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"I am very grateful for what The Herland Report does, for its global reach, genuine substance and ability to speak the truth, because we seldom hear the truth from the global, mainstream media. Organizations like Herland Report give hope that people might be informed, move towards peace."
United States Senator Richard Black.


Ola Tunander Herland Report on Libya

The Libya War pinpoints the moment where Media Lies Deception became evident to everyone. Watch professor emeritus, Ola Tunander.

Herland Report TV host, Hanne Herlans speaks to Ola Tunander about the Libya War, Al Jazeera, CNN and Western media deception. The British House of Commons Report 2016 concluded that the Libya war was based on a number of lies presented as facts in the media. "Al Jazeera became intrumental in telling lies as the Libya conflict erupted. The point is, you have to come up with a real blunt lie already from the first day – because that will then change the whole discourse," says Dr. Ola Tunander, professor emeritus at the Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO, Norway).

"The role of Al Jazeera is particularly interesting. In the Libyan conflict, Al Jazeera had a new Western and important role, claiming that a huge number of people were killed in the first days, claiming Gadaffi’s forces killed them. The famous video on Al Jazeera showed the demonstration, people running because of the bullets, trying to hide."

"Al Jazeera claimed it was because of this grainy video that the world understood what was happening in Libya. They argued that this was the shooting by the Gadaffi’s security forces. But then, someone came up with a longer version showing that it was actually a demonstration in favor of Muammar Gadaffi – they had the green flags and so on."
Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nB-NV_mu3q4&list=PLlrCpcbN8MxjcppbagnHfPKx8RwgEHbX4&index=3&t=44s

5G Corona and Influenza, Norway case: Could there be a connection? Einar Flydal

Herland Report: 5G Corona and Influenza: It is a serious matter for Faktisk.no to launch irresponsible claims, stating that "cell phone radiation cannot influence the immune system and create vulnerability for influenza", when there is scientific basis to claim that it can, writes Einar Flydal in the article below. Faktisk.no did just that, an enterprise of Norwegian journalists established to …
5G, Corona, Norway and outbreaks of Influensa: Einar Flydal Herland Report.

Identity Politics = White Genocide: Apartheid against Whites - Paul C. Roberts

White Genocide: Apartheid against Whites: South Africa
White Genocide: Apartheid against Whites: The subversion of fact-based science and scholarship by the emotion-based ideology of Identity Politics is laying the groundwork for the genocide of white people. This sounds like an outlandish statement. However, it follows logically from the identification of white people with violence, oppression, and every evil in the world. In a number of columns …

EXCLUSIVE: Senator Richard Black Interview on Deep State, Endless Wars

Herland Report TV host, Hanne Herland speaks with US Senator Richard Black about endless wars, Deep State military complex, corruption and the prospects of world peace. We also address Libya, Syria, Yemen. Senator Black is a Vietnam veteran, former prosecutor US Army and director at the Pentagon. His impressive track record covers a career as a military officer and colonel, …
Senator Richard Black Hanne Herland Report Senator Richard Black on Deep State

Odd Nerdrum Crime and Refuge: Tribute to a living legend, Hanne Nabintu

Odd Nerdrum Crime and Refuge: Tribute to a living legend, Hanne Nabintu
Herland Report: Hanne Nabintu Herland's foreword in Odd Nerdrum Crime and Refuge, describes a philosophical painter's world, death and eternity. Nerdrum's book displays the Kitsch painter's work over the years. He is the most widely acclaimed Norwegian painter since the iconic Edvard Munch, with world famous Nerdrum collectors such as Paul McCartney and David Bowie. Art is the language …

The American Genocide in Europe? Eisenhower’s Starvation Order - James Bacque

Herland Report: The American Genocide in Europe? James Bacque' account of the German misery from 1945 through 1949, the years after the Reich fell and America became the superpower in Europe, is chilling. Few speaks about this era, as President Eisenhower made it a crime punishable by death to feed the prisoners of war. Some call these years The …
The American Genocide in Europe?

Globalist Deep State loves Socialism and Bernie Sanders

No system better for Globalist Deep State than Socialism: Bernie-SaGlobalist Deep State loves Socialism: Slate Herland Report
Herland Report: Globalist Deep State loves Socialism: Bernie Sanders, 78, is an atheist and a socialist. He admits he has no clue about the cost of his politics. The trillions of dollars of expenses of the promised "universal child care" will be covered by "tax on wealth", he stated, adding that he is a supporter of Fidel Castro. He …

Idlib refugees: Al Qaida as Western ally was confirmed in 2014

Herland Report: Idlib refugees and Al Qaida as Western ally: Many ask why we do not cover the Syrian Arab Army and its allies' attack on Idlib in Syria, as two million are in distress. Well, what is there to say? At one point the war on Syria has to end and its mercenaries return home. Those Syrians who …
ISIS-beheading-of-Foley-Reuters Herland Report

Marxist ANC Racist Violence Against White South Africans Ignored - Helen Raleigh

ANC Racist Violence Against White South Africans: Herland Report
Herland Report: ANC Racist Violence Against White South Africans: The more radical wing of South Africa's ruling party has long pressured its leaders to redistribute wealth from the white minority to the black majority in any way they can. They've begun that process, violently. White farmers in South Africa face an existential threat, yet the governments of most Western …

Ny-marxismens 1968ere undertrykker totalitært mangfoldet - Hanne Nabintu

Herland Report: 1968ere undertrykker totalitært mangfoldet: Det er nå over femti år siden 1968 og studentrevolusjonen som smadret i fillebiter de tradisjonelle verdiene i Europa. Den ny-marxistiske, såkalte New Left bevegelsen i USA gikk lenger enn marxistene før dem, som ønsket en klasserevolusjon. New Left 68erne ønsket mer en det, de ville også ha en kjønnsrevolusjon, en revolusjon i familien, …
Jakten på paradiset og meningen med livet: Herland Report

5G, Corona og influensa: Faktisk.no uansvarlig dårlig jobb

5G og influensa: Faktisk.no uansvarlig dårlig jobb: OIP Corona Webmd Herland Report
Herland Report: 5G og influensa: Faktisk.no uansvarlig dårlig jobb: Det er svært alvorlig når Faktisk.nos Silje S. Skiphamn, Morten Langfeldt Dahlback og Mina Liavik Karlsen tillates å gjøre så slett arbeid med et tema som koblingen mellom mobilbruk, immunforsvaret og influensa. Påstanden som Faktisk.no har tatt for seg var: «Mobilstråling påvirker immunforsvaret slik at man lettere får influensa.» Blant de …

Mobilstråling og immunforsvar: Faktisk.no svikter i analyser - Einar Flydal

Herland Report: Faktisk.no svikter i analyser: Faktisk.no journalistene Silje S. Skiphamn, Morten Langfeldt Dahlback og Mina Liavik Karlsen serverte oss nylig sin undersøkelse av påstanden «Mobilstråling påvirker immunforsvaret slik at man lettere får influensa.» Ved å ringe til Strålevernet og Folkehelseinstituttet fant Faktisk.no raskt ut at denne påstanden var «faktisk helt feil«. Faktisk.no sjekket saken ved å ringe til Lars …
Faktisk.no svikter i sine analyser: Mobilstråling

Idiotic Green Reform and the Coming Economic Collapse #GretaThunberg

Idiotic Green Reform: Billionaires behind the Green Agenda
Herland Report: Idiotic Green Reform and the Coming Economic Collapse: As refreshing as it is to hear candid criticisms of the system’s failure and even support for the restoration of Glass-Steagall bank separation from presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard or even the lame Elisabeth Warren… we find that in each case, those candidates are on record supporting …

Free speech as rudeness was never a Western Value - Hanne Nabintu, WND

Herland Report: Free speech as rudeness was never a Western Value: To lie, slander and speak ill of others has been one of the evils of men since the beginning of time. History is filled with examples of horrifying stories of how the lynching mob went after philosophers, politicians and religious leaders alike. We are returning to the ills …
Free speech as rudeness was never a Western Value:

Interview Milo Yiannopoulos: The New Left West hates Christians

The New Left West hates Christians: Milo Yiannopoulos on Hanne Nabintu Herland Report.
The Herland Report TV (HTV): The New Left West hates Christians: "Christianity works as a bool work against tyranny, everywhere you look in the world", says Milo Yiannopoulos in this exclusive short. "If you look at the oppression of Christians in China, in the Middle-East and everywhere that tyranny is asserting itself, Christianity must be eradicated. Because Christianity is …

Sunday with Denzel Washington philosophy of life: Top lessons learnt

Herland Report: We are celebrating Sunday as the traditional day in Western culture when time is to be spent reflecting on human fellowship, love and the meaning of life. As the New Left 1960s movement has succeeded in tearing down the very fabric of unity and community in the West, with its hailing of sex and drugs, the breaking …

Billionaires' child soldier Greta Thunberg versus climate-realist Naomi Seibt

Finally comes climate-realist Naomi Seibt: Greta Thunberg George Soros Herland Report
Herland Report: Finally comes climate-realist Naomi Seibt: OK, we get it. Billionaires use rich, white child soldiers like Greta Thunberg to push for divestment in world energy, to profit by the billions once the energy shortage sets in. This is Wall Street 2020. Since kids now do the talking, Naomi Seibt brings other arguments that are drowned in the …

NEW TV interview: Heartbreaking humanitarian tragedy Libya, Linda Ulstein

Herland Report TV, Hanne Nabintu Herland speaks to Linda Ulstein ait Arezki, about the heartbreaking humanitarian tragedy in Libya post 2011 NATO. We address Saadi Gaddafi, Safia Farkash, Aisha Gaddafi, Hannibal Gaddafi and the heartbreaking fate of the family of the late Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi. Watch here. Mme. Ulstein: "Thank you for giving me the chance to raise …
Heartbreaking humanitarian tragedy in Libya. Herland Report Linda Ulstein

International demand: Release Abdullah al-Senussi, Tripoli Libya

International demand: Tripoli to release Abdullah al-Senussi: Herland Report AP
Herland Report: International demand: Release Abdullah al-Senussi: This analysis documents falsified accusations against Abdullah al-Senussi presented in the media in 2011, and calls for his release from prison in Tripoli, Libya. He is over 70 years old, has health issues and his release will demonstrate good will for national reconciliation as Libya seeks to unify the nation. Abdullah al-Senussi …

Lab Made Bioweapon Coronavirus on Verge of Worldwide Breakout? Paul C. Roberts

Herland Report: Lab Made Bioweapon Coronavirus on Verge of Worldwide Breakout? It is difficult to get reliable information about coronavirus. The information difficulty is further complicated by interest groups using the outbreak for their own agendas. In interviews, expert on bio warfare, Francis Boyle says he has read four scientific studies that confirm beyond doubt that the coronavirus is …
Lab Made Bioweapon Coronavirus on Verge of Worldwide Breakout? Paul C. Roberts

Intervju: Redaktør Tommy Hansen om journalismens død, dollaren, Federal Reserve

Intervju: Redaktør Tommy Hansen: Hanne Nabintu Herland Report
Herland Report: Intervju: Redaktør Tommy Hansen: Etter at jeg startet prosjektet free21.org, har jeg nærmere 200 av Vestens viktige journalisters arbeid på vår forfatterliste i dag. Så det er mange, mange journalister som fortsatt gjør en glitrende jobb, du finner dem bare ikke lenger i de store mediene. Der bedrives dagligt fremragende journalistik i alle de store klassiske medier, …
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