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United States Senator Richard Black.


Linda Ulstein6ORTHON

Libya today: Militia rule, warlord atrocities, massive civilian suffering. This is what we created.

The Libyan War catastrophe 2011 onward simply does not go away, as justice is not served and no Western leader punished. Yet, the NATO 2011 war displayed to the Western public the media deception and propaganda warfare for the first time. During the Jugoslavia, Afghan and Iraq war, the public in the West still believed the Hillary Clinton narrative. Libya changed that.

The lies presented as facts in order to manufacture consent were embarrassingly displayed everywhere, also in the UK House of Commons Report 2016. Gaddafi never attacked "his own people" and exile Libyans with ties to Al Qaida, who later came to power and since has controlled the lavish Libyan oil reserves, lied and lied to propel the NATO entry.

Listen to the tragedy as described by the President of the Norwegian Organization for Human Rights in Libya, Linda Ulstein Ait Arezki. The responsible politicians in Norway during the 2011 NATO war, was Jonas Gahr Støre who later was promoted to become leader of the Arbeiderparti Labour Party in Norway and still is to this day. Jens Stoltenberg was prime minister at the time, who later was promoted to become the Secretary General in NATO and still is to this day. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3PupaM6TsY&list=PLlrCpcbN8MxjcppbagnHfPKx8RwgEHbX4&index=114

Billionaires' child soldier Greta Thunberg versus climate-realist Naomi Seibt

Herland Report: Finally comes climate-realist Naomi Seibt: OK, we get it. Billionaires use rich, white child soldiers like Greta Thunberg to push for divestment in world energy, to profit by the billions once the energy shortage sets in. This is Wall Street 2020. Since kids now do the talking, Naomi Seibt brings other arguments that are drowned in the …
Finally comes climate-realist Naomi Seibt: Greta Thunberg George Soros Herland Report

NEW TV interview: Heartbreaking humanitarian tragedy Libya, Linda Ulstein

Heartbreaking humanitarian tragedy in Libya. Herland Report Linda Ulstein
Herland Report TV, Hanne Nabintu Herland speaks to Linda Ulstein ait Arezki, about the heartbreaking humanitarian tragedy in Libya post 2011 NATO. We address Saadi Gaddafi, Safia Farkash, Aisha Gaddafi, Hannibal Gaddafi and the heartbreaking fate of the family of the late Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi. Watch here. Mme. Ulstein: "Thank you for giving me the chance to raise …

International demand: Release Abdullah al-Senussi, Tripoli Libya

Herland Report: International demand: Release Abdullah al-Senussi: This analysis documents falsified accusations against Abdullah al-Senussi presented in the media in 2011, and calls for his release from prison in Tripoli, Libya. He is over 70 years old, has health issues and his release will demonstrate good will for national reconciliation as Libya seeks to unify the nation. Abdullah al-Senussi …
International demand: Tripoli to release Abdullah al-Senussi: Herland Report AP

Lab Made Bioweapon Coronavirus on Verge of Worldwide Breakout? Paul C. Roberts

Lab Made Bioweapon Coronavirus on Verge of Worldwide Breakout? Paul C. Roberts
Herland Report: Lab Made Bioweapon Coronavirus on Verge of Worldwide Breakout? It is difficult to get reliable information about coronavirus. The information difficulty is further complicated by interest groups using the outbreak for their own agendas.  In interviews, expert on bio warfare, Francis Boyle says he has read four scientific studies that confirm beyond doubt that the coronavirus is …

Intervju: Redaktør Tommy Hansen om journalismens død, dollaren, Federal Reserve

Herland Report: Intervju: Redaktør Tommy Hansen: Etter at jeg startet prosjektet free21.org, har jeg nærmere 200 av Vestens viktige journalisters arbeid på vår forfatterliste i dag. Så det er mange, mange journalister som fortsatt gjør en glitrende jobb, du finner dem bare ikke lenger i de store mediene.  Der bedrives dagligt fremragende journalistik i alle de store klassiske medier, …
Intervju: Redaktør Tommy Hansen: Hanne Nabintu Herland Report

TV intervju Ola Tunander om Libya og venstresidens død

TV intervju Ola Tunander om Libya Ola Tunander
TV intervju Ola Tunander om Libya: Herland Report TV programleder, Hanne Nabintu Herland samtaler med tidligere PRIO forsker, Ola Tunander om Libya krigen, Jonas Gahr Støre, norske overgrep og mangel på vilje til å ta ansvar i ettertid. Vi samtaler også om venstresidens død, hvordan venstrepartier ble krigspartier som glemte sosialdemokratiets kjerne. "Jeg har stemt sosialdemokratisk i 40 år, …

1960s: How the neo-Marxist New Left destabilized the West, Hanne Herland

Herland Report: How the neo-Marxist New Left destabilized the West: The West changed completely in the 1960s. The neo-Marxist student revolution implemented a full front attack on all traditional values and slowly broke down the very fabric of Western unity and stability. This may not have been the intent of the naive youngsters who were thrilled at the prospect of …
How the neo-Marxist New Left destabilized the West: Hanne Nabintu Herland

Epidemic of Hedonist Loneliness in Godless West, Hanne Nabintu WND

This is why I dislike Liberals:: Herland Report
Herland Report: Epidemic of Hedonist Loneliness: The topic of the hedonist, yet sexually deprived West characterized by loneliness and depression run as themes in Michel Houellebecq’s books, France's greatest living author. He shocked Europe with books such The Elementary Particles, Whatever, Platform and The Map and the Territory, that can only be described as incendiary. It is literature that …

Schiff Groundwork for Trump’s Second Term More False Charges - Paul C. Roberts

Herland Report: Trump’s Second Term More False Charges coming: There is no evidence that Russia is interfering in the 2020 US presidential election in order to reelect Trump. Nor is there any reason for Russia to prefer Trump, who has done nothing for Russia.  Indeed, Trump has imposed sanctions and endangered Russia by withdrawing from arms control agreements. The …
Trump’s Second Term More False Charges coming: Getty Herland Report

Suicide and Atheist Emptiness: No inner Peace #CarolineFlack #AriBehn

Suicide and Atheist Emptiness. No inner Peace: Caroline Flack Love Island suicide AP
Herland Report: Suicide and Atheist Emptiness. No inner Peace: The recent suicide of UK Love Island star and ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry, Caroline Flack is but one of several famous suicides the past years. Former spouse of Norway's princess Martha Louise, Ari Behn, killed himself on Christmas Day, 2019. Have we lost the cultural and religious knowledge of how …

Atheist Extremism and Intolerance in Europe - Mohammad Usman Rana

Herland Report host, Hanne Nabintu Herland speaks to Dr. Mohammad Usman Rana about atheist extremism and intolerance in Europe of Christians, Muslims and Jews in the mainstream culture. He also adresses the growth if Islam in Europe, the need to defend Christianity and respect for religious freedom. Watch it here. Dr. Mohammad Usman Rana is a Norwegian columnist, author, medical …
Atheist Extremism and Intolerance in Europe. Mohammad Usman Rana

Nerdrum School Nic Thurman on Memorosa Group, Edvard Munch’s Decline and Kitsch

Nic Thurman on Memorosa Group: Nerdrum School Herland Report
Herland Report: Nic Thurman on Memorosa Group: In this month’s episode of The Cave of Apelles, host Jan-Ove Tuv has invited kitsch painter and member of the Memorosa Group, Nic Thurman, to the show. The Herland Report features monthly TV programs from the Cave of Apelles, examining the current situation for figurative painting with a comprehensive outlook on The …

More whites brought as slaves to North Africa than blacks to US

Herland Report: Black History Month - More whites brought as slaves to North Africa than blacks to US: Apart from the bizarre notion that educators should set aside one month to salute the historical achievements of one race apart from and above the historical achievements of other races - Black History Month appears to omit a lot of black …
More whites brought as slaves to North Africa than blacks to US Larry Elder

Suicide rates have rocketed: Western Emptiness? Ben Shapiro

Selfishness and nihilism permeate Western Churches: Herland Report
Herland Report:  Suicide rates have rocketed: As of 2014, American suicide rates had skyrocketed to their highest rate in three decades, all the way to 13 people per 100,000, even as death rates from other causes declined markedly. Suicide was particularly common among middle-aged white people, writes Ben Shapiro at DailyWire. The overall suicide rate climbed 24 percent from …

Global Catastrophe Christian Persecution: 260 Million

Herland Report: Raymond Ibrahim, Global Catastrophe Christian Persecution: The global persecution of Christians has reached unprecedented levels: “260 million Christians experience high levels of persecution” around the world, notes the recently published World Watch List 2020, an annual report that ranks the top 50 countries where Christians are most persecuted for their faith. The overwhelming majority is from Muslim nations governed …
Global Catastrophe Christian Persecution: Raymond Ibrahim

Will Censorship Prevail Over The First Amendment? Paul C. Roberts

Will Censorship Prevail? Herland Report
Herland Report: Will Censorship Prevail? Today censorship is ubiquitous.  It is everywhere.  In the United States censorship is both imposed from above and flows from the bottom up. I remember when censorship in America was a limited phenomenon.  It applied during war time—“loose lips sink ships.” It applied to pornography.  It applied to curse words on the public airwaves and …

Paul C. Roberts: The Culture War: Fascinating explanation of the organized destruction of Western civilization

Herland Report:The Culture War: Fascinating explanation of the organized destruction of Western civilization: Just as capitalism won the battle as the ruling economic model, the extreme liberals won the social revolution in the West. Radical new elites have broken down historical values in order to create a new world order with new sets of ethics. They have pushed for …
The Culture War. How the West lost its Greatness. Paul Craig Roberts

The scientific cure for Depression: Prayer - WND

Hanne Nabintu Herland report
Herland Report: The scientific cure for Depression: Prayer. We live in a mainstream culture that almost completely denies the spiritual realm and its influence on human beings. You hardly hear anything positive about religious beliefs or traditional values, for that matter. Yet, the New Left total revolt against traditional values, implemented into our university structures, the publishing business and …

US and NATO in Iraq is All About the Oil - Steve Brown

Herland Report: US and NATO in Iraq is All About the Oil: Many do the mistake of believing without thinking what they read in the leading newspapers. For example, that NATO is now engaged in Iraq to "protect civilians". US-State motives are always financial even when shrouded in ideological nonsense. The safest bet when analyzing which news are cover-ups …
US and NATO in Iraq is All About the Oil:

The Assault on Masculinity and Men - Jordan Peterson

The Assault on Masculinity and Men Spectator
Herland Report: The Assault on Masculinity and Men: The American Psychological Association (APA) recently released its Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men. It manages to be simultaneously predictable, reprehensible, infuriating and disheartening — no mean feat for a single document. Make no mistake about it: this document constitutes an all-out assault on masculinity — or, to …
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