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Hanne Nabintu Herland: The preservation of traditional Eurpean culture

Share it!Diversity and preservation of traditional culture are not contradictory One of our times most renowned religion sociologist, Peter Bergers work is characterized by a dramatic mid-career transformation of his view on the role of religion in modern society. In one article Berger goes so far as to admit to a major mistake during his career as a sociologist: earlier he …

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Chris Hedges: The Corporate State has destroyed America – the Collapse will be Horrifying

Share it!From Chris Hedges’ book “The world as it is”: Brace yourself. The American empire is over. The decent is going to be horrifying.”

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The Garissa-massacre in Kenya: Video on the 148 killed because they were Christians

Share it!See the video of the massacred young people in Kenya, made by those close to the victims as they mourn the 148 young students killed by Al Shabab solely because they were Christians. The horrific attack by Islamic al-Shabab jihadists speaks for the dehumanizing Islamist ideology that ends up slandering the name of every decent Muslim. The Garissa-atrocities are the latest …

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Secret Norwegian Submarine Base, Rented by Russians

Norwegian submarine station

Share it!Herland Report: Norway is regretting the day it sold off a key submarine base near the Russian border. With President Putin flexing his muscles in the region, there is growing alarm among Nato chiefs that the west has left itself woefully unprotected, writes Newsweek. The sale of Olavsvern was long in the making. Eventually, the government put it up for …

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Graphic Syria War Video: Arab lives have little value, when terror hits Paris everyone reacts

Share it!Very graphic video from the terror attack in Homs where reportedly over 20 people were killed in the Christian Quarter and the Alawite area January 21st, 2015. When terror hits Paris and Western people loose their lives, either Europeans or Americans, the whole world writes about it, and rightfully so. When terror hits civilians in Syria just days afterwards, …

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Hanne Nabintu Herland: The need for Solidarity and more Kindness in Europe

Share it!Time Magazine’s Simon Robinson has said it quite succinctly:  “If Europe wants to become a global power, it needs to stop acting like a collection of rich, insular states and start fighting for its beliefs.” Today the old concept of brotherly love, another term for solidarity, is no longer in fashion. It has slowly become legitimate to be self …

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Christian indifference: Key to sliding morals in Europe

Share it!Society has moved in an increasingly egoistic direction without any protests of note largely because anyone that mentions morals is immediately labeled a moralist. It is not difficult to understand how society has come to this. (Photo: Trygve Indrelid) The view that religion should be excluded from social institutions originated from the numerous examples of church leaders that misused …

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Preface to the bestseller “ALARM, Western culture in crisis” by Hanne Nabintu Herland

Share it!Today there is a strong need for a renewed anchoring in traditional cultural and religious values in the increasingly anti-Christian West. For quite some time and especially the past decades, radical European and American elites have followed political ideologies that have aimed at deconstructing traditional values in order to open up for a new world order and a brand …

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Hanne Nabintu Herland: Norwegian Princess Martha Louise: – a New Age inspired occultist

Share it!Our fear to speak out on controversial subjects is at times so great that we fail to express critical warnings. This weakness is particularly apparent in the reaction to the noticeably New Age inspired occultism that Norway’s highly profiled Princess Martha Louise personifies.  The Princess’ veneration of angels breaks clearly with Christianity’s understanding of the role of angels as …

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Ateisten Habermas: “Vi trenger den kristne etikken”

Share it!Høsten er ofte regnet som et ypperlig tidspunkt for å lese bøker. Noen av oss velger sakprosa, andre skjønnlitteratur og enkelte har størst glede av fagbøker. Å utvide den mentale horisonten gjennom ny informasjon kan gi grobunn for refleksjon og spennende samtaler med andre enten privat eller i det offentlige rom. (Photo: The Guardian) Jeg har hatt gleden av …

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