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Helge Lurås med Nettavisen RESETT – vil bryte ned den sterke mediesensuren i Norge der kun enkelte perspektiver tillates

• Helge Lurås, meget stor gratulasjon med nettavisen Resett som kommer på det norske markedet med lansering 28 august. Det kunne ikke vært mer velkomment! Herland Rapporten har nå flere millioner lesere årlig og vi anbefaler alle – i det skandinaviske segmentet vårt – å straks bli lesere av nettavisen Resett. Alt som kan bidra til å bringe reell informasjon ... Read More »

Brukes norske bistandsmidler i Syria til å støtte Al Qaida affilierte grupper? Eva Thomassen

Hakim Khaidi har et innlegg i Klassekampen 9.august om sivilbefolkningen i Raqqa og Leger Uten Grensers hjelpeløshet. Khaidi er operasjonell leder i Leger Uten Grenser og er ansvarlig for Syria, Irak og Jemen. Khaidi skriver at “Sivilbefolkningen er fanget inne i Raqqa by mens bakkekampene og flyangrepene er voldsomme”. I følge Khaidi, er det kurdere i Syrian Democrated Force (SDF) ... Read More »

Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabism is a sect that breaks away from the teaching of the Quran – Trond Ali Linstad

Wahhabists/fundamentalists, for whom beard shaving is forbidden, condemn Christians, Jews, followers of other religions and Muslims who disagree with them, declaring them “apostates”, “heathens”, and “infidels” who deserve to be killed and massacred. The Wahhabist campaign has reached Norway. Mosques are being built and usable spaces are being bought with funds from Saudi Arabia. Wahhabi literature, supplied for free by ... Read More »

Sweden, extreme-liberal values have made it the rape capital of the world – Rebel Media

Talk about the extreme-liberal killing liberalism itself. Sweden welcomes thousands of “refugees” every year, who don’t share the nation’s famously progressive and peaceful views. What’s worse, many white liberal Swedish judges excuse these crimes due to the rapists’ cultural background. Sweden loves to import people from all the “worst countries in the world”, and clearly allow them to have their ... Read More »

Worst scandal of our time: We help Al Qaida affiliated terrorists, they are our allies? Eva Thomassen, Herland Report

East Aleppo has been closed off from the outside world for five years. No independent, neutral bodies have had the opportunity to enter the area other than those that worked with al-Nusra Front (Al Qaida in Syria) — the terrorist group that was in control of the area, writes social scientist and Norwegian activist Eva Thomassen on The Herland Report. She ... Read More »

Milo Yiannopolous: We are utterly sick and tired of political correctness

“There is a consensus among libertarians and conservatives of all bends, even among some liberals, progressives that the boundaries of acceptable speech in American public life has become too narrow,” states Milo Yiannopolous in the NPR talk show, addressing his new book Dangerous (Buy it here). “It is beginning to be a consensus that conservatives do not get a fair shake in the press ... Read More »


Les den radikale talen fra PDK konferansen: Vi er samlet på denne konferansen for å reflektere over Europas fremtid og noen av årsakene til hvorfor vårt kontinent nå befinner seg i dramatiske omveltninger som dagens politikere ikke ser ut til å håndtere. Elitistiske, propagandapregede medier. Vi gått fra å ha et mer folkestyrt politisk system der medienes ideal var å ... Read More »

Lauryn Hill – legendary songwriter, rapper and servant of God

Lauryn Hill is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actress. She is best known for being a member of the Fugees and for her critically acclaimed solo album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which won numerous awards and broke several sales records. At the 41st Grammy Awards, the record earned her five awards, including Album of the Year ... Read More »

Celebrating the glorious Africa – Ed Sheeran “Bibia Be Ye Ye”

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The demonization of Russia and US desire to crush other countries – Bjørn Nistad to The Herland Report

Who benefits from the demonization of Russia? What really is the agenda among the few world leaders who steadily seek to create strife and war between groups in the world, and why is the Western media so chronically willing to participate in this war-mongering, spreading untruthful statements about nations. We should have respected others right to rule their territories, and abstained ... Read More »

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