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"The Herland Report in Scandinavia is courageous truth-telling and very impressive. Outstanding work. A very important source of information and thoughtful comment from around the world.”

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, leading American economist.

"I am very grateful for what The Herland Report does, for its global reach, genuine substance and ability to speak the truth, because we seldom hear the truth from the global, mainstream media. Organizations like Herland Report give hope that people might be informed, move towards peace."
United States Senator Richard Black.


Usman Mohammad Rana Gold

Happy New Year! Thank you for following our work! May 2020 be a year of renewed respect for plurality, diversity and conservatism.

One of the wonderful thrills of running this business is to meet so many competent, intelligent, unique individuals who have followed their dreams and become leading voices, each within their own fields. In an age where investigative journalism almost is gone and the media mainly owned by corporate interests, true knowledge and the wisdom to respect the plurality and diversity among us is scarse. The Herland Report believes that more knowledge about how others view the world, will lead to a greater understanding. Eventually - and hopefully - we will respect each others' right to differ, both in opinion and way of life.

In the old Communist systems, believers were persecuted. The state run atheism was the only religion allowed. Group think was the totalitarian norm. Those who disagreed, were sent to the Gulag, either literally or in some other form. The political demand was for full consent, you were not to question what you read in the newspapers. It was dangerous and could easily stop your advancement in society, career, social life.
Precisely therefore, we focus on the conservative ideology at The Herland Report and its genuine respect for religious freedom, diversity and free speech. Plurality is not a threat, it is the wished for norm. Just as the world is diverse, we should encourage diversity.

We therefore begin 2020 with the TV show with the Scandinavian conservative thinker, Dr. Mohammad Usman Rana. He speaks about Secular Extremism in Europe, a dangerous trend that if not stopped, will lead to more and more persecution against believers: Christians, Muslims, practicing Jews and others. Watch the show here:

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Power vacuum in US, Europe, Israel emboldens Ottoman Erdogan in Libya

Herland Report: Sensing a power vacuum in Washington, Europe, and Tel Aviv along with the weakness of North African regimes -- and emboldened by his own hubris -- Erdogan has promised military boots on the ground in Libya as first reported in Can Recep the Magnificent Sort Out Libya on December 18th. The Second Libyan War is being fought …

Libya's War Escalates as Stakes get Higher

Libya Flag Wikipedia
Herland Report: Libya's Government of National Accord has little time to sort out the mess it is in, with the Libyan National Army making some progress in Tripoli's suburbs. LNA warlord Haftar's strike on the Zawiya Oil installation near al Harsha in west Tripolitania on the 27th of December resulted in drastic damage to the facility causing Libya’s National …

The Liberal Tyranny of Feelings, Psychology and Victimhood

Herland Report: In the increasingly hedonist West, individuals are encouraged to act according to their feelings. If it "feels good," do it as the pursuit of pleasure is the main goal of life. Whoever put up a boundary, especially within the field of ethics, is instantly labelled a moralist, illiberal, intolerant, old fashioned and so on. He is perceived to …
Hanne Herland Report

NY BOK: Hva er geopolitikk og hvordan styres verden? Intervju med Bjørn Nistad

Bjørn Nistad Herland Geopolitikk Report
Herland Report: Kunnskap om geopolitikk er viktigere enn noen gang. For eksempel, på grunn av at Midtøsten har betydelige naturressurser og olje, har den geopolitiske kampen de siste tiårene handlet om kampen om ressursene i Midtøsten. I våre aviser får vi høre at Midtøsten konfliktene handler om "terrorister som må bekjempes". Og dette er intet nytt. Fra tidenes morgen …

The Neocon and Progressive Alliance to Destroy Trump - Phil Giraldi

The neocon metamorphosis is nearly complete as many of the neocons, who started out as Democrats, have returned home, where they are being welcomed for their hardline foreign policy viewpoint. The neocons initially found a home with Democratic Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson, but they moved on in the 1970s and 1980s to prosper under Ronald Reagan as well as under …
The Neocon and Progressive Alliance to Destroy Trump - Phil Giraldi

Impeachment Is Distraction, Democracy Is Dead - Phil Giraldi

Donald Trump DDay UK 2019 the Sun
Herland Report: The Impeachment Circus speaks more for the lack of law and order in the US than anything else. Who would think that in our life time we would see the United States on the verge of political collapse - or takeover by groups hostile to democracy. Attempted mutiny against its elected president, Donald Trump, has been ongoing for …

2019 Herland Report har hatt betydelig vekst, se temaene som kommer i 2020

Et vidunderlig nytt år ønskes alle! Herland Report har dette året hatt en betydelig vekst, levert intervjuer og artikler med verdens ledende intellektuelle, og hatt bred inngang blant annet i sentrale politiske miljøer i USA. Vi har kunnet åpnet rommet for informasjon om det som foregår bak medie-fasadene, her siste nye artikkel om hvor Jeffrey Epstein fikk pengene sine fra, …
Hanne Nabintu Herland

Can China Dethrone the US Dollar as Global Reserve?

Herland Report: On the US dollar as reserve currency, that is a tough thing to break especially for China since the yuan is not freely convertible. China has renminbi and yuan; one they peg to the dollar and the other is circulated in China. Try converting USD to yuan in Paypal for example? The option is not there. Payments …

Jeffrey Epstein, where did his money come from? Mossad? CIA? - Steve Brown

Herland Report: Why is there so little information about the source of Jeffrey Epstein's revenue? What the political class really wants to hide is the Federal Reserve’s bail-out for a child abuse sex criminal to the tune of $6,7 billion with US taxpayer funds, - not just the financial products he helped create that contributed to the financial collapse …
Jeffrey Epstein Pedophilia AP Herland Report

Paul Craig Roberts: Christianity empowered the individual, protected the weak

Paul Craig Roberts Hanne Nabintu Herland Repor
Dr. Roberts writes: My traditional Christmas column goes back to sometime in the 1990s when I was a newspaper columnist. It has been widely reprinted at home and abroad. In the days of my youth Christianity was still a potent force in America. Every year two or three readers write to educate me that religion is the source of wars …

EXCLUSIVE interview with Paul Craig Roberts: Totalitarian Democracy

Herland Report:  It has been an honor to work with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, both publishing his articles and meeting with him on a regular basis. He is one of the leading political economists in the USA, awarded by the Treasury Department’s for “his outstanding contributions to the formulation of United States economic policy.”  Dr. Roberts is also the chairman …
Hanne HErland Paul Craig Roberts

Big Brother and Totalitarian Control #HannahArendt #WorldWar

Hanne Herland Report Hannah Arendt
Herland Report: In times of massive political upheaval such as what we now are witnessing, the German philosopher, Hannah Arendt might be worth revisiting. She lived to see World War II and the totalitarian Nazi regime up close and wrote The Origins of Totalitarianism to warn the world of the terrible fate of those who embrace authoritarianism. She states that …

Warning: Mortgages surge to post-2008 peak, New Financial Crisis ahead?

The proportion of low-deposit mortgages associated with the financial crisis has hit its highest level since 2008, the Bank of England recently said. Almost 6% of mortgages granted in the third quarter of 2019 had a loan-to-value ratio of more than 90%, meaning that borrowers had to stump up a deposit equivalent to just 10% or less of the value …

Boris Johnson considers halt in BBC TV License Fee: Too Much Socialist Bias

boris johnson majority 2019
Herland Report: Is socialist bias what we get for paying millions to BBC and other state funded media structures? The British prime minister, Boris Johnson, is considering to de-criminalize the payment for the annual TV lisence that every Brit pays - almost as a mandatory tax - after the massive allegations of socialist bias post the election. The close …

The defense of Christianity vs Anti-Christian West #KanyeWest #Russia

We follow the ultimate Western rebels, Kanye West and now Coldplay, using Sunday as a Spiritual Day. Herland Report will publish articles on the upcoming Sundays on the importance of Christianity in our historic Heritage. Herland Report: In this segment, let us take a closer look at the paradox that Russia is now the leading public defender of Christianity. We …

Medieeide betales for å sensurere Facebook #SOVJET

Faktisk Norway logo steigan
Herland Report: I forbindelse med at Herland Report over lengre tid har vært omtrent nedstengt på Facebook med så aktiv shadow banning at vi nesten ikke har nådd ut til noen, har vi reagert. Senhøsten 2019 har hundrevis rapportert at de nesten ikke får poster fra oss, det har vært umulig å laste opp bilder, innlogging umulig og så …

Conservative Disdain for Revolutions: Edmund Burke - WND

Herland Report: In today’s progressive, mainstream narrative, history is steadily twisted to fit the Liberal agenda, that is to move Western values further away from its historical roots. We shall take a closer look at the French Revolution, which at the time created anarchy and civil war in France. Was the French Revolution really about "the people"? Did it really …
Edmund Burke Herland Report WIKI

Orwellian censorship on Facebook #SOVJET: Herland Report Censored

Herland Report: The movement towards Orwellian censorship in various online platforms such as Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Google seem to steadily gain momentum. Read below a segment of The Herland Report experience with Facebook. On Twitter we are almost shut down and seem to reach hardly anyone. Here, the Facebook story: Since 2017, The Herland Report has been subjected …

How the Son of Betlehem, Jesus Christ, transformed the world

Herland Report: Born in a manger, far from society leaders and presidential palaces, the symbolism of Jesus’ birth carries oceans of hope for those less fortunate. And for the rich: he was worshipped by Eastern astrologers who found his star and brought their wealth to lay down at his feet. It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of Christianity’s …
Christmas Ikon

The search for meaning beyond Materialism #MerryChristmas

Hanne Nabintu Herland in studio.
Herland Report: In the anti-religious West, many search for the meaning of life but fail to reach the inner awakening and peace the generations before us spoke of. We live in a culture where depression, loneliness, drugs and hedonism dominate. There is little or no reverence for the values that once made the West a strong civilization. The spiritual …
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