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Week 47, 2019


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"The Herland Report in Scandinavia is courageous truth-telling and very impressive. Outstanding work. A very important source of information and thoughtful comment from around the world.”

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, leading American economist.

"I am very grateful for what The Herland Report does, for its global reach, genuine substance and ability to speak the truth, because we seldom hear the truth from the global, mainstream media. Organizations like Herland Report give hope that people might be informed, move towards peace."
United States Senator Richard Black.

Richard Black Hanne Nabintu Herland



Herland Report TV host, Hanne Herland speaks with one of the leading US Senators, Richard Black about endless wars, faltering neo-con foreign policy, Syria, Libya and international justice. This is a teaser to the program, in which Senator Richard Black endorses The Herland Report and similar organisations, says: "I am very grateful for what The Herland Report does, for its global reach and ability to speak the truth, because we seldom hear the truth from the global, mainstream media."

"So much of what the media publish, particularly in the area of foreign affairs, contains so little reality, so little of genuine substance. It is organizations like Herland Report that give some hope that the people might be informed and eventually towards a situation of peace."
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Senator Richard H. Black is a Vietnam veteran, former prosecutor US Army and director at the Pentagon. His impressive track record cover a career as a military officer and colonel, a pilot with US Marines in Vietnam, then going through law school, working as a prosecutor with the US Army, and retiring from the military and the Pentagon in 1994. From then on, he embarked on a political career, and became a well-respected US Senator with remarkable knowledge and understanding of the world “outside the US”.
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Paul Craig Roberts: Those who challenge Ruling Ideology are called Fascists

Herland Report: We had the privilege of a sit down with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, discussing why free speech is being shut down in America. Dr. Roberts is one of the leading political economists in the USA, awarded by the Treasury Department’s for “his outstanding contributions to the formulation of United States economic policy.” He is also the chairman of the …
Paul Craig Roberts on the beach with Hanne Herland

The Big American Mess #ObamaCrime #JeffreyEpstein - Paul C. Roberts

Barack-Obama Getty
Herland Report: The long list of coverups, the criminal investigation of the Russiagate hoax, the Obama regime FISA court violations and seemingly endless hearings in Congress all speak for the terrible state of the American justice system today. If you add the impeachment theatre, probably designed to create more confusion than ever before, the United States is at an all …

PODCAST Social Conservatism Makes You Care - Bishop Harry Jackson

Herland Report Podcast host, Hanne Herland speaks to Bishop Harry Jackson about why he supports Donald Trump, the need to stop hating each other and end the divisiveness in America, whether they vote for the same candidate than you or not. Bishop Harry Jackson is a leading American social conservative activist, commentator, author, a famous lecturer who holds an MBA …
BIshop Harry Jackson Woodley Auguste Hanne Herland

Did the United States Win the Cold War, or...? Steve Brown

Herland Report: According to popular consensus, by 1991 the USSR lost the Cold War. However, it may be that the USSR's 'loss' and subsequent emergence of the Russian Federation put Russia ahead of the game. If the United States had truly won the Cold War, NATO would be history, and the US would have turned its swords to plowshares. Since …

KRIGENS ARVINGER: Nicolai Nansen om Rasismen mot Jøder #ErwinKohn

Herland Report: I Nanna Segelckes siste bok, Krigens Arvinger forteller Nicolai Nansen, Fridtjof Nansens oldebarn om krigen der hans bestefar, Odd Nansen satt i Sachsenhausen for sin motstand mot antisemittisme og den nådeløse jødeforfølgelsen. (Feature photo: Odd Nicolai Nansen) Antagelig årets beste bok og en fantastisk julegave. Kjøp den her! Eksklusivt for Herland Report presenterer vi nedenfor et utdrag av …
Nicolai Nansen Portrett Herland Report

Follow Christianity defined at Herland Report TV "SPIRIT and FAITH"

Herland Report Spirit and Faith section
In a series of new Herland Report TV programs, we focus on the Christian faith. This will be part of the launch of our "Spiritual Lifestyle" segment in the YouTube channel that already reaches millions yearly. Exclusive shorts with Dr. Chuck Crismier, an American veteran attorney, author of several books, pastor and a national radio host mark the launch. Today, …

The defense of Christianity vs Anti-Christian West #KanyeWest #Russia

NEW: We follow the ultimate Western rebels, Kanye West and now Coldplay, using Sunday as a Spiritual Day. Herland Report will publish articles on the upcoming Sundays on the importance of Christianity in our historic Heritage. Herland Report: In this segment, let us take a closer look at the paradox that Russia is now the leading public defender of Christianity. …

US Senator Richard Black: "Herland Report: Global reach, speaks truth, genuine substance"

Richard Black Hanne Nabintu Herland
Herland Report TV host, Hanne Herland speaks with US Senator Richard Black, who endorses The Herland Report for its global reach and genuine substance. The interview adresses how our current system has changed towards endless wars, neo-con foreign policy leading to the Arab Spring, Syria and Libya war. The question is: How can we return to international justice, and what …

War spending is Bankrupting America, Trump wants to stop it

Herland Report: Our nation is being preyed upon by a military industrial complex that is propped up by war profiteers, corrupt politicians and foreign governments. America has so much to offer—creativity, ingenuity, vast natural resources, a rich heritage, a beautifully diverse populace, a freedom foundation unrivaled anywhere in the world, and opportunities galore—and yet our birthright is being sold out …

International Criminal Court ICC is institutionally flawed, politicized - Alan Baker

Herland Report banner
Herland Report: The ICC is institutionally flawed, politicized and has failed to live up to the visions of its founding fathers. The impartiality of the Court was flawed from the beginning by linking it constitutionally and its funding to the UN. Read what former ambassador Alan Baker has to say: There is a growing concern that the International Criminal Court …

Long live the Queen, Prince Andrew stripped of everything #JeffreyEpstein

Herland Report: Jeffrey Epstein friend, Prince Andrew is stripped of everything by Queen Elisabeth who has shown remarkable leadership throughout the years in dealing with complicated issues. The Queen has told her second son, Prince Andrew, to step down from all royal duties and stripped him of his taxpayer-funded salary. The Duke of York has effectively been retired in disgrace at …
Prince Andrew Duke of York Jeffrey Epstein Maxwell Virginia Roberts BBC Herland Report

Who killed Jeffrey Epstein? Many jail “suicides” are murders - Paul C. Roberts

Who killed Jeffrey Epstein? Many jail “suicides” are murders - Paul C. Roberts
Herland Report: Was Jeffrey Epstein killed and if so, who did it? With a list of famous world leaders, such as Prince Andrew, in his "black book", was he killed to protect the elite, asks Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: "I appreciate my readers’ confidence in me.  However, I cannot clear up the Epstein matter for you.  Perhaps I can help …

Did Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Work for Mossad? #PrinceAndrew - Phil Giraldi

Herland Report: In light of the Prince Andrew scandal, read Dr. Phil Giraldi's well researched article about Jeffrey Epstein and his associates in the rare revelation of under cover sex offenses: The extent of Israeli spying directed against the United States is a huge story that is only rarely addressed in the mainstream media. The Jewish state regularly tops the …
Did Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Work for Mossad? #PrinceAndrew - Phil Giraldi

Libyan National People's Movement: Libya Militia Prisons hold thousands of prisoners unlawfully

Saif al Islam Gaddafi Newsweek Herland Report
Exclusive to Herland Report, the Libyan National People's Movement analysis of the situation inside Libya, actualized by ICC overturning Saif al-Islam Gaddafi case to Libya.  The international intervention in Libya destroyed the State, including but not limited to, all military and security institutions, local and central government authorities and, the cultural value system. (First published in March, 2018.) Thus, armed …

NEW TV SHOW: Dr. Phil Giraldi on the Deep State and endless wars and Donald Trump

BREAKING: Herland Report: TV host, Hanne Herland speaks with Dr. Phil Giraldi on the Deep State and endless wars, neo-cons, Syria, Israel and what will become of Donald Trump in this new Herland Report show. "The neo-cons packaged the wars by saying it was for democracy/free trade, what it really was was take-over and US dominance." "American foreign policy has …

Virginia court Arrest warrent for US citizen and Russia ally, general Khalifa Haftar, Libya

Khalifa Haftar Libya NATO civil war atrocities.
Herland Report: An arrest warrant has been issued by a Virginia court for US citizen and Russian ally, General Khalifa Haftar, leader of Libyan National Army (LNA) for multiple atrocities against Libyan civilians. He is an American citizen. The Virginia court has issued the warrant on the basis that the general, who has the dual US and Libyan nationality, bears …

KRIGENS ARVINGER av Nanna Segelcke: Militær konflikt rammet Norge nådeløst

Herland Report: I årets bok, Krigens Arvinger av Nanna Segelcke, deltar kjente personer som Kristin Skogen Lund, Helge Hjort, Nicolai Nansen, Tomm Bertsen, Marianne Bratteli, Mette Manus, Leif Tronstad, Axel Scheel, Elisabeth Vislie, Trym Staal Eggen, Elisabeth Gjems Egge, Kari Evang, Jan Skaalebraaten og Kirsten Kokkin. Fortellingene er dramatiske og hjerteskjærende. Når krigen kommer nær deg, blir det noe helt …
Nanna Segelcke, foto Jan Ung Herland Report

Near Genocide of Christians in the Muslim World, Report

Herland Report: Pervasive Near Genocide of Christians in the Muslim world, is ongoing in parts of the Middle East, and has prompted an exodus in the past two decades, according to a report commissioned by the British foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt. Millions of Christians in the region have been uprooted from their homes, and many have been killed, kidnapped, imprisoned …

ISIS In Rare On-Camera Interviews say Turkey border was always open for them

Herland Report: ISIS In Rare On-Camera Interviews spill new information on the Turkey-ISIS relationship, especially at the beginning of the Syria war. Over the years of the war in Syria, an overwhelming amount of evidence has amassed documenting that the so-called 'Islamic State' caliphate was established after tens of thousands of ISIS and other foreign fighters were allowed to pour across Turkey's southern …
Covert origins of ISIS Herland Report

Cave Of Apelles from The Nerdrum School: Why Competition is Neccessary

Sebastian Salvo Cave Of Apelles Nerdrum School Herland Report
Herland Report: In the anniversary episode of The Nerdrum School initiative, Cave of Apelles, host Jan-Ove Tuv invites the painter Sebastian Salvo back to the show to talk about composition, the early Renaissance and the importance of competition among painters. The Herland Report features monthly TV programs from the Cave of Apelles, examining the current situation for figurative painting with …
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