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Newsletter Week 49, 2019

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"The Herland Report in Scandinavia is courageous truth-telling and very impressive. Outstanding work. A very important source of information and thoughtful comment from around the world.”

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, leading American economist.

"I am very grateful for what The Herland Report does, for its global reach, genuine substance and ability to speak the truth, because we seldom hear the truth from the global, mainstream media. Organizations like Herland Report give hope that people might be informed, move towards peace."
United States Senator Richard Black.

WEEKLY HIGHLIGHT: Boris Johnson Churchillian Moment

jpg boris johnson majority 2019

Massive landslide victory for the Conservatives in Britain. Historic election for the nation state, anti-globalist forces, anti-EU elites! Historic for the respect for democratic elections in which the British people already voted once before BREXIT.

Let the British rule the nation state of Britain! Boris Johnson Churchillian Moment, let us make Britain Great Again!

Click here to watch "Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves."

Boris Johnson Churchillian Moment: Long Live Conservative Great Britain!

Herland Report:  The historic UK election with Boris Johnson Churchillian moment said to set the standard for many years to come, gave the Conservatives a massive victory. The British people voted Brexit years ago. This is the second time they vote on the same matter. We wrote: The power struggle between the EU globalists and the British people over who …
jpg boris johnson majority 2019

VOTE CONSERVATIVE, respect the people's choice, let's end this #BorisJohnson

Getty boris Johnson Politico Herland Report UK
Herland Report: The power struggle between the EU globalists and the British people over who will rule Britain comes to an end in the December 12 election. Let the British rule Great Britain! We support Boris Johnson. Your vote could be the difference. Vote Conservative on Thursday 12th December. The 1 % richest in the world own the media, and …

The Left no longer works for the Working Class, but fights for Globalists #VoteBorisJohnson

Herland Report: It seems that there is not much left of the Left and what remains has nothing to do with ‘Left.’ Contemporary ‘Left’ politics is detached from its natural constituency, working people. The so called ‘Left’ is basically a symbolic identifier for ‘Guardian readers’ a critical expression attributed to middle class people who, for some reason, claim to know …
Getty antisemitism jeremy corbyn israel

Jeremy Corbyn rated World Leading Anti-Semite 2019, infusing hatred of Jews into West

skynews-corbyn-labour antisemittism herland report
Herland Report: Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn is named by The Simon Wiesenthal Center as the top anti-Semitic person for 2019, accusing him of allowing a massive rise in anti-Semitism within the ranks of the party and of being an anti-Semite. Shocking Labour leaks recently showed how the party pretends to deal with antisemitism,  yet allowing individuals who say "Jews …

NEW Horrific Anti-Semitism in Jeremy Corbyn Labour, did little to stop it

Herland Report: New secret files emerge that blow apart Labour claims that anti-Semitism is dealt with, ‘suspended or expelled’ members. Days before the UK election, report states that over 130 unresolved cases still linger, Labour members who have said all Jews must be exterminated, call for the extermination of Israel, ask for the “extermination of every Jew on the planet,” …
jeremy corbyn labour antisemittism UK Getty.

Rwanda under Paul Kagame: From Genocide to Fast Growing Economy

paul kagame newsweek rwanda africa.
Herland Report: In addressing the current secret NATO/US war in Africa, the new Scramble for Africa in which Western forces attempt to regain control over vital African resources that China for the most part controls, we ask why African leaders allow this scramble to continue year after year. Does Africa have non-corrupt, responsible leaders who look after the best interests …

US Senator Richard Black: "Herland Report: Global reach, speaks truth, genuine substance"

Herland Report TV host, Hanne Herland speaks with US Senator Richard Black, who endorses The Herland Report for its global reach and genuine substance. The interview adresses how our current system has changed towards endless wars, neo-con foreign policy leading to the Arab Spring, Syria and Libya war. The question is: How can we return to international justice, and what …
Richard Black Hanne Nabintu Herland

EU mislyktes i mekling om Ukraina, toppmøtet Paris - Bjørn Nistad

Paris summit cgtn News putin ukraine
Herland Report: Den 9. desember møttes Russlands president Vladimir Putin og Ukrainas president Vladimir Zelenskij i Paris for å drøfte konflikten i Øst-Ukraina med Frankrikes president Emmanuel Macron og Tysklands forbundskansler Angela Merkel som meklere. Zelenskij var ikke villig til å gi Donetsk og Lugansk en særskilt status, slik de såkalte Minsk-avtalene fra 2015 forutsetter. Og Putin var ikke villig til å …

Dr. Arikana Quao says Africa still has a Colonized Mind, easy to Exploit

Herland Report: Dr. Arikana Chihombori Quao, former African Union representative to the US, wants to decolonize the African mind and stop the economic colonization still ongoing in Africa.  We focus on Africa in the context of the new NATO war on Africa, where NATO/US is engaged in a new Scramble for Africa in the trade war with China, which controls …
Arikana-Chihombori-Quao africa african union

Marcuse and The New Left' desire to silence the Majority - Nabintu, WND

Hanne Nabintu Herland Report
Herland Report: Repression of free speech, tolerance and respect for plurality has become the trademark of the New Left' desire to silence the Majority. It is a worldwide tendency for neo-Marxist socialists to team up with the 1 % richest capitalists in the world. Thinkers like Herbert Marcuse, the father of the student revolution in the 1960’s, speaks openly in A …

The Secret NATO War in Africa: Surveillance State and Mercinaries

Herland Report: The Warsaw Pact may no longer exist, but by contrast the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is expanding its perceived role – the enforcement of western interest - especially in resource-rich Africa. NATO's expansion in Africa is intended to assert western corporate influence, where Macron's France apparently wishes to usurp Germany as the major influential European power. The United …
Black Creative Group.

PODCAST Wahhabism Responsible for Extremism today - Ambassador Carl Schiøtz Wibye

Carl Schiøtz Wibye Hanne Nabintu Herland Report
Herland Report host, Hanne Herland speaks to Norway's former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Carl Schiøtz Wibye about the history of Saudi extremism, Wahhabism and Islamism. How may the Saudis solve the problem of extremism, and will Crown Prince Salman's efforts be enough? In order to understand why the current efforts of the Crown Prince to reform Saudi Arabian society are …

Famous atheist fights for Christian ethics, Jürgen Habermas - Nabintu, WND

Sunday on Herland Report: What happens when a leading, atheist thinker changes his mind and advocates for Christian ethics? To follow the development of Jürgen Habermas has been a remarkable journey. The famous atheist now states that Christian ethics has a greater role to play in society than many secularists previously thought: It has the ability to motivate individuals to …
Jurgen Habeman THoughtCo Herland Report

EXCLUSIVE: Senator Richard Black Interview on Deep State Military Complex, Endless Wars

Senator Richard Black Hanne Herland Report Interview
Herland Report TV host, Hanne Herland speaks with US Senator Richard Black about endless wars, Deep State military complex, corruption and the prospects of world peace. We also address Libya, Syria, Yemen. Senator Black is a Vietnam veteran, former prosecutor US Army and director at the Pentagon. His impressive track record covers a career as a military officer and colonel, …

Billionaires manipulate Green Movement for personal gain #GretaThunberg #GeorgeSoros

Herland Report: As politics and economy are intertwined in today’s economic system, manipulating politics also means manipulating markets. The political Green Movement illustrates this deception to the max. We live in a time of massive manipulations of politics from the financial industry. As the billionaire funded, Wall Street supported #GretaThunberg #ClimateChange #Apocalypse #ExtinctionRebellion push demands divestment in oil, who is …
oil and gas sector divestment strategy herland report

Artikkelserie: Samfunnsforskning er politisk kulturradikal i livssyn, ikke nøytral

Hanne Herland Report
Herland Report: Forskere er langt mer preget av tidens paradigme og sosial-politiske pressfaktorer enn de selv er klar over. Det gjør at samfunnsforskningen ofte er full av antagelser som er farget av det rådende paradigmet og kulturradikal tenkning. Forskningen kan eksempelvis lett utelate viktige spørsmål av hensyn til det politisk-korrekte diktat, og personens eget følelsesliv og meninger spiller en langt …

How do we survive this age? The story of David McNinch

Herland Report TV host, Hanne Herland speaks with David McNinch about the American society view from a regular citizen, about drug abuse, financial crisis, rock music and faith.  For many inmates, I would be the first person they see when coming out of prison. "As for my life, it required an entire break-down. Only then I began to study which …
David McNinch Herland Report in studio

Dr. Ron Paul Liberty Report: The Federal Reserve System will Fail

Dr. Ron Paul Hanne Herland Report Interview
We sat down with Dr. Ron Paul, founder of The Liberty Report to discuss the driving forces behind the massive US debt structure in the United States. Will the US survive the "cure debt with new debt" strategy? "The American system is failing. The people who are on the defensive now are the people who believe in the superpower state. …

Norges kronprinsesse Mette-Marit møtte jevnlig Jeffrey Epstein

Herland Report: Vil det norske slottet ha oss til å tro at de lot kronprinsesse Mette-Marit møte en offentlig kjent pedofilidømt (Jeffrey Epstein) uten å ha lest Wikipedia-artikkelen om ham? Riktignok er vi naive og troskyldige i Norge, men fullt så dumme er vi ikke, skriver Pål Steigan, først publisert på Steigan.no. (Feature photo: Kronprinsesse Mette-Marit (Shutterstock). Innfelt den pedofilidømte, …
Mette marit Norway crown princess Jeffrey Epstein People Herland Report

The Federal Reserve US oligarch owners: Out-sourcing the Monetary System since 1913

Federal Reserve Ill Herland Report
Herland Report: The Federal Reserve banks are privately owned corporations with commercial bank shareholders. Today’s ‘money’ is a guarantee to honor government debt where the currency in our pockets represents trust that the United States government will honor its debt. That debt is purchased by the Federal Reserve US oligarch owners and others (1) from the US Treasury or commercial …
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