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Newsletter Week 46, 2019

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Phil Giraldi Hanne Nabintu Herland Report


Endless wars, Deep State and the robbing democracy, Dr. Phil Giraldi.

Herland Report TV host, Hanne Herland speaks with Dr. Phil Giraldi about endless wars, neo-cons, Syria, Israel and what will become of Donald Trump. "The neo-con point of view is that the American Republic - I hate to use that phrase - should be playing a leadership role internationally, telling other countries what is good for them and what they should do. They packaged this whole thing by saying it is for democracy and free trade," says Dr. Giraldi, Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest. He is a former counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer in the US Central Intelligence Agency, a columnist and television commentator. SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/HanneNabintuHerland?sub_confirmation=1
"What it really was is dominance by the United States in terms of dictating to other countries what their internal and external policies should be. This is all tied in with globalism. It is important to understand that the neo-conservatives always believed that since the United States has the power to tell much of the world what to do, it should exercise that power."
"The second thing they have to do is keep the American taxpayer paying for the weapons, for soldiers and for the neo-con think tanks. They had to create a threat, and the threat has been Russia, at least for the last 20 years. Russia is a plausible threat. It is essentially a fake threat, because Russia has not threatened the United States or Western Europe as its economy much smaller than that of Europe and the US. I believe it is the size of Italy. Its armed forces are much smaller. This whole thing is a is a phony threat."%MCEPASTEBIN%
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BREAKING: Herland Report upcoming exclusive interview with US Senator Richard Black

The Herland Report proudly presents upcoming exclusive interview with US Senator Richard Black. The Vietnam veteran, former US Army prosecutor and director at the Pentagon. Colonel Richard Black, kindly allowed us to speak with him for several hours. The outcome of these conversations will soon be published at The Herland Report news site and TV channel on YouTube. Early in …
Senator Richard Black Hanne Herland Report Interview

Feminism and Criminal Immigrant Destroyed Europe #Sweden - Paul Craig Roberts

Hanne Herland Report Hannah Arendt
Herland Report: In Sweden the rape of white Swedish women by black immigrant-invaders never stops. In the latest outrage four Eritreans forced a 13 year old Swedish girl into a bathroom and took turns raping her while filming the gang rape. According to the news report, the vaginal rape was “preceded by violence consisting of at least two of the …

Haag ICC overturns legal case of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi to state of Libya?

Herland Report: It looks like the Haag ICC court finally allows Libya to sort out its own issues with Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, overturning the legal responsibility to Libya. The ICC has been holding hearings considering appeals for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi's defense, and ruled "The Appeals Chamber directs the Registry to transmit to the representatives of the State …
Saif al Islam Gaddafi Liberation

KRIGENS ARVINGER av Nanna Segelcke: "Angitt av nordmenn, tok krigen alt fra min fars tante"

Krigens Arvinger Nanna Segelcke Herland Report fron
Herland Report: Nanna Segelckes siste bok, Krigens Arvinger. Motstandsheltenes etterkommere forteller seiler opp som årets fulltreffer som julegave. Eksklusivt for Herland Report presenterer vi nedenfor et utdrag av Nanna Segelckes forord som også beskriver hennes egen erfaring som en krigens arving. Historiker Lars Borgersrud skriver: "Andre verdenskrig var den verste menneskeskapte katastrofen verden uten sammenlikning har opplevd. Skapt av makthaverne …

Aggressive secularism persecutes Christians in Europe, Sergej Lavrov

It is remarkable to see how Russian Foreign Minister, Sergej Lavrov is vocal in the support for Christianity and the respect of religions, while European political leaders  steadily make the point of omitting references to Europe's religious heritage and traditional values, precisely the foundation that once made the West a great civilization. The world is truly changing when one has …
Brenda Caldwell Hope Herland Report

NEW BOOK: "Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. The dream of Libya's future" outlines Peace for Libya

Saif al Islam Gaddafi Liberation
Herland Report: The NATO assault on Libya 2011 has become one of the most shameful moments in recent Western history. The nation collapsed, Al Qaida affiliated groups were helped to power, causing a raging civil war that lasts to this day. The Western mainstream media is quite obciously not allowed to talk about it, Western politicians avoid it, the EU …

Only Donald Trump Can Save America and Only with Our Support, Paul Craig Roberts

Herland Report: Now that the “quid pro quo gate” hoax has collapsed, like the Russiagate hoax, the presstitutes are inventing a new quid pro quo hoax. It wasn’t money that Trump dangled before the Ukrainian president in exchange for an investigation of Ukraine’s contribution to the Russiagate hoax. It was a presidential visit to Ukraine. I listened to the latest …
USA nationalism flag America Donald Trump

Disdain for Revolutions: Edmund Burke and Gradual Change - Hanne Nabintu at WND

Edmund Burke Herland Report WIKI
Herland Report: In today’s progressive, mainstream narrative, history is steadily twisted to fit the Liberal agenda, that is to move Western values further away from its historical roots. We shall take a closer look at the French Revolution, which at the time created anarchy and civil war in France. Was the French Revolution really about "the people"? Did it really …

The Liberal Tyranny of Feelings, Psychology and Victimhood, Hanne Nabintu Herland

Herland Report: In the increasingly hedonist West, individuals are encouraged to act according to their feelings. If it "feels good," do it as the pursuit of pleasure is the main goal of life. Whoever put up a boundary, especially within the field of ethics, is instantly labelled a moralist, illiberal, intolerant, old fashioned and so on. He is perceived to …
Hanne Herland Report

PODCAST: Norway Resurging National Identity, Resett Helge Lurås

Helge Lurås Hanne Nabintu HErland Report
Herland Report Podcast host, Hanne Herland speaks with Helge Lurås, chief editor of the Norway news agency Resett about the media, immigration, national sovereignty, Russia and the faltering EU. "Our media is a reflection of the established paradigm which is not so credible anymore," says Lurås. He speaks about the European revolt against borderless societies, the illiberal politically-correct mainstream media …

US Kurdish alliance is now Assad Kurdish Alliance - Western Media silent...

Herland Report: The silence in the Western media as the Kurds ally with Assad is remarkable. It is described as "natural", hardly anyone commenting on its implications. Wasn't it so that Assad is "the devil"? Did we not hear nothing but that for years? The Western narrative has changed dramatically after Russia won the war in Syria. Syria has, for …
Southfront Syria Military Map Nov 9th 2019

Facebook algorithm shuts out those who criticize Feminism?

Facebook algorithm bbc
Is Facebook bent on destroying Facebook? Suddenly, Facebook, where I have 5000 “friends,” would not allow me to pay them (i.e. to “boost” some articles of mine) because this work no longer met “community standards.” What? Who instituted the Orwellian algorithms that refused to allow me to “boost” an op-ed that I wrote and which RealClearPolitics titled: “How Multiculturalism Hijacked …

Artikkelserie: Samfunnsforskning er ikke verdinøytral og sterkt preget av politisk korrekthet

Herland Report:  Mange tror at moderne vitenskap er verdinøytral, men samfunnsforskning er verken objektiv eller nøytral. Den er politisk og svært ofte ideologisk fundert i et bestemt samfunnssyn. Det meste av det vi kaller objektivt, er sjelden det. Samfunnsforskningen har en tendens til å være full av antagelser som er farget av rådende paradigmer og «populær tenkning». Ikke minst så …
Hanne Herland PR guru USA Report

UK Remembrance Sunday 2019 of the Millions Dead fighting in the World Wars

Queen Elisabeth Remembrance day 2019 BBC
Herland Report:  Politicians, Royal Family members and veterans are commemorating those who lost their lives in conflict as the UK marks Remembrance Sunday. At 11:00 GMT, a two-minute silence was held across the UK on Remembrance Sunday 2019, writes the BBC. Remembrance Sunday is held in the United Kingdom as a day "to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth …

Helsefrihetsaksjonen, hvilke gifter er i maten? Kjetil Dreyer

Herland Report:  Følg våre TV programmer med fokus på Livsstil og Tro der vi tar opp tema knyttet til sex, samliv, helse, sunn mat og hvordan ha et godt selvbilde og være et menneske som bryr seg om andre. Det er mye egoisme og materialisme, ofte glemmes de indre verdiene og solidaritet. Dette vil tas opp her, og vår gallionsfigur …
Kjetil Dreyer Helsefrihetsaksjonen Herland Report

The Liberals want a Race War: People should #WalkAway

angry woman scream huffington post
For many decades, liberal Democrats have pretended to care about so-called “people of color” and “minorities.” They’ve successfully waged a PR campaign to fool non-whites, non-Christians, women and so-called “LGBTQ” people, tricking these people into giving them power. They’ve done this by offering free stuff, saying the government would take care of them. They’ve done it by making these people …

"Det nye Babylon": Herland siterer alt som norsk akademia ikke vil ta opp

Kjøp en meningsfylt julegave, boken Det Nye Babylon, som forklarer hva som gikk galt med vår kultur, hvorfor vi har et så ensidig fokus på materialisme, og veien til et mer balansert samfunn med vekt på indre verdier. Nå har vi en bok å lese som tar opp de ideologiske problemene med presis analyse, «Det nye Babylon. Hvordan Vesten mistet …
Årets julegave Det Nye Babylon, Hanne Herland

Hvorfor det er viktig å snakke sant #Vitenskap #Israel, Michal Rachel Suissa

Putin Netanyahu moscow military parade 2018 israel Russia good relations Cyptrus Mail
Herland Report:  Ny kunnskap har alltid vært skapt av noen få enkeltindivider som har fremsatt hypoteser og teorier som strider imot hva flertallet av forskere mener. Overskriften er lånt fra et foredrag som i høst ble holdt av vitenskapsteoretikeren Stephen Meyer.  Hans anliggende er problemene innenfor biologisk vitenskap med å få anerkjent alle konsekvensene av de senere tiders oppdagelser innenfor …

The Quest for Gold and Oil: Syria Lost.. Lebanon’s Gold is Next, Steve Brown

Herland Report: The largest reserve gold traders on the planet are the six bullion banks. A bullion bank is a large multi-national bank authorized to serve as a conduit through which Central Banks - and the Fed primary dealers - loan their gold out into the market. All central banks lease gold, to maintain their balance sheet and to provide sovereign …
Gold bar Reuters Herland Report

Federal Reserve May Not Save Stock Market in Next Recession

Washongton DC Herland Report
Herland Report: If you're a long-term investor, the past 10 years have been a thing of beauty. After bottoming out during the great recession, the broad-based S&P 500 (SNPINDEX: ^GSPC), iconic Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJINDICES: ^DJI), and tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite (NASDAQINDEX: ^IXIC) have effectively quadrupled to quintupled in value. But for many investors, the harshest recession since the Great …
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