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"I am very grateful for what The Herland Report does, for its global reach, genuine substance and ability to speak the truth, because we seldom hear the truth from the global, mainstream media. Organizations like Herland Report give hope that people might be informed, move towards peace."
United States Senator Richard Black.


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The Militarization of US Police Forces and Police Brutality uncovered by John Whitehead, NEW on Herland Report TV.

Herland Report host, Hanne Herland speaks to John Whitehead about the militarization of police forces, police brutality, the dumbing down of the American people and culture of fear. Whitehead is the president of The Rutherford Institute, a constitutional attorney who has defended so many against police brutality, one of the US' leading voices for the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He is also an acclaimed author with titles such as “The Battlefield America”.

Whitehead says: "America may be asked where she is. If I go back 30 years it was a totally different country, and much of it has come with the militarization of the local police in this country. Local police today beat through a federal program called the 1033 program, which Donald Trump has said he will enhance as well, yet more military gear to policemen. So, large corporations are making a lot of money off of it. The material the policemen have today are heavy. They are wearing helmets. They dress in black. They have all kinds of automatic weapons. They have sniper scopes. They have stingray devices. If a police car pulls up in front of your home, they can download everything from your phone, your cell phone, and your laptop, and know everything you are doing."

"They have vans which can actually scan your home to see who is moving around in your home, and they do this on a regular basis. This is America today. Combine that with the SWAT teams, which are 80 000 occurring annually in America. It used to be about three in the 1980s. They are crashing through people's doors in the middle of night. Kids have been killed."
Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Cqtw1iQjAs&list=PLlrCpcbN8MxjcppbagnHfPKx8RwgEHbX4&index=10

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Surveillance Orwell’s 1984 No Longer Fiction - John Whitehead

“You had to live—did live, from habit that became instinct—in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.”—George Orwell, 1984 Tread cautiously: the fiction of George Orwell has become an operation manual for the omnipresent, modern-day surveillance state. It’s been 70 years since Orwell—dying, beset by fever and bloody coughing fits, and driven …
John Whitehead at Herland Report, Hanne Nabintu Herland

General Soleimani is "peace dove" in eyes of ignorant Hollywood and Democrats?

Soleimani Ali religion trump jesus tellerreport illustration
Herland Report: The US assasination of General Qassem Soleimani has illustrated quite well how little many in the West actually know about the realities on the ground in the various Middle Eastern countries. The killing was instantly politicized domestically by Democrats and Hollywood, as if yet another reason to "remove Trump". Remarkably ignorant Hollywood stars and the Democrat Left in …

Black Lives Matter Disenfranchised groups Rise up - Devon Johnson

 Herland Report TV: "Black Lives Matter was not our ideal solution, but because no one has done anything who had the power to change the situation, we take matters into our own hands and start movements," says Reverend Devon Johnson. We focus on Black Lives Matter, structural injustice, the civil rights' movement, Martin Luther King. Watch the full interview with …
DeVon Johnson and Hanne Nabintu Herland, Herland Report

TurkStream åpnes: Russland, Tyrkia, Serbia, Bulgaria styrkes - Bjørn Nistad

ap Opening of TurkStream Erdogan Putin
Herland Report: Den 8. januar ved en høytidelig seremoni i Istanbul ble TurkStream åpnes, rørledningssystemet som skal sende russisk gass til Tyrkia og statene på Balkan, av Russlands president Vladimir Putin, Tyrkias president Recep Erdogan, Serbias president Aleksandar Vucic og Bulgarias statsminister Bojko Borisov i fellesskap. TurkStream består av to parallelle gassrørledninger fra Krasnodar i Sør-Russland til Kirklareri i den …

INTERVIEW John Whitehead: Militarization of Police Forces and Police Brutality

Herland Report host, Hanne Nabintu Herland speaks to Constitutional attorney, John Whitehead about the US militarization of police forces and police brutality. Whitehead also adresses the deliberate dumbing down of the American people, rampant culture of fear, the sovietization of American society and lack of respect for the first amendment in the Constitution. Watch it here. John Whitehead is …
JOhn Whitehead at HErland Report thumb

Black Lives Matter fight against injustice - Keedran Franklin

Herland Report TV host, Hanne Nabintu Herland speaks to community organizer, Keedran Franklin about the Black Lives Matter fight against injustice, poverty and rogue capitalism.  Fronts are hard, pro- or con organizations such as the Black Lives Matter, especially in the hard-line racial divisiveness that now characterize the United States. But what is the root cause of communities organizing …

Interview with Dr. Ron Paul: We need to respect international law

Read the exclusive interview with Dr. Ron Paul, former US Senator, US presidential candidate, US Congressman, Libertarian, author and founder of The Liberty Report: We need to respect international law. Dr. Paul is sharply critical of the Federal Reserve, the military-industrial complex, the NSA surveillance and the US participation in the wars abroad. He is also president of The Ron …
Ron Paul Herland Report

Will Putin Will Restrain Iranian Retaliation? Paul Craig Roberts

Putin Netanyahu moscow military parade 2018 israel Russia good relations
Herland Report: A number of intelligent analysts predict Iranian retaliation for Washington’s murder of a high Iranian official who was in Iraq on a diplomatic mission. I understand their logic. However, I wonder. Putin doesn’t want war. Why should he when Washington’s arrogance is destroying the US and the empire. Even Germany has had enough of Washington because of Washington’s interference in …

Soleimani was Khamenei's hope to re-engineering Iran Islamist hierarchy

Herland Report:  Iran lost more than its ablest commander, “resistance” icon and shadow foreign minister with the demise of Qasem Soleimani. It lost its future. Or at least a vision of the future that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had been carefully preparing for in coordination with the slain general. The Khamenei-Soleimani partnership is not well understood outside Iran. It …
Khamenei Iran Soleimani TImes Of Israe Herland Report

Hvorfor ser vi mye så propaganda svart-hvitt? Det er nyansene som gir kunnskap

Qassem-Soleimani-Iran death Israel USA Mid East Monitor
Herland Report: Vi har flere viktige artikler om implikasjonene for drapet på den iranske generalen Soleimani. Men jeg har mest lyst til å spørre: Hvorfor er vi så skyttergravorientert som om verden kan deles inn i "de slemme" mot "de snille", ala Walt Disneys barnefilmer? Vi lever med en sensasjonspresse som trenger å piske opp følelser slik at du …

A third of Americans believe Global War on Terror is manufactured

Herland Report: The Global War on Terror is manufactured? A recent Brown University’s Cost of War Project estimated that half a million have died and that the spent and obligated cost of post-9/11 US wars through fiscal year 2019 is $5.9 trillion.  How do most Americans feel about this immense diversion of wealth and carnage? When asked, "Brown University says …

The Soleimani Effect: Escalation to world conflict due to Energy Trade?

Sardar-haj-qasem-soleimani-USA Iran The National Interest
Herland Report: If a regional war was to erupt, the implications may escalate to a world conflict, due to the volatility of the energy trade. The ongoing war over who controls oil could catapult nations into an energy crisis. The US assassination of General Qasem Soleimani will not affect Iranian capabilities much, said commentator Daniel Pipes. "The killing of …

Soleimani killing is not that important, will not affect Iranian capabilities much

Herland Report: The US assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani makes multitudes march the streets in Iran. The media predicts regional war. Soleimani killing will not affect Iranian capabilities much, says commentator Daniel Pipes. What is likely to be the outcome of the killing of Iran's top Revolutionary Guard leader and head of Clandestine Operations who spearheaded Iranian paramilitary …
Qassem-Soleimani-Iran death Israel USA Mid East Monitor

Yes to a healthy Nationalism, No to Globalist Imperialism - Daniel Pipes

Nationalism photo
Yoram Hazony's breathtakingly counterintuitive book, The Virtue of Nationalism (Basic Books), corrects a simple but colossal mistake: The Nazi monstrosity, he argues, did not result from nationalism but from imperialism. Hitler aspired not to make Germany great in education, justice, and industry, but to create a thousand-year Reich (empire) and conquer the world, writes Daniel Pipes, first published in Middle East Forum, on Yoram …

The True Meaning of Christmas trancends class, race, gender, cultures

Herland Report: Born in a manger, far from presidential palaces, the symbolism of Jesus Christ’ birth carries oceans of hope for those less fortunate - and for the rich: he was worshipped by Eastern astrologers who found his star and brought their wealth to lay down at his feet. Kings and queens have since meditated at His altar, the …

Stop European anti-Semitism, stop Socialist Group Think and intolerance!

Herland Report: The month of December, 2019 has been the worst in a long time regarding soaring anti-Semitism, by which we mean hostility to, prejudice or racism against Jews: The negative evaluation of individuals based on ethnic origin. Racism is such a dead end. Ethnic origin does not define good or evil. Skin color is not a problem. The …

The New West 2020: Paul Craig Roberts New Year Column

I am encouraged by the return year after year of readers and donors to the website and to the steady growth of readership. During 2019 the website had 2.5 million unique visitors who made almost 5 million visits.  That number is a fraction of the total readership as my columns are posted on many other websites and individual blogs both …
Paul Craig Roberts on the beach with Hanne Herland

Power vacuum in US, Europe, Israel emboldens Ottoman Erdogan in Libya

Herland Report: Sensing a power vacuum in Washington, Europe, and Tel Aviv along with the weakness of North African regimes -- and emboldened by his own hubris -- Erdogan has promised military boots on the ground in Libya as first reported in Can Recep the Magnificent Sort Out Libya on December 18th. The Second Libyan War is being fought …

Libya's War Escalates as Stakes get Higher

Herland Report: Libya's Government of National Accord has little time to sort out the mess it is in, with the Libyan National Army making some progress in Tripoli's suburbs. LNA warlord Haftar's strike on the Zawiya Oil installation near al Harsha in west Tripolitania on the 27th of December resulted in drastic damage to the facility causing Libya’s National …
Libya Flag Wikipedia

The Liberal Tyranny of Feelings, Psychology and Victimhood

Hanne Herland Report
Herland Report: In the increasingly hedonist West, individuals are encouraged to act according to their feelings. If it "feels good," do it as the pursuit of pleasure is the main goal of life. Whoever put up a boundary, especially within the field of ethics, is instantly labelled a moralist, illiberal, intolerant, old fashioned and so on. He is perceived to …
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