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Iran strike in Iraq was pre-arranged with US, symbolic military action, no lives lost

Trump Soleimani Iran Business Insider

Share this article!  Herland Report: Steve Brown: Subsequent to the US strike on Iran’s military leader Suleimani in Iraq, most analysts believed that Iran would retaliate right away with attacks on US bases in Iraq, perhaps resulting in a broader war. Others, including this author, believed Iran’s leadership would bide its time, seek the moral high ground, and retaliate later on …

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Behind the Scenes of US – Iran Relations: Agreement for Both to leave Middle East

Donald Trump NBC

Share this article!   Herland Report: By having Iranian General Qassem Soleimani assassinated in Iraq, “President Trump nearly provoked the Third World War”. At least that is the version of the US opposition and the international press, writes Thierry Meyssan, first published at Voltaire Network. Yet, what is really happening is very different from the show on stage: There is …

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Impeachment SHOCK, listen to how Nancy Pelosi explains how Democrats smear and lie

Nancy-Pelosi-Shutterstock Herland Report

Share this article!  Herland Report: The ongoing political civil war in the United States, and attempted coup against the duly elected president, Donald Trump steadily puts the corruption within the Democratic Party forefront. American corruption on State level is now so obvious that leading intellectuals, openly speak of attempted coup d’etat in America. Yesterday’s impeachment hearings in Congress revealed that …

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Mass Arrests, Politics of Fear as totalitarianism engulfs us – John Whitehead

John whitehead herland report

Share this article!  “Never has our future been more unpredictable, never have we depended so much on political forces that cannot be trusted to follow the rules of common sense and self-interest—forces that look like sheer insanity, if judged by the standards of other centuries.” ― Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism. How do you persuade a populace to embrace totalitarianism, …

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INTERVIEW John Whitehead: Militarization of Police Forces and Police Brutality

JOhn Whitehead at HErland Report thumb

Share this article!  Herland Report host, Hanne Nabintu Herland speaks to Constitutional attorney, John Whitehead about the US militarization of police forces and police brutality. Whitehead also adresses the deliberate dumbing down of the American people, rampant culture of fear, the sovietization of American society and lack of respect for the first amendment in the Constitution. Watch it here. John …

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Black Lives Matter fight against injustice – Keedran Franklin


Share this article!  Herland Report TV host, Hanne Nabintu Herland speaks to community organizer, Keedran Franklin about the Black Lives Matter fight against injustice, poverty and rogue capitalism.  Fronts are hard, pro- or con organizations such as the Black Lives Matter, especially in the hard-line racial divisiveness that now characterize the United States. But what is the root cause of …

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Will Putin Will Restrain Iranian Retaliation? Paul Craig Roberts

Putin Netanyahu moscow military parade 2018 israel Russia good relations

Share this article!   Herland Report: A number of intelligent analysts predict Iranian retaliation for Washington’s murder of a high Iranian official who was in Iraq on a diplomatic mission. I understand their logic. However, I wonder. Putin doesn’t want war. Why should he when Washington’s arrogance is destroying the US and the empire. Even Germany has had enough of Washington because of …

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Hvorfor ser vi mye så propaganda svart-hvitt? Det er nyansene som gir kunnskap

Qassem-Soleimani-Iran death Israel USA Mid East Monitor

Share this article!   Herland Report: Vi har flere viktige artikler om implikasjonene for drapet på den iranske generalen Soleimani. Men jeg har mest lyst til å spørre: Hvorfor er vi så skyttergravorientert som om verden kan deles inn i “de slemme” mot “de snille”, ala Walt Disneys barnefilmer? Vi lever med en sensasjonspresse som trenger å piske opp følelser …

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A third of Americans believe Global War on Terror is manufactured


Share this article!Herland Report: The Global War on Terror is manufactured? A recent Brown University’s Cost of War Project estimated that half a million have died and that the spent and obligated cost of post-9/11 US wars through fiscal year 2019 is $5.9 trillion.  How do most Americans feel about this immense diversion of wealth and carnage? When asked, “Brown …

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Yes to a healthy Nationalism, No to Globalist Imperialism – Daniel Pipes

Nationalism photo

Share this article!Yoram Hazony’s breathtakingly counterintuitive book, The Virtue of Nationalism (Basic Books), corrects a simple but colossal mistake: The Nazi monstrosity, he argues, did not result from nationalism but from imperialism. Hitler aspired not to make Germany great in education, justice, and industry, but to create a thousand-year Reich (empire) and conquer the world, writes Daniel Pipes, first published in Middle East Forum, …

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