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United States Senator Richard Black.


2020 Joaquin Flores 4 EUROPE RIGHT to SELF Determ

Watch Fort Russ News' editor-in-chief, Joaquin Flores TV interview about why Europeans have the right to self-determination, but are denied this by the EU Liberals.

Herland Report TV: ""What is unique about Europe is that Europeans are indigenous to Europe. We often put the United States in the same category as Western Europe. But Europeans are the indigenous people of Europe," says Flores. "So, when we look at the lessons learned from World War II, the Geneva Convention and the main principles of the UN, the right determination of peoples is central. But not for the Europeans."

"If we apply the idea that the people of China have the right to determine historical outcome of China, insofar as it doesn't impinge upon the rights of Indians or Afghanis, that this considered a good thing. But then when Europeans want to exercise their self-determinative rights, suddenly the UN Convention and the Geneva Convention doesn't apply to them."

"Suddenly it is a hate crime for Europeans to claim their right for self-determination as the indigenous of Europe. Suddenly you are a right-wing populist, maybe even an ultra-nationalist simply for saying that in France, people should be French. That's not a racial category. This is a cultural category."

Watch the Herland Report TV interview on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vyTfSU94sQ&list=PLlrCpcbN8MxjcppbagnHfPKx8RwgEHbX4&index=4&t=106s%MCEPASTEBIN%

The Culture War How the West lost its Greatness, by bestselling author Hanne Nabintu

Herland Report: These are excerpts from bestselling author, Hanne Nabintu Herland's book, The Culture War. How the West lost its greatness, for sale in 60 nations world-wide:  Just as capitalism won the battle as the ruling economic model, the extreme liberals won the social revolution in the West. In recent decades, Western culture has undergone dramatic changes. Radical new …
Hanne Nabintu Herland The Culture War. How the West lost its greatness.

The Culture War: Atheists are small minority in ocean of believers - Hanne Nabintu

Atheists are small minority in ocean of Believers in God: Hanne Nabintu herland The Culture War
Herland Report: Atheists are small minority in ocean of Believers in God, says bestselling author Hanne Nabintu Herland.  In this interview, the author speaks about her book, "The Culture War. How the West lost its greatness", as she expands the need for a broader understanding that the human is a spiritual being.  Watch the clip here. She says: "It …

NORWAC humanitær hjelp blir politisk middel, Trond Ali Linstad

Herland Report: NORWAC humanitær hjelp blir politisk part i krig: Det har lenge vært en trend at hjelpeorganisasjoner brukes politisk i den geostrategiske kampen om ressursene i Midtøsten. Utviklingen er mildt sagt uheldig, da politiseringen fratar de humanitære organisasjonene legitimitet. Dersom det å hjelpe de nødlidende på begge sider av en konflikt for å hjelpe sivile på tvers av …
NORWAC humanitær hjelp blir politisk part i krig: Idlib-crisis-Turkey-Syria-PBS

Hva er ytringsfrihet? Retten til frekkhet og ondskap? #Toleranse

Hanne Herland Report 2019
Herland Report: Hva er ytringsfrihet? Og hva betyr egentlig toleranse? Den opprinnelige betydningen av ordet «toleranse» innebærer respekt for den andres rett til å være uenig med deg, samtidig som du selv holder fast ved din egen oppfatning. I dag praktiserer vi et totalitært "toleranse begrep" som innebærer at kun de kulturradikale og liberale respekteres. Ifølge det historiske toleransebegrepet …

TV interview: Self-Determination in Europe denied - Joaquin Flores

Self-Determination in Europe denied: Herland Report TV host, Hanne Nabintu Herland speaks to Fort Russ News, Joaquin Flores about discrimination of Europeans as the indigenous people in Europe. The TV program also addresses the wave of illegal immigration into Europe, racism and the EU leadership's demonization of patriotism. Watch it here. Why are we fighting for the right to …
Herland Report Joaquin Flores

Slavery: New York Times Attack on White Americans - Paul Craig Roberts

New York Times Attack on White Americans: Paul Craig Roberts
Herland Report: New York Times Attack on White Americans: Dean Baquet, the executive editor of the presstitute New York Times, announced on August 12, 2019, the “1619 Project” which reinvents American history and reduces it to racism and slavery.  The 1619 Project portrays white people as the source of all evil in America.  The project is distinctly anti-white. As I …

The Muslim Transatlantic Slave Trade - Raymond Ibrahim

Herland Report: The Muslim Transatlantic Slave Trade: In Africa, the slave trade was driven by indigenous Africans and Arabs centuries before the European got involved. The African tribes were, as still today, divided in tribal structures. At the time, they were sharply divided and fought each other, the victor taking slaves from the other tribe. These slaves were then …
The Muslim Transatlantic Slave Trade: Raymond Ibrahim Herland Report

PODCAST: Gene Sharp Created Revolutions, Joaquin Flores #FortRussNews

Joaquin FLores PODCAST
Herland Report Podcast host, Hanne Herland speaks to Fort Russ News' editor-in-chief, Joaquin Flores about how revolutions are planned, community organized and implemented. "Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Ukraine were all planned revolutions", says political scientist, graduate from California State University, accomplished journalist, Joaquin Flores.  "With the Color Revolutions, all roads lead back to Belgrade. Many of the current events were …

Exclusive interview: Lillian Müller on Playboy and faith in God

Herland Report: Lillian Müller on Playboy and faith in God: Lillian Müller is world known as a health guru, bestselling author, actress, the late Hugh Hefner's girlfriend. She is Playboy's most published Playmate of The Year Covergirl, with over 40 front covers world wide. This is clearly one of the most beautiful women in the world. We had the …
Lillian Müller on Playboy and faith in God

Jordan Peterson and Feminism creates Conflict - Nabintu, WND

Feminism creates Conflict Huffington
Herland Report: Feminism creates Conflict: Psychologist Jordan Peterson has millions of young, male followers now. They all read his bestseller “12 rules for life” and flock to the YouTube channel like disciples to a prophet.  They claim that his unconventional rebel style against today’s crippling political correctness helps them find order in the modern chaos of relativism, writes historian …

Faith is Scientifically Proven positive effect on Mental Health, WND

Hanne Nabintu Herland: Faith is Scientifically Proven positive effect on Mental Health: We live in a mainstream culture that almost completely denies the spiritual realm and its influence on human beings. You hardly hear anything positive about religious beliefs or traditional values, for that matter. CNN and the mainstream outlets chronically only address issues that fit the atheist narrative. …
Faith is Scientifically Proven positive effect on Mental Health The Herland Report shows

Coup against Trump Fails —Trump Vindicated, Judicial Watch

Coup against Trump Fails Reuters
Herland Report: Coup against Trump Fails —Trump Vindicated: Congratulations to President Trump on the overwhelming vote by the U.S. Senate to acquit him and reject the baseless impeachment charges against him. Thankfully, the U.S. Senate rejected this act of tyranny by the Pelosi-Schiff coup cabal that controls the House of Representatives. That was “Vindication Day” for the President, the …

Russia Gate Hoax was Attempted Coup from DOJ/FBI, Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch

The Herland Report TV programs with leaders from Judicial Watch, here director of Investigations, Chris J. Farrell sheds light on the Deep State driving forces behind the ongoing Democratic Party's chaotic impeachment of Donald Trump. In discussing American corruption on State level, the Russia Gate hoax was but one attempt to remove the President from office in the steady …
Christopher J. Farrell, Judicial Watch om Herland Report

Nancy Pelosi is the rudest, pettiest, lowest female in America - Trump Union Address

Nancy Pelosi is the rudest female in America nancy pelosi shutterstock
Herland Report: Nancy Pelosi is the rudest female in America: The utterly disgraceful display of lack of manners from Nancy Pelosi as president Donald Trump held his State of the Union Address on Tuesday, makes me ashamed to be a woman. I urge all women not to follow the example of the pettiest, rudest, lowest female in public America, …

End of American Decline, Massive Economic Progress, Trump State of the Union Speech

Herland Report: End of American Decline, Massive Economic Progress: “Three years ago, we launched the great American comeback. Tonight, I stand before you to share the incredible results." "Jobs are booming, incomes are soaring, poverty is plummeting, crime is falling, confidence is surging, and our country is thriving and highly respected again. America’s fortunes are on the rise and …
Business-SOTU-End of American Decline, Massive Economic Progress

Medieledere sitter fast i 1968, evner ikke analysere nåtiden #Trump #Brexit #EU

Nancy Pelosi is the rudest female in America DailyNewsMax-donald-Trump-state-of-the-union-pelosi
Herland Report: Medieledere sitter fast i 1968, evner ikke analysere nåtiden: Donald Trump's State of the Union tale vektla den massive økonomiske veksten i USA. USA har  laveste arbeidsledighet på 50 år, høyeste levestandardøkning på mange år, hundretusenvis ut av fattigdom, laveste arbeidsledighet for svarte på tiår, handelsavtale med Kina.   Massiv økonomisk vekst under Trump. Mediene derimot, som scorer …

Massive US Economic boost under Trump, media silent #Blacks

Herland Report:  Massive US Economic boost under Trump: The mainstream media are remarkably quiet about it, refusing to address president Donald Trump's record breaking economy, ahead of the State of the Union Address.  All we have heard about from CNN the past years, has either been "Russia Gate" or more recently "Impeachment". Apparently it does not matter to the …
Coup against Trump Fails Reuters

The Search for Sex and Happiness - Michel Houellebecq

Hanne Nabintu Herland: The Search for Sex and Happiness: Sexuality is one of life's greatest gifts. Sex satisfies existential needs for personal affirmation, crowned by liberating orgasms.  Who can manage without it? How pale is not everyday life without the play between the sexes and its eroticism? The topic of a sexualized hedonist, yet sexually deprived West characterized by …

Sexual desire, spontaneity and responsive sex - Maureen McGrath

Herland Report on responsive sex: When we think about sexual desire, we think about being ready to hop in the sack at a moment's notice. This is what we see in the movies. We associate sex and sexual desire with spontaneity. Spontaneous desire occurs in men about 75% of the time and in women only about 15% of the …
Sexual desire, spontaneity and responsive sex - Maureen McGrath

Greta Thunberg is decoy, Fossil Free groups funded by Big Oil billionaires manipulate

Greta Thunberg is decoy Newsweek Getty Herland Report
Herland Report: Greta Thunberg is decoy. The public child abuse in using Greta Thunberg to push the Fossil Free campaign to end investments in oil and gas world-wide, has far wealthier sponsors than local Swedish businessmen such as Ingmar Renzhog and Bo Thorén. The billion dollar climate-change industry is hyped up for a reason. George Soros investments in oil …
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