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Congratulations to the British people on BREXIT, may the rest of Europe follow and the EU fall

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Congratulations to the British people on BREXIT, may the rest of Europe follow and the incompetent EU leadership and politically correct establishment fall. We dramatically need a political revolution in Europe that shifts out the feeble, current leadership, – both in politics and also in the media. Boris Johnson for Prime Minister! Many of us Europeans have long wished for ... Read More »

Many of us Europeans pray for BREXIT and the end of the Marxist-socialist EU with its lack of respect for national borders

Blog Politics UK

MANY OF US EUROPEANS WISH FOR BREXIT AND THE END OF THE EU with its seemingly millions of well paid, arrogant bureaucrats and Brussels politicians who constantly work for the Marxist-Socialist goal of eradicating borders and national identity. They have fought for this for decades, and their failed ideologies have led Europe to its current state of cultural and economical decay. ... Read More »

Syrian Partisan Girl on why Muslims vote Trump and how Clinton is the one supporting the killing of Muslims

Why do American Muslims vote for Donald Trump? Why do Mexicans vote for him? What is it that the establishment media in the US omits in its chronically demonizing narration on Trump, since so many support him? Who are they protecting by trying to portray Trump in the worst possible way? For example, we hear endlessly about the “wall against Mexico,” while ... Read More »

Europe is not Innocent in the Middle East – Hanne Nabintu Herland

Please remember that USA’s closest allies in the region include Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia practices the same methods of punishment as ISIS/Daesh. Leading media refer to Qatar and Saudi Arabia as the largest sources of financial support for the terrorgroup. Republican leader John McCain even confirmed the link himself between Saudi Arabia and Syrian rebels when he “thanked ... Read More »

NOAM CHOMSKY on Islamophobia, Bernie Sanders and the dangers of electing a President who will start World War III

Renowned political theorist Noam Chomsky is often cited for his criticism of the US political system. In the second of a special two-part interview, Chomsky sits down with Al Jazeeras Mehdi Hasan to discuss the US presidential election and the rise of Islamophobia. The US academic says Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has the “best policies”, but little chance of winning ... Read More »

Asle Toje: Sosialisme – ideen om å avskaffe privat eierskap

Mange spurte seg hva som ville skje med sosialistpartiene når den ideologien de var tuftet på, hadde kullseilt, for sosialisme var og er en økonomisk modell hvor ideen om å avskaffe privat eierskap utgjør selve kjernen. Kommunismens kollaps på slutten av 1980-tallet ble feiret som en stor seier for høyresiden og markedsøkonomien og et tilsvarende tap for venstresiden og planøkonomien. ... Read More »

Wikileaks prove US and George Soros behind Panama Papers, siting not one American, but almost only Africans, Russians, Asians

NEO New Eastern Outlook reports (by Christopher Black): “The appearance simultaneously in all the western media, on Sunday, April 3 of a story about what are called the Panama Papers, attributed to a shadowy organisation called the International Coalition of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has all the hallmarks of an operation by western secret services to attempt to subvert targeted governments. ... Read More »

ISIS versus CHRIST – Egyptian Imam state ISIS/DAESH are not Muslims, but foreigners who cannot even speak Arabic properly

View the documentary about the 20 Egyptian Christians who were slaughtered by ISIS in 2015. The documentary shows how the families handled the situation, as their sons were killed in a most brutal manner. The story explains much about the traditional Middle Eastern attitudes, much of which we hear little in our very censored media in the West, which onesidedly ... Read More »

President Obama speech in Cuba – shows the usual contempt for other culture’s heritage and values

Watch this clip from Mayadeen TV, Lebanon, featuring a Cuban talk show where Cuban journalists are analysing President Obamas speech, as he recently visited Cuba. LINK TO MEMRI TRANSLATED SHOW.   Excerpt: He brought with him a bunch of the typical stereotypical ideas. He had heard from his advisors a little bit about Cuban reality, but he reiterated stereotypical ideas that ... Read More »

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