation against children to force Sex Transition, Texas horror story

Texas transgender orthodox Jeffrey Younger and son James.jpg
This is America in 2019: Where the so-called experts purport to believe that a little boy can declare that he’s actually a girl and the supposedly loving and correct thing to do is give him puberty blockers, administer cross-sex hormones, and possibly encourage him through “medical transition” — the surgical removal of his penis — which is, in layman’s terms, …

68'er ideolog Herbert Marcuse: Undertrykk majoriteten! - Hanne Nabintu

Når folket føler at deres perspektiver undertrykkes og at "ingen hører på befolkningen", så har dette vært den kulturradikale strategien siden 1960-tallet. Borgerlige majoritetsverdier, konservative europeere ble «fienden» som skulle angripes. Man har brukt "ytringsfriheten" til å strupe ytringsretten til bestemte grupper, de gruppene i samfunnet som ikke ønsker radikal samfunnsendring, men vil ta vare på de grunnleggende europeiske verdiene. …
Hanne Herland Report

Under Muammar Gaddafi Libya was Africa's richest welfare state #SaifAl-Islam

Gaddafi Obama Zuma AP Herland Report Libya
It is now eight years since Muammar Gaddafi was brutally murdered in Libya, leaving the nation in the chaos that to this day still exists. Let us review how Libya was before the 2011 war. Most Westerners now know that Libya became Africa’s richest state under President Muammar Gaddafi, with social welfare evenly distributed across the Libyan population. This was …

Artikkelserie: Moderne vitenskap er ikke nøytral/objektiv, Hanne Nabintu Herland

Hvilke verdier styrer Europa i dag? Troen på vitenskap er en av dem. Men hva er moderne vitenskap og i hvilken grad er den nøytral/objektiv? Den er overhode ikke objektiv, sier Thomas Kuhn. Det rådende paradigmet eller virkelighetsforståelsen påvirker hvorledes forskerne arbeider. Vitenskapen påvirkes av det politisk korrekte diktat. Humanistiske vitenskapsteorier erkjenner at «objektivitet» og «nøytralitet» er en utfordring, fordi det …
darwinism-intelligent-design herland report

Vi lever i et partidiktatur der politikere i stor grad ikke tjener folket, Lars Rønbeck

lars rønbeck Herland Report
Herland Report TV programleder, Hanne Herland samtaler med Lars Rønbeck om partidiktatur og direktedemokrati.  "Vi lever i et partidiktatur der politiske karteller i Oslo styres av andre hensyn enn folkets beste. Vi har ikke et folkestyre der folkeviljen gjennomføres," sier tidligere offiser i forsvaret, Lars Rønbeck, som leder folkebevegelsen for direktedemokrati i Norge. Han etterlyser et systemskifte i Norge for …

Hanne Nabintu Herlands politiske selvbiografi "Respekt": Opprøret mot sosialistisk rasisme

Hanne Nabintu Herlands bestselger Respekt, en politisk selvbiografi der hun forteller om sin oppvekst i Afrika sør for Sahara og det brutale møtet med jantelovens Norge, er like aktuell i dag. Her beskrives hvordan hun raskt forsto at kravet til å tenke likt og mene det samme sto særdeles sterkt i Norge. Herland kom til Norge rundt midten av 1980-tallet …

A turn for the worse for the Rape Capital of the West, Feminist Sweden

denmark-border-control-sweden-violence-2019 Herland Report.jpg
Herland Report: As Denmark now sets up border controls with Sweden, due to civil unrest, the story of Sweden has taken yet another step for the worse. Financial Times states how bombing attacks in Copenhagen are linked to Swedish gangs, to the point that the Danes need to close the border to boost security. In Sweden, it is regarded as …

Bill Gates on #ClimateChange #GretaThunberg push for divestment in oil: It is MADNESS.

Four percent of world energy is provided by so-called Green energy, solar and windmills, according to BP Statistical Review. 96 percent of world energy is provided by oil, gas, coal. Let me repeat: 96 %. Somebody wants to shut down world energy to create a shortage. #GretaThunberg billionaire funded push. As the billionaire funded, Wall Street supported #GretaThunberg #ClimateChange #Apocalypse …
Greta Thunberg public child abuse Herland Report Getty

Gaddafi's wife, Safia Farkash and Aisha still on travel ban, no access to accounts

Safia Farkash Aisha Gaddafi Herland Report
It is hard to find anything positive to say about the NATO assault on Libya, 2011. It is now common knowledge that what the Americans did was help the Al Qaida affiliated groups to power. Since then, Libya, a country still controlled by the West, has plunged into a dehumanizing civil war, with various war lords controlling prisons and terrorizing …

NEW TV SHOW: Dr. Brenda Caldwell "Dr.B" about #DrugEpidemic and Way Out

Herland Report TV host, Hanne Herland speaks to Brenda Caldwell about the #DrugEpidemic, pain and suffering in America, and the way out.  Dr. Brenda Caldwell, "Dr. B" is a psychologist, an acclaimed empowerment speaker who travels the nation speaking, an author with books such as “From Charcoal to Diamond” and “Surgery for the Soul”. Caldwell is also an artist. 27 …
Brenda Caldwell Hanne Herland Report

Shocking Media lies about Libya War: Gaddafi, Sarkozy’s vendetta and exile-Libyans' role

Gaddafi Sarkozy AFP Herland Report
Today, eight years ago, the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was brutally killed in Libya. As the Libyan civil war rages on, we would like to republish this article, which sums up the level of corruption connected to the still unresolved Libya war case: The UK published its report in 2016, and its examination revealed extensive misinformation and fake news reported by …

Medieløgnene om Libya krigen: Gaddafi, Sarkozy og eksil-libyeres rolle, Hanne Nabintu

I dag er det åtte år siden Libyas leder, Muammar Gaddafi ble brutalt myrdet i Libya. Vi republiserer denne artikkelen for å rette fokus på Libyas fortsatt blodige borgerkrig og uløste konflikt: Storbritannia leverte sin i 2016 og undersøkelsen viste massiv feilinformasjon og Fake News fra de ledende mediene. En lang rekke avgjørende løgner ble presentert i media om Gaddafi …
Medieløgnene om Libya krigen: Gaddafi, Sarkozy og eksil-libyeres rolle, Hanne Nabintu

The People's Boris Johnson Churchillian moment: Brexit success makes Prime Minister of the Century?

Most UK firms support Boris Johnson's Brexit deal in what could be Johnson's Churchillian moment in redefining British politics. For long, the threat of Parliament stopping Brexit - the will of the people - has angered many in the British public. It has become a quest for democracy in Britain - or the end of it. Is it the Parliament's …

Billionaires control politics funding activism? #GeorgeSoros

The public child abuse in using Greta Thunbergto push the Fossil Free campaign to end investments in oil and gas world-wide, has drawn attention to the billionaires behind the all out media focus on the child. Who is funding the defenseless 16 year old, who comes from a difficult background, sending her around the world to push the billion dollar …
George Soros politial activism Politico Herland Report

The ongoing looting of Africa under corrupt African leaders' watch - #GeorgeSoros #OpenSociety

Washing copper Africa exploited Herland Report AP
In light of the current globalist trend where financial acrobats are rigging and manipulating the financial markets in - one may assume - an unprecedented scale, Africa is a continent worth looking at. Hedge fund managers such as George Soros has long been invested in the continent, this article explains how. Anglo-Dutch cartels in oil, strategic minerals, and diamonds, have …
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