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World Holocaust Forum: Holocaust was Jewish and Universal Tragedy - Prince Of Wales

Herland Report: The president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, US vice president Mike Pence joined the historic ceremony in Jerusalem, the largest ever, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz extermination camp and combating anti-Semitism.  (World Holocaust Forum 2020. HRH The Prince of Wales addressing the audience. Feature photo: Herland Report.) More than 1.1 million …

Norway Government collapse over ISIS brides, but Al Qaida ISIS has long been our ally

Siv_Jensen_ Rights.no
Herland Report: Norway's governing coalition collapsed on Monday over ISIS repatriation as the Progress Party Norway, FRP left the coalition government. They cited "the last drop" was the Government's decision to take back the ISIS brides-wives to their countries of origin in the West, since the Al Qaida-ISIS attempt to take power in Syria did not work. Norway's Progress Party (FRP) …

The Democrat Impeachment Circus Debunked - Paul Craig Roberts

Herland Report: Prior to the impeachment of Trump, not by Congress as presstitutes report but by self-interested House Democrats, during the entirety of US history there have been only two attempts to impeach a president—Andrew Johnson in 1868 and 130 years later Bill Clinton in 1998.  The three presidents who have been impeached are much less guilty of impeachable …
Adam-Schiff-and-House-Impeachment etty

ISIS brides: Al Qaida - ISIS affiliated mercinaries were all along our allies #Norway #Syria

ISIS brides UK Express
Herland Report: In Norway, FRP left the coalition government on Monday, Jan. 20th, citing "the last drop" was the Conservative Government's decision to take back from Syria the ISIS brides-wives. We hereby congratulate FRP on the decision. But questions remain: Why do we still continue to pretend that Al Qaida and ISIS were not our allies? Official DIA reports …

Alliance of the Libyan National Gatherings: Turkey must out of Libya

Herland Report: The Turkish government must halt delivery of weapons to militias, withdraw Syrian mercenaries that it transported to Libya.  – The Alliance of the Libyan National Gatherings, which includes a number of civil society organizations, national parties, human rights associations, writers, researchers, diplomats and academicians, has closely followed up the efforts recently exerted in Moscow to end the …
Erdogan AP Libya

Russia’s Big Gamble in Libya, all about who controls resources: An analysis

Haftar LNA Lavrov Moscow Russia Libya
Herland Report: First, the background. When the United States abandoned the Iran agreement, that left Turkey’s oil imports adrift due to newly imposed US Treasury sanctions on Iranian oil exports. By December 2018, Turkey was forced to look elsewhere for its oil imports with Libya being the most logical choice by price and proximity, despite the violence there. Misrata …

Remarkable Democrat Show: Impeachment of a President for wanting to stop Corruption

Herland Report: The ongoing political civil war in the United States, and attempted coup against the duly elected president, Donald Trump steadily puts the corruption within the Democratic Party forefront.   American corruption on State level is now so obvious that leading intellectuals internationally speak of attempted coup d'etat in America. Herland Report have had numerous articles, interviews and …
Donald Trump Reuters

Gratulerer til FRP Siv Jensen: Al Qaida - ISIS har lenge vært vestlig alliert, la oss avslutte samarbeidet

Siv Jensen CNN Getty
Herland Report: Hvorfor er det fortsatt så vanskelig for oss å erkjenne at Al Qaida affilierte grupper er våre samarbeidspartnere i Midtøsten? Det ble jo dokumentert av amerikanske DIA rapporter og Wikileaks for mange år siden nå. FRP er villig til å forlate regjeringen over de såkalte ISIS kvinnenes retur til Norge. Det er jo fantastisk! La oss avslutte …

Watching America Collapse: Culture of hatred - Paul Craig Roberts

Herland Report: In the 1950s and 1960s the United States was a vibrant society. Upward mobility was strong, and the middle class expanded. Now, we are Watching America Collapse. During the 1970s the internal contradiction in Keynesian demand management resulted in stagflation. Reagan’s supply-side economic policy cured that. With a sound economy under him, Reagan was able to pressure …
Watching America Collapse USA poverty Huffington Post.

Islamic Persecution of Christians seldom criticized in the West #Soleimani Iran

Herland Report:  Why does the Liberal West so often refuse to criticize Islamic persecution of Christians in the Middle East?  The past years, we have seen a near genocidal situation for minorities, millions of Christians leaving the Middle East. Why do Liberal Westerners almost automatically avoid criticizing the radical Islam intolerance of Jews, Christians, Bahai's and other minorities? At the …

What Globalism Did Was Transfer US Economy To China - Paul Craig Roberts

Herland Report: The main problem with the US economy is that globalism has been deconstructing it. The offshoring of US jobs has reduced US manufacturing and industrial capability and associated innovation, research, development, supply chains, consumer purchasing power, and tax base of state and local governments. Corporations have increased short-term profits at the expense of these long-term costs. In …
Globalism kills nation states big corportions take over Herland Report

Privatization Is Resurrecting Feudalism #Prisons - Paul Craig Roberts

US-Prison-System-Industry-the Economist Herland Report
Herland Report: America is a country of scandals. The latest scandal is the Jewish multi-billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s use of prison labor call centers to spread the message of his presidential campaign. What we are experiencing is the return of feudalism. Here’s how the private prison scheme works: The state captures people and incarcerates them in private prisons. It seems …

Reformer i Russland, en analyse av Putins endringer - Bjørn Nistad

Herland Report: Den 15. januar holdt Vladimir Putin sin årlige tale til nasjonen. I talen snakket presidenten ikke bare om hvilke utfordringer Russland står overfor og hvordan disse utfordringene bør løses, men annonserte også politiske reformer i form av styrking av Dumaens makt. Hva betyr dette? Hvordan bør vi forholde oss til Putins bebudede reformer? Størstedelen av Putins tale …
Vladimir Putin Megyn Kelly interview

Europeans allow gross violation of own population #Sweden - Paul C. Roberts

Here is a video of one of the migrant gangs that have been welcomed into Europe sticking a pistol’s barrel into the mouth of a male Swedish teenager and ordering him to dance.  Europeans allow gross violation of own population. Try to imagine what would happen to a Swede who stuck a gun’s barrel into the mouth of a privileged …

Sunday with Denzel Washington philosophy of life: "Have Faith in God, never give up"

Herland Report: We are celebrating Sunday as the traditional day in Western culture when time is to be spent reflecting on human fellowship, love and the meaning of life. Here with Denzel Washington philosophy of life and vivid message about the top lessons learned from his faith in God. How can we fulfill our dreams, be an inspiration to others, …

Paul Craig Roberts: "Herland Report is Important perspective, impressive truth-telling, outstanding work."

Paul Craig Roberts Hanne Herland Report
Herland Report: It is our pleasure to notice that leading voices in the United States, such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, endorses our work in English about the European perspective on world news. Dr. Roberts writes: "The Herland Report is courageous truth-telling and very impressive. Outstanding work. A very important source of information.” Our articles and TV programs are all …

The Artificial Intelligence Machines Train us for Obedience - Paul Craig Roberts

Herland Report: "One day the system failed, no one knew how to fix the system. It was Mad comics version of Armageddon. I think that is where the digital revolution is taking us." Many decades ago there was an issue of Mad comics that portrayed a future time when everything was done by robots and humans had no function. What exactly …
Paul Craig Roberts Herland Report

Nerdrum Kitsch designer Eline Dragesund shapes men into cathedrals

Eline Dragesund Spaping men into Cathedrals Cave of Apelles Herland Report
Herland Report features Cave of Apelles by Nerdrum School of Painting:  This month, The Cave of Apelles has invited the Kitsch designer Eline Dragesund, who is currently working on her new Kitsch Collection. She is no friend of consumerism and disregards fashion. Kitsch designer Eline Dragesund goal is to elevate man. Dragesund says that her Kitsch Collection is meant …

Cave of Apelles: Ayn Rand’s Aesthetics Serves as Antidote to Kant, we need personal responsability

The Herland Report features monthly TV programs from the Cave of Apelles, examining the current situation for figurative painting with a comprehensive outlook on The Odd Nerdrum Classical School of Painting. Vegard Martinsen is the guest in this month’s Cave of Apelles. Martinsen is an author and lecturer belonging to the Objectivist field of thought. He has written several books …
Cave of Apelles: Ayn Rand’s Aesthetics Serves as Antidote to Kant, we need personal responsability

West silent about Islamic Persecution of Palestinian Christians #Iran

Hassan-Rouhani-offers-condolences-to-Soleimani-family iran
Herland Report: The past years, we have seen a near genocide of Christians in the Middle East. No Hollywood stars or Liberal Democrats have reacted much then. None seem to react to the Islamic Persecution of Palestinian Christians either. Palestinian Christians are suffering from the same patterns of persecution—including church attacks, kidnappings, forced conversion—that their coreligionists suffer in other …
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